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Britney's Lawyers Want Out!

2/8/2008 9:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned that Britney Spears' divorce lawyers, Trope and Trope, have filed papers requesting to be removed as her counsel. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for March 10.

Could this be the first step in the process to bring back Spears family fave Laura Wasser? Stay tuned.


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and here some backgorund info on lutfi, inclusing home address and AP article with what he did to people before brit brit...

some content on there (there's a placemark where lutfi lives):

This placemark is the following address listed in the restraining order filed february 1st, 2008, at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Osama "Sam" Lutfi
12629 Caswell Ave Apt. P2
Los Angeles, 90066
Born 16/08/1974

The question is if this is real name or whatever.

Whitepages results on his adress are interesting, since his address in the court order is apartment #P2, not apartment #12:

Hit #1 on address search:
Ronia Lutfi
12629 Caswell Ave, Apt 12
Los Angeles, CA 90066-4864

Hit #2 on address search:
Daniel J Petrovich
12629 Caswell Ave, Apt P2
Los Angeles, CA 90066-4881

2457 days ago


Posted at 9:19PM on Feb 8th 2008 by Britney is pathetic

Your sick human..If only your mother would of swallowed or flushed you down the toilet.

2457 days ago


You give a hick a bunch of money and they go crazy............

2457 days ago

April Fouels    


2457 days ago


They can represent Osama now.

2457 days ago



deinterlced... that easy... took 2 seconds...

2457 days ago


I don't blame them for wanting out!!!! Who would want to be involved in that mess ( of course.. the money is no doubt good ) but the publicity hasn't been good with the Lufti connection.

At least the parents are involved now and are doing something about it. At the rate she was going.. she would be either broke or dead...not sure which would come first.

I just can't see her cooperating with anyone . I would hope her "boyfriend/sexpartner" really actually cares for her and will work for what is best to make her well.

I am betting that Brit will be back to her ole tricks tho. I just don't see it happening for her cuz if she really wanted her kids...she would have saved herself long ago.

we will see.

2457 days ago


these are the same lawyers that subpoenaed mark sands just last week. since they are thick as thieves with lutfi and so evidently was mark sands, i wonder if they found out something that made them want to run for the hills? just last week they said they would stay with her, then the subpoena and now they want out again...sounds a bit shady.

but you have to laugh when sam tells someone, especially kevin, to step up and be a man...LOL...this from the guy who is hiding from a restraining order? how "manly" is that?

i pray they extend his restraint order for a long time...because if i had to guess i would say sam is blackmailing adnan, and adnan is his pipeline to brit right now...i would bet money that when they met at the hotel after her discharge, he had instructions from sam...

2457 days ago


About time these slime attorneys are out. Way to go Jamie and Lynn

2456 days ago


There is no new information about Brit as the family I m sure has a court order ans nobody can tell without violating the court. Brit's parents are trash and a day late and dollar short. Get real folks Mom wants her money. If the courts were doing Brit any favours they would appoint an independent conservator to her estate and commit her into the hospital and get her straigthened out.

Do not you see her parents stood by while she disengrated before the media.

2456 days ago


And the rats jump ship...

2456 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Trope finally gets the escape they desperately wanted and if Wasser is smart, she'll steer clear of the oncoming train barreling at her that left the tracks long ago! Just keep burning through people until there is no one left- a Britney trademark! Meanwhile, lil' Twitster in the making, JLS, was caught going over to another state to buy alcohol for a party! Looks like another fetal alcohol kid will soon grace our planet! How lovely! I really hate to say it because it is so vile to do so, but maybe selective eugenics should be an option in extreme cases- like the entire Spears clan!

2456 days ago


Good! The PR person for the death eaters (Trope & Trope) probably advised them to do so.

2456 days ago


HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM, it seems to me that Trope and Trope are running away from their ludricous representation of Brit. First, they say they want to be her lawyers and then no they don't. They keep going back and forth until when? They to just go away and let LW back.

As for her mom babysitting that is a good thing. Brit isn't allowed to see them though because the judge said no visitation. It will probably be awhile before she can even see them. It is up to the commish and what he decides. K-Fed is doing the best he can with the situation that he is in. He is not leeching off of Brit, he is trying to protect those boys from all of this. Those boys need him right now and don't all the paps in their little faces.

I am glad no new Brit stuff right now....she needs to stay home and not be out every night doing GOD knows what. I am praying for you Brit....just know that someday you will be happy again.

2456 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

Can't really blame them. Their client, little miss Snatch Flashing Dumbass, doesn't listen to their counsel; she does whatever she wants to at a second's notice, without any thought to the consequences. Then, when things go bad, little miss Snatch Flashing Dumbass blames them. I hope they're making a pile of money off of this dumbass, to make up for their having to deal with her & her stupidity all this time...

2456 days ago
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