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K-Fed Grilled in NYC

2/8/2008 9:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Britney's friends and family scramble to save her from completely imploding -- Kevin Federline was in New York, hamming it up at a Sean Jean fashion show. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

TMZ caught up with Federleezy as he dashed for his car after the show -- staying mum while our photog asked him all the tough questions.

The guy who brought us "Popozao" may be smarter than he looks ... which wouldn't be that tough.


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mother of a child irreversibly injured by "medical professionals"    

Me, myself, I don't think there's anything wrong with Kevin being out without the kids every once in a while. I'm sure he's left the kids with someone responsible who will take care of them while he's away. Heck, I can't even remember the last time I saw him on the news or even on tmz, except when he was going to or coming out of the courthouse. Unlike his ex. He shows up at his court dates & is TRYING!!! He's trying to be a father to his children, trying to work & make something of himself. Unlike his ex, whose only trying to make a spectacle of herself, & set a new high to her own crazy scale with each passing day. I hope that her family or someone is able to help her before she does something tragic. At least Kevin is trying to go on with his life & make something of himself. Give the guy a break!!!

2452 days ago

divorced woman    

I wish my ex would have spent more time with my kids when they were young. How many of us have been sick, had surgery, had another baby, and hubbys or exes did NOT help with the kids. I say give him credit for trying. He has a nanny , has their grandparents in their lives, spends a lot of time with them, and has to put up with the press. He gets told he is no good at this job, no good at that 1, and told to get a job, lol he can do nothing right it seems. I cannot imagine how awful it must be to have your life so , on display. At least he is not "using" the kids like so many actors and actresses are doing right now with their children. However I bet if he allows 1 picture for money, he will be jumped all over...but people like Angelina or Tom who use children for publicity , or to change their image or boost their careers and get big bux for pictures get praised....what a world we live in. Can anyone say "STALKING" to those photographers. It is a sad situation, I am just glad this daddy has stepped up to the plate.
'Unfortunately for the kids this mess has only just begun, when mommy gets the least bit sober, the courts will probably rip the babies from stability and send them back to the mess, poor babies..they have along road ahead of them, I only hope they have both parents in their lives always, but daddy should probably get to keep them,

2452 days ago

just wondering    

...marilyn.....he is buckling down the hackett now...of crse...when he was married and with a young son and then with a 2nd newborn...he was partying like a selfish pr....getting ready to launch his big rap career....Brit funded it all ...but he put his priorities in himself...not his wife and childrens best interests...he has nothing left to do now...but be k-plans puppet to collect the $$$$$$$ he wanted all along....he is the lowest!!!!

2452 days ago


What a smooth cat. A+ Federline!

2452 days ago


Something is weird about these K-Fed haters. Britney is the one who is out whoring around and neglecting her babies, not him. And doesn't he only get around $15,000 or $20,000 a month for them? With all of her money, I wouldn't call that being generous. The nanny must cost a pretty penny. He doesn't get alimony, does he? Isn't it just child support?

These bleeding heart Britney lovers seem to think she can do no wrong, and that she's not responsible for any of her actions. They're just like her parents, blaming everyone under the sun for her goofy antics but her. Her parents are the ones who raised her, and it doesn't look like they did a very good job.

2452 days ago


He seems like a nice guy, sure he had his terrible music moment! but he's learned from that experience and is doing different things, such as acting (which also needs a bit of improvement) but at least hes not out there with his ass in front of the paparazzi 24/7 like Britney. Hes keeping his reputation fairly clean right now and keeps his kids safe! which is good.

2452 days ago


Partying? Does he have a Ho on his arm? Do you ever see him wt a woman? How many men has Brit had? She is wth some jerk who wants to marry her and make a baby with her. Talk about a gold-digger.

Kevin's gettng his name out, TRYING to make money and you're still slamming him. Give him a chance. He's not father of the year, but he's trying to grow up.

2452 days ago

Standing by the edge    

For all you itty bitty Britty fans - grow the hell up. For crying out loud, does anything ever get through to you mental midgets? Britney was showing her colors years ago. She cheated on J. Timberlake, got married on a whim in Vegas after a night of drinking and doing Ectasy (sp), picked out Kevin in a club and went after him knowing he was about to be a father again. She proposed to him, bought her own ring and did whatever the hell she wanted. When he did the same, which was okay with her at first, she divorced him. He's in no way perfect but he's not the worst guy in the world either. She has to take some responsibility for her choices and must start to listen to people to get well.

2452 days ago

Shut the F*ck Up    

Personally I dont think that you people should be bashing either of them. Brit is mentally unstable and that has already been proven so leave her alone. KFED seems to have gotten his act together also. How would you people feel if you had people watching your every move? You would go crazy too!!! Lay off people

2452 days ago


ICK! I don't see what any woman would see in him. He's not attractive at all, instead of getting a REAL job, he lives off Britney.
He should be thinking about finding a job though. Brit's money will run our if she doesn't get the right help soon

2452 days ago

just wondering    

...Shut the frick's a chat board!!...shhhhhhhhhh urself! geez

2452 days ago

just me    

Why is Kevin always smirking like that mean ol' tom cat Sylvester with Tweety Bird in his mouth?

2452 days ago

Her parents are doing the right thing    

To #65 by divorced woman

Goof for you! I so hear you. I am so sick and tired to Angelina and Brad and Katy and Tom using their kids for publicity! I would rather read a story about Britney than read one article about the losers above. Every time you see these two couples, their kids are in the camera. Yup Angelina and Brad, just keep on adopting those kids for your own selfish reasons!

K-Fed, you put Brad and Tom to shame. You are doing a great job protecting your kids!

2452 days ago


Let's quit bashing the one person who is caring for his own children. Does the guy not deserve to go out? Quit judging a guy for marrying rich . . . she married him people he didn't force her. As far as I'm concerned thank god for K-Fed for stepping up and being with his kids, keeping them away from the papz. Isn't that the most important here the kids not being subjected to the BS that surrounds Brit's life. Yeah I'm impressed with a woman who gets out of the psyche ward immediately jumps into her new MB, goes picks up another papz and then goes and meets her papz bf at a hotel. HERE'S A NEW THOUGHT PEOPLE: Instead of worrying about poor lil Brit why don't you start thinking of her kids and what they are going to see one day!!!! Forget Brit, forget K=Fed let's think about those 2 lil innocent boys and their mommie who has ABANDONED them!!!! Face it people that's what has happened!!!

2452 days ago



2452 days ago
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