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But What Does This Mean

In Scientolonese?

2/8/2008 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Suppressive Persons surrounding her as she made her way to a restaurant in L.A. on Thursday, professional bird-flipper Kirstie Alley reacted the only way she knows how -- by eating a cheeseburger giving a photographer the finger ... with a smile.



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ROB W    

Everyone is allowed to express themselves, just because some of them are retards is no reason to get angry at them. If Tom and his wind-up doll Katie tell us that their religion is the "true religion"; then Kirstie - or in this case - Krusty the clown, can do and say whatever they like until Master Zondar beams them back to the home planet. Long live the weird people! Keep em coming TMZ.

2446 days ago


Kirstie was probably offering her finger to pick Prince Von A-Holes's nose! Really I don't like her she is such a hypocrite she claims her "religion",scientology cured her of her drug habit! I guess it can't cure her of her fat obesity self. Hey Kirstie! What happened to Jenny Craig? Maybe you should be a spokeperson for Burger King instead! Kirstie Alley!!!!

2446 days ago


Valerie Berinelli went on the same diet and now she looks like she's in her 20's . What a doll!

2446 days ago


To #91.... Better tie a 2 x 4 across your back so you don't fall in!

2446 days ago


Maybe we should give her career the finger. While she gives herself another slice of cake. I did not believe her lie of her weight when she started her diet, don't believe what she says she weighs now. And after this fat-der-rie picture, I don't believe anything she does or says.

2446 days ago


Doesnt seem like Scientology is doing much for her mental stress levels. She is probably not donating enough money to help.

2446 days ago


Just another example of the "most ethical group on the planet".
This bi*ch should be glad anyone even eants to take her picture.

All Hail Xenu, idiot $cientologist

2446 days ago


see, mr. cruise..some people DO need anti-depressants

2446 days ago


the only way she could hide her fat ass is if everyone went blind!

2446 days ago

Corky Gonzales    

Hard to believe but Big Lunch Kirstie was once a stone fox. She wasn't one of those fat kids who just kept getting bigger all her life. She was a magnificent animal when she was young and first starting in movies. Back before Cheers, she had a starring role in a movie where she played a Playboy Bunny (the movie was based on a book by Gloria Steinham). You can probably Google up some stills.

2446 days ago


I hate when celerbries give the middle finger. If it wasn't for the fans which the only reason they get their picture taking the wouldn't be where they are today. BITCH GET SOME CLASS YOU ARE TO OLD TO ACT LIKE THAT. Why can't they just smile and keep going.

2446 days ago


Hey nasty girl

We dare you to print this picture of you giving the finger and place it on your frid. for your kids to see....nice adult mommie arn't you....

2446 days ago

janet barker    

When these people flip the bird. I wonder if that is their age or IQ. Kristie is a mess!!!!!

2446 days ago

Bob Loblaw    

What a skany beyotch. I wonder how the $cientologists think of her looking all nasty and unkempt flipping the bird?! She is doing nothing to make her "church" look good at this point in time...actually, nothing will ever make their "church" look good. She is so ugly...ew. EVERYONE SHOULD BOYCOTT WEIGHT WATCHERS.

2446 days ago

the way the whole award show sucked big time    

thursday huh? yikes
the same day i forgot to comb my hair and it was a mess just like hers in that picture... AND, thursday, when i finally got fed up with black nail polish and went bright orange... just like her... OMFG... i should dye my hair black and go back to black nail polish and comb my hair... i don't wanna look like her... that's so weird though..

2445 days ago
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