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K-Fed Grilled in NYC

2/8/2008 9:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Britney's friends and family scramble to save her from completely imploding -- Kevin Federline was in New York, hamming it up at a Sean Jean fashion show. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

TMZ caught up with Federleezy as he dashed for his car after the show -- staying mum while our photog asked him all the tough questions.

The guy who brought us "Popozao" may be smarter than he looks ... which wouldn't be that tough.


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He's just another Idiot    

K-Dud will always be an untalented, gold digging loser no matter what he does. With his drop-out 9th grade education, he can never get a real job. He plans to live off of Britney the rest of his life. Did anyone actually invite him to New York and if so, WHY? Every time I see his evil, nasty face I want to barf. How much is he paying Shar, with Britney's money, to keep his mouth shut? He must be the most conceited man in the world to believe he can succeed as an actor - or as a human being.

2419 days ago


i hate this guy hes only in that suit and car because of brits

trying to be a Dad??? wunder if he sees his other kid the one he dint have with brits i dout it and soon as he get kids full time he make brits pay far 2 much and prob charge brits 2 see her own kids whens shes gets beter

we wud not even no who he was if it was not for brits he marred her then went and cheated and messed her up the bloke she loved prob still loves is trying 2 take her own 2 kids off her cos he cheated that wud mess any one up

2419 days ago


People - think! He's allowed to have a life - he's not the crazy one. He has the kids 24/7 and is DIVORCED from their mother.

Let him live in peace - she was the one pimpin' out her kids photos, holding them hostage. Has he done that? NO!

It may do him good to get a slice of happy life. Really - you small-minded peeps, get over it already.

2419 days ago


Go Beachy!

2419 days ago


I love K-Fed.... leave him alone. If he didn't take those kids away from Brit they would probably be either dead or as crazy as she is. He's doing his best ! The grandmother is baby sitting with the kids this weekend....couldn't be in better hands...

2419 days ago

One Thought    

Some of you guys are so childish ad igorant. Parents are allowed to have a life. He has been talking care of those children. I don't know how some of you can bash this guy but praise Brittney when she has been found to be an unfit parent. I'm sure he left the children with a resposible adult. He does not have to be with them 24/7, what planet are some of you living on. And so many of you call out all his fault, Brittney was no angle he was not the first taken man she took up with but you all forgive her. Let the man be everyone makes mistake but it appears to be a good father and that really cares about his children.

2419 days ago


Girls, this is the type of man you want to run far away from. He will use you, use your money, use your children to hurt you, sue you for your money, has no education, has no parents standing by him while using yours, no job, making $7000/year, no religion and no education while all tatted up and a mohawk. Phew, a dream come true!

2419 days ago

bsb fan    


2419 days ago


No Kfed met with the right slime who helped him come up with this master plan. At least mom and dad seem to be wise to his participation in this. You might ask why would so many conspire together to get Brit. "GREEN ENVY" Cant stand to see a woman with that much mula. Same ol story, a woman is not suppose to have that much money on her own.

2419 days ago



Wow - and his ex-wife is such a shining example of motherhood? Get off your high horse. I can tell you don't have kids.

2419 days ago


HEY LUFC..did you fail ebonics 101?

2419 days ago


According to People, he was invited to the show by Mark Jacobs. Perhaps Mr. Jacobs thought KFed could use a small respite from what he's been dealing with.

I agree with which ever poster that pointed out that KFed could be selling his story all over the place, but he isn't.

If he was giving tmz some exclusive stories or feeding them dirt he'd be the darling of their universe.

2419 days ago


As far as K-fed... I think he earned that money...clearly with what he had to put up with.. you would not be whinning if it was a female...taking money from a male star...also...he needs that extra money for child support to pay for security..from the sleezebag [aps...who think that children should be the targets.... Have the time you scare these kids to death..

2419 days ago


Leave him alone. He's taking the high road and not saying anything bad about her - give him some kudos for the way he is behaving. He seems to be taking good care of the kids. The guy is entitled to get out once in awhile. Let him be.

2419 days ago


Enjoy the gravy train while you can Federsleeze!!!! Once Britney gets "physical" custody of her boys again, then YOU GET CUT OFF FROM ALL CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS!!! LMAO!!!

Make no mistake........Jamie Spears will MAKE SURE YOU GET FINANCIALLY CUT OFF!!!!

2419 days ago
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