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Hottest Videos -- Week of 2/3

2/9/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag released her "music" "video" this week -- and while it was the most viewed video on TMZ, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing!

Paula Abdul "sang" at the Super Bowl -- and as a singer, she's a terrific judge on "American Idol."

There were rumors Elisha Cuthbert hooked up with (eesh) Paris Hilton ... Here's what Paris had to say about it.

Britney was released from the psych ward this week, and what followed was a car chase that made O.J.'s Bronco ride look tame.

After momentarily hiding from paparazzi at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Britney snuck out -- by ducking in the passenger seat of Adnan's car. Smooth.

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Are all you folks out there in hollywood LaLa land really this out of touch with reality?
You are all nuts out there, how embarassing for the both of them.
I like tmz,prez hilton, page six, hollywood gossip, cuz they entertain with the LaLa land schmuks. lol

2387 days ago


Just goes to show you that anyone can make a video and get it seen. You dont need talent of any kind.

2387 days ago


Can someone please tell me wtf is wrong with her hands? They look like they belong on one of the aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. They're creeping me out, man.

2387 days ago


OMG. lol ridiculous and so unoriginal.. whatta freak. loveYou TMZ! ahah keep it commin.. Canada loves youuuuuuuu :)

2387 days ago

Pre00 stomach hurts now...she is the biggest no talent skinny douche i've seen..she makes amy whinehouse look hot

2387 days ago


SHE IS A NO TALENT MESS BUT EVERYONE WILL KNOW HER NAME..HEIDI WHO?. this gal makes paris hell ton look like katie melua... and of course it will sell and thats all that matters in the end...

2387 days ago


there is a market for this trash, the sort ot losers who buy paris hellton singing or warbling on a beach in a swinsuit are the sort who will throw their money away on this trash, i saw a bit of the video and i thought it was an early april fools joke gone would get more out of watching paint dry...this silly mess obviously thinks she is talented and if david whatisname produced this mess then she lives on another planet... i cannot believe that the man who has dealt with shaka khan, and other great songstresses is dealing with bit of blond fluff. she must be sleeping with him..

2387 days ago


This is the first time watching that video, now I wish I hadn't. My ears hurt. My eyes hurt. My brain hurts. Are they SERIOUS? Do neither of them hear how bad she sounds? Those high notes wanted to make me gag her and put a bag over her head.

2387 days ago


omg poor heidi i feel sooooooooo bad for her,please tell me this video is a joke !!!
paris hilton did a better job and thats saying something.heidi all your hollywood hills friends will be crying with laughter.oh the shame..

2387 days ago

Tessie Tura    

Sheesh!!! Who told this fake rack that she could sing? Her gay boyfriend??

2387 days ago


Ahhhhhhhhhhh this sucks soooooooooo bad! It looked like a horse on tranquilizers with two huge bricks on it's chest! Sad sad sad!!! Lol! I couldn't watch it all!

2387 days ago


What crap, she really needs to get a day job, cause the singing is just not doing her any justice, its making her look even more stupid then she really is!!!!!!!!!!!!

2387 days ago


actually she is just stupid, as for her hands i dunno what she doing there, crap i tell, is there any talent left in hollywood???

2387 days ago

Lisa H    

She makes me want to vomit... and yes Heidi im taking the time to comment to you!! Come to terms, you cant sing and you need to eat a cheeseburger

2387 days ago


I didn't bother watching this crap on the site, It was on the TMZ show while I was in the gym. I had such horror on my face as I watched it, my personal trainer ran over to see if I was OK. I snapped NO, and then pointed at the TV showing this trailer trashes video.....he watched part of it and turned away, telling me I will be working out EXTRA hard tomorrow for making him view it, even just for a moment. TMZ, please, please, if you show the video again, I swear to never watch your show, EVER.

2387 days ago
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