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K-Fed Grilled in NYC

2/8/2008 9:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Britney's friends and family scramble to save her from completely imploding -- Kevin Federline was in New York, hamming it up at a Sean Jean fashion show. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

TMZ caught up with Federleezy as he dashed for his car after the show -- staying mum while our photog asked him all the tough questions.

The guy who brought us "Popozao" may be smarter than he looks ... which wouldn't be that tough.


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Posted at 11:04PM on Feb 8th 2008 by jane doe

Been sniffing from the same glue bottle as Britney? Would YOU give your kids to Britney to take care of? And please note - Britney blew off court orders, parenting coaches, depositions and court dates, but she her first order of business upon release from the hospital was to go to an attorney to see about getting control of her money back. So she apparently able to and interested in fighting for money, but not for her children. Interesting, no?

2411 days ago


why is it ok for this bum to go out partying & NOT Brittney? I pray that Brittney gets the help she needs & gets her kids back. AFTER ALL, K-FED CANT SUPPORT THEM!!! IS Brittney PAYING SUPPORT FOR THE KID or KIDS HE HAS FROM THAT OTHER WOMAN??????

2411 days ago

just me    

#10:16PM by GW

Him a bad ol' putty tat!

2411 days ago


The guy is a weasle and a jerk, no talent, a$$hole! Loser. User. Gold digger. I hope the bastard rots in hell!

2411 days ago

a fan    

For all the dolts slammin Kevin- at least hes some stability in those kids lives. Noone knows why he and Britney got married. I mean, do you know them? I dont- never met em- dont have a clue if there is or was actual love there. Shes an adult and did choose to marry him either way- and if I recall- she asked him to marry her. Yes, I too thought Kevin was a loser- but yanno- he has stepped up and given those kids what they needed. The reasons really arent important as long as the kids are cared for and have stability and are shielded from any more mommy meltdowns. He can go out and have fun- the kids were probably at the hotel with a nanny- or at home with a nanny- either way Im sure they are cared for. Unfortunately, getting his exwife the care she needs is now in her parents hands- he really cant do anything so why should he stay home waiting for her to show up at his door step for another meltdown? Cripes, shes lucky he hasnt moved and hidden the address from her- cuz I think I might be tempted in this situation.

2411 days ago


I've never been a K-Fed fan, but I've got to give the guy a little respect for the fact that he continues to keep his mouth shut about the carnival ride that is Britney's life. I figured he would have long ago sold her down the road for some quick cash, but as far as I can tell, he's not leaked any of her secrets...and you KNOW he'd be getting paid top dollar for those secrets. He'll never make my Christmas list, but I'm pleasantly surprised by his candor.

2411 days ago


his life is supposed to stop because his ex is a nutcase? get oer it TMZ....ev's.

2411 days ago


mak is right. He has been the only STABLE thing those boys no. Britney isn't even remotly capable of taking care of herself.Let her parents help her and then if she stabilizes she can be a part of the kids life.

2411 days ago


I think he looks remakably good - not sure what is up with the mohawk but he looks adorable, really. All parents need a night out here and there - he is probably an even better daddy for it. Kudos to K-Fed for keeping his composure. He is turning into a real class act.

2411 days ago


oh please...they should take the kids from him too...he did this to britney..all of it..because of him she is like this and she will never chance if he doesnt help her and talk to her and try to work it out with her... she needs help and he could help her get it...let her see the kids...just remember at the end they wll have nothing...i feel bad for the kids that they have tyo live like this because they dont have a father and a mother...the father is too busy going out and partying with girls...and mother is calling out for help and no one is helping her at all... everyone in this world is so worryed about britney and k-fed that they dont see the have it the same expect they are not famous...britney really need everyones support and k-fed u needs to go home and take care of ur kids not the freaking nannys...u made them and u wanted them so take care of them. stop partying.. i hope she gets her life together and takes those kids because the kids need the mother the most.....and thats the truth...feel better britney and i hope u will see ur kids so and the love you more then anything in this world...just remember take care of ur self..leave the friends beyond because at the end of the day its u and ur family and need the mother and i dont care what anybody says...god bless you and let god be with you and help you before its tooo late...blame k-fed for ruining her life...thank you

2411 days ago


According to the Fresh Intelligence: Radar Online article “TMZ goes to J-School,” Harvey Levin had a speaking engagement at New York University's Journalism department and plans to visit a few other East Coast J-Schools.

Well Harvey, you should consider soliciting MANY resumes because TMZ’s writing is woefully lacking.

This is the best your current writers can produce - crude, word play with Kevin Federline’s surname **Federleezy*

What’s next?

Kevin *Federleezy*

Sean Preston * Federleezy*

Jayden James * Federleezy*

Get my point?

I hope your next gaggle of writers’ brings their A game.

Here’s a Pop Quiz:
Writing is what percentage inspiration versus what percentage perspiration?

TMZ/Harvey Levin:

2411 days ago


All of you Britney fans must have a crystal ball or something, you seem to know exactly what's been going on, and you know what's in people's hearts......LOL

Hey, has Ma Spears been reading these boards or what? I made a comment a couple of weeks ago about Sam probably drugging Britney because I thought he looked like a Mafia guy. Looks like Ma Spears took my idea and ran with it.

Britney isn't mentally ill. She just needs to stop partying and taking dope, then she'll quit acting like one. Is everyone in Hollywood either hooked on drugs or in rehab?

2411 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

People saying that K-Fed is a good father must be on drugs themselves. Staying at home while the nannys take care of the kids, smoking pot, and playing video games all day does not make a good father. He's the biggest gold digging A-Hole that Hollywood has ever seen. Guess he's too dumb to get a job so he just plans to mooch off of Britney the rest of his life. Words cannot express my contempt for such a lazy, lowlife, deadbeat loser like K-Fed. He's nasty beyond belief !

2411 days ago


K-Fed is doing the best that he can. He isn't out there setting Brit up for the paps nor is he going tv talking about her. K-Fed can go out and some isn't like what Brit does. He is with those boys most of the time and they know that he is there for them.

Shar Jackson isn't collecting money from any of this and she has said that her and K-Fed are still friends. Why can't you guys just give K-Fed some credit. He deserves respect for what he is doing.

2411 days ago


Their kids have not been seen in photos. It looks like their Dad cares and has support to help him keep those little boys away from the spotlight. They need routine and peace. If Grandma is babysitting them, great, if their nanny is babysitting them, great. Both are stable reliable people in their lives.

This is what this is all about. What is best for these 2 very small children. Their Dad needs a haircut, their Mom needs so much more, and I hope she gets there someday.

2411 days ago
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