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Kat Von D: I Am Not a Racist!

2/9/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"LA Ink" star Kat Von D took to the Internet and the streets of Hollywood yesterday to tell her fans she did not pen the anti-Semitic message she is accused of writing.

TMZ spotted Kat at Avalon last night, and while signing autographs she told our photog, "It was an obvious case of forgery."

On her MySpace page, Kat wrote a long blog post that said, in part, "The first time I saw the actual photo with the writing on it, I almost puked, considering, those are things I would NEVER even think about, let alone write!"

As TMZ reported, Ami James (Kat's former boss on "Miami Ink") received a photo with a swastika and a flaming Star of David that was allegedly written by Kat. She denies it, and TLC, which airs "LA Ink," is standing by her.


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"Uh, interesting when they asked a handwriting analyst for their opinion on the signature they said they were 95% certain it was your writing."

According to Ami James, not according to TLC or ANYONE else.

2446 days ago


#3-#4-#7#-everyone--she's filipino

2446 days ago


#3-#4-#7#-everyone--she's filipino,yeah thats right!

2446 days ago


Doh, peeps.

Kat's Mom is Mexican, her father is German. Kat was born in Mexico. She's Hispanic. Just like Obama is black (his mother is white/dad black).

I don't think Kat did it at all. I think AMI had someone do it and then blamed it on Kat Von D. Anyone noticed his Miami Ink hasn't been doing as well since he fired Kat? This sure has gotten him a) free publicity and back in the spotlight and b) the sympathy vote.

You rock Kat. Ignore the racists and bigots who are trying to take you down and trying to blame a really despicable act on you. Your fans know you didn't do it.


2446 days ago


The Jews bring this on themselves.

2446 days ago


she is an ingrate. spoiled nazi bitch, Ami James opened his shop and family to her and she pissed all over it and her fans.

2446 days ago

Democrats are evil    

When I started things, I gave each of you huge countries apart from each other, many separated by oceans. Now why did you go and screw it up by intermingling like you have? You were meant to live among your own. It is not possible for different races to get along. Your life's purpose are just too varied. The only possible outcome is to hate one another.

I hate it when Satan smiles at me like that.

2446 days ago


She is beautiful and a nice person. I am going to let TLC know how much I like her. She is one smart cookie!!!!

2446 days ago



Yes, we didn't do the sins of our forefathers, however is it right that we spread the hate? Is it right that we still happily condone hate of another race or culture? Read through the first three pages. You have guys who are saying they hate jewish people, and some who say they hate latino, black, jew and it's their right. While it is their right, WHY do you hate them so much? Your fore fathers terrorized and belittled their forefathers so why do you hate them? Why do you continue to spread this hate? Why none of us can or should be held responsible for what our forefathers did, why are there so many who are still out here right no this day and age, with so much hate from our caucasian community? It's like some people don't want to think out of the box...

2446 days ago


She is beautiful and a great artist!!!

2446 days ago


Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Her father René von Drachenberg and mother Sylvia Galeano were both born in Argentina. She speaks fluent Spanish and English ... well theres a good indication ... man some ppl ...

2446 days ago


Why not complain about Harvey starting these racist and religious comments. That is exactly what he does on a regular basis. He did it the other day with Obama's grandmother. He likes to get the hate gives him more clicks on his website and he makes more money. The man has no shame the way he makes money off other peoples woes. He is promoting hate and bigotry.

2446 days ago


Kat is Hispanic. Her parents are from Argentina. She has some German heritage. For the record, you can be Hispanic and white or Hispanic and black, etc. Its an ethnicity not a color.

2446 days ago


Oh and post#39, is one of the most ignorant I've ever seen. Especially considering the fact that if our forefather's had never came to native america, there wouldn't be a U.S.A!! It's like ignorance is bliss with many in this world. Open up a book and stop listen to what your racist parents are telling you.

2446 days ago


Post 41...Yes, we have those people saying that. But how on earth do you know what color they are just by the post? It's just as racist of you to ASSUME they are white people. And quit speaking for everyone. I'm white, and German, and not an ounce of racism exists in me. Hating someone based soley on their skin color, or religion, or whatever, is the most ignorant thing someone could do. I don't like you speaking for an entire race. We are not the only ones spreading the hate. This hate is EQUALLY spread. Not just by white people. You sound like a racist to me.

2446 days ago
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