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Hollywood Horror! FDA Says Botox Can Kill!

2/8/2008 5:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

FDA, BotoxThinking of doing a little Botox touch-up for Oscar night? Think again. The FDA just issued a warning, saying the popular cosmetic enhancement can injure or kill!

Most of Tinseltown's bad cosmetic work hasn't been of the Botox kind -- so Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin and Michael Jackson can rest easy ... that is, if there are no mirrors in their bedrooms.

"There are very few reports of these distant effects with cosmetic use, but it's extremely rare," says FDA doc Russell Katz of the injectable. The FDA is still studying the scare, but Katz says face fixers "should be aware that there's a potential for something like this to happen." If Botox goes bad, patients feel weakness and drooping in muscles far away from the injection -- sometimes enough to send them to the hospital -- or the morgue.

That'll cause some frown lines!

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The same old before and after pix. I'm getting tired of them...aren't there any new photos of good surgery gone bad?

2426 days ago


Great. And just when it started working for the migraines..

2426 days ago


Guys, maybe you should take a look at the information the FDA is evaluating (Submitted by public citizen and located at: These are not botulism deaths or allergic reactions, the botulinum toxin injected (commercially available in the US as BOTOX (botulinum toxin A) or MYOBLOC (botulinum toxin B) are used off label for spasticity due to parkinson's, cerebral palsy, stroke, etc. They are also used off label for other medical purposes. The adverse events that are presented come from regulatory reports of the commercial products listed in the report (not from black market botox) and the manufacturers have evaluated the data and reported it to the european regulatory agencies.

2426 days ago


anything in extreme is bad for anyone,, even sex for that matter!! lol,, i have had botox for frown lines, i have to say it worked amazingly,, and now i really dont need it anymore. it did what it is supposed to do, stop you from making the same crease over n over,, hence the crease disappears. now if i had botox injected all over my face,, im sure i would look like a freak n die with this frozen expression on my face lol..... but like i said moderation in everything. think about it folks.. the sun kills, the air is polluted,, the water is bad,, the food has pesticides, second hand smoke, well just about everything will kill you!!!! so live you life how you see fit and enjoy it while your here,, cuz you only get one shot!

2426 days ago


But, like how else will I get people to believe I am 22? My face has to match my boobs....Oh NO! this is the end!!!!!!!

2426 days ago

Facial Palsy    

I had a brain tumor which resulted in severe facial twitching. I receive botox injections about the eye and cheek area every 3-4 months to control the severe spasms, which HURT, and which twitch my eye so much I cannot see.


It was NOT intended for cosmetic use. I am disabled, on SS, and Medicare pays for my Botox, because it is used for legitimate, medical purpose.

Medical botox has been used for a very, very long time. There haven't been any problems since it was used for COSMETIC purposes.

Everyone wants to look good. But, imagine having your face twitching all over the place? Talk about looking bad, please. Botox should only be used in a medical scenario, otherwise, you risk having serious complications for vanity. Sad.

2426 days ago


Duh Botulism Toxin can kill, it's widely considered the most toxic poison known to man!!! Ingesting an amount of pure botulism, even an amount invisible to the naked eye can kill a human. Essentially, botox treatments use an extremely watered-down solution of the toxin.

2426 days ago


OK #4 your a idiot, anyone can have an allergic reaction to a chemical. It is a poison, and that was the big deal when it was first used. I'm sure it does have some useful purposes for REAL diseases, but this wrinkle stuff is silly. Anything used in large amounts can kill and allergies also kill.

2426 days ago


Injecting botox for cosmetic purposes is relatively new....just wait about 20 years and see what the faces of those people really look like after multiple years of injectons. As for me - no thanks - I don't want an expressionless face or a forehead that doesn't move.

2425 days ago


well duhhhhhhh pumping deadly poison into your body hummmmmm what could it hurt.......................

2425 days ago


BOTOX is a toxin. It is formulated from the toxin produced by the bacteria, Clostridium botulinum (google it yourself and read about it!). This is the bacteria that causes botulism (Think: dented canned goods, or often found in home canned goods, obviously unintentionally). Botulism, if untreated, results in progressive loss of muscle tone throughout the body and eventually can cause death due to paralysis of the diaphragm, one of the main muscles that enable you to breathe. It makes sense that BOTOX helps with wrinkles, it paralyzes the muscle so that it can't form the wrinkle superficially. It is a genius idea.

However, the irony of the FDA release about BOTOX is that the FDA has known since the release (hell, the development!) of BOTOX that it has the potential side effect of death-- it is the WHOLE basis of why BOTOX works! This is NOT new information. Clostridium botulinum toxin is the most potent toxin in the world (ask any microbiologist). It is also the reason why mothers are advised not to give their babies honey before the age of 2-- because honey is a source of Clostridium botulinum spores (a hibernating form of the bacteria), which then populate the baby's digestive tract and begin producing toxin, which leads to a condition called "floppy baby syndrome" (aka. botulism poisoning of an infant).

The bottom line is that the FDA is not making this up, BOTOX can very easily cause death (if administered inappropriately). People really should be asking the FDA why the risk of death was not so forthright when BOTOX first came out (hmm, capitalism at its best folks).

Please be careful. I think in this situation, you do get what you pay for-- if you wish to have BOTOX injections, throughly research your cosmetic doctor.

2425 days ago

medical use    

I have been getting botox injections for my migraines for 7 years now. I have been suffering from migraines for over 20 years and for the first time I felt relief 7 years ago when I had my first treatment. I have noticed depending on which doctor does the injections, I have different side effects. One time my face may have full mobility, while the next time very little. I understand that there could come a day that I have a terrible reaction from the treatment, but honestly I've come so close to putting a bullet in my brain to stop the pain.... Therefore the risk seems so small to me. I have no quality of life without it.

2425 days ago

super jumbo rate    

and they found this out now/??

2425 days ago

jeff horton    

okay people botox is a purified protein-safer than about any food you can eat. it has been used safely since the 70's and yes, everything in excess-including to much vitamin c has side effects. the side effects from botx can include the infamous eye lid drop(because the injector is not familar enough with the anatomy of the human face to know where it should and should not be injected.) i have had botox regularly for over 5 years now(religiously every 4 months) and never had a single side effect. the 16 deaths that were reported were all due to counterfit botox or another drug that is similar but not botox. my 4 month appointment is next week... i will be there for sure to recieve my so many other things-this is being so blown out of proportion. can we have some kind of response from some medical experts please. i believe a retraction should be made on this needless scare tactic....

2425 days ago


the saddest thing is that this has so far only killed some children and a few adults affected by cp. These people were using the drug for its intended use and the quality of life it provided to them and not for vanity. Wish some stars would start dying off, bastard luck...

2425 days ago
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