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Kat Von D: I Am Not a Racist!

2/9/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"LA Ink" star Kat Von D took to the Internet and the streets of Hollywood yesterday to tell her fans she did not pen the anti-Semitic message she is accused of writing.

TMZ spotted Kat at Avalon last night, and while signing autographs she told our photog, "It was an obvious case of forgery."

On her MySpace page, Kat wrote a long blog post that said, in part, "The first time I saw the actual photo with the writing on it, I almost puked, considering, those are things I would NEVER even think about, let alone write!"

As TMZ reported, Ami James (Kat's former boss on "Miami Ink") received a photo with a swastika and a flaming Star of David that was allegedly written by Kat. She denies it, and TLC, which airs "LA Ink," is standing by her.


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You didn't have to sign with "Jewess" we all knew that. You bring up ovens and your people were murdered in them. You obviously have no respect for your creed.

2385 days ago


You have a lot of history to catch up on yourself. The Native Americans suffered just as much as the Jews!! Stop your whining and move on.

2385 days ago

what truthiness    

truthiness I think you have lost your mind!!!
Please get out of your house and experience the world!!
Better yet travel to other countries and see how they treat each other?
Did you not hear about the Black Formula One race car driver (Lewis Hamilton) problems in Spain just a couple of weeks ago? It was so bad that Formula One is considering pulling the 2 races they hold each year in Spain. Honestly in many other countries Bigotry and Racism are much worse and more tolerated then here in the good old USA!
It is what it is. Human nature not White Anglo Saxon Nature. Get over yourself and quit spreading your own brand of Racism!!

2385 days ago


Michelle you sound defensive to me, however the better question is why you are so defensive. It's amazing how you called me out for assuming, YET YOU assumed as well, when you said I spoke for everyone being racist. Try not to put your foot in your mouth when you're trying to get a valid point across, because it really destroys your "theory". How can I say every white person is racist when I also am white? I know many white people who aren't!! I in fact am speaking to the population who are. I even addressed the population of jewish, black, latino, etc. who were racist as well, so please spare me your tears and cry me a river.

It's also ironic how you said you don't like the "hate" however you indirectly "vouch" for the "hate". It seems to me that you're part of the many people (all races) who hate hearing the truth, so when you do and reality sets in you get defensive and try to attack the messenger.

At least, now I see you for what you are, so I won't bother wasting any more time addressing you. I need a knowledgeable or older poster who at least is open minded to understand all points of views.

2385 days ago



The native americans were living in harmony up until our forefathers decided to exterminate them. I'm not saying anything bad about native americans, they were also mistreated; but you still cant compare that with thousands of years of ridicule and having to hide. Look up the spanish inquisition for one thing; then the roman empire, for seconds; then france for thirds. The list keeps moving down down down.

2385 days ago


I find it curious. Look at the picture posted on this site with the split-screen of Von D and the supposed autograph. Notice that the flames drawn above the Star of David and compared to the flames tattooed on her right-arm. They are the same! Though I doubt she gave herself the tattoo, might it have been of her own drawings (Tribal Flames)? Or maybe the guys at ‘Miami Ink just wanted to get a little vengeance? It’s been obvious from the shows that they didn’t part on the best of terms. She’s always digging on the East Coast and they’re always ribbing on the West Coast, each suggesting being a better class of people than the other, and so it’s not a stretch she could have penned the photo or they could have doctored it? I suppose it just boils down to which coast/show you’re rooting for as to which side you believe? I liked both shows, but wonder why Miami felt it necessary to run to ‘TLC in the hopes that they would drop ‘Dita’s show but for the animosity. Sounds both fishy and childish to me? Grow Up Miami and stop your whining! You let her go, and she landed on her own two feet. Get Over Yourselves!

2385 days ago


The Jews stole the land from the Arabs and killed many of them to build Israel. They had no place to go and took it upon themselves to go back to a place that they lived in 2000 yrs ago and take land that was not theirs. It ticks me off that this country supports Israel. Israel has sucked off US for many years.

2385 days ago


truthiness is an ass.

2385 days ago


just love each other. sounds simplistic -- it is, simply put, make love your goal in life. Many musicians have said the same thing.

2385 days ago



Dumbass. Israel is the only thing America has to help them fight the war that we are in. When the palistinians had the land they did nothing with it. And when Israel received the land they never forced the arabs out. It was the Arabs who at first didn't want to accept it and started the first few wars against them (which by the way they had their asses handed to them each time). LONG LIVE ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

2385 days ago


She is part hispanic from her mother who lives in Mexico still. If you have ever watched the show you know that she is very open minded and would never say this stuff. She wants to be accepted for the way she looks and wouldnt put other down.

2385 days ago


If you go to her myspace page she cops to the signature being hers but not the rest of the stuff on there. You can easily she it's not her writing either because her signature is tight and compact with sharp turns. The other stuff is smooth and wide with rounded turns.

2385 days ago


People from all over the world read these comments. No wonder Americans are bcoming hated all over the globe. These comments, here and on most other blogs, are filled with hate, intolerance, and anger. Is this really who we are? How can you call people out on their actions, race, religion, and gender. It flys in the face of our Constitution we tout as the outline for the best government in the world? What's even worse is that people lie to you all and you believe what you hear without checking out the facts? Let's set an example for the rest of the world that brings some pride back to all Americans.

2385 days ago

Kat Von Dumb    

Is she stupid? No one is accusing her of being racist, that would make her anti-semitic. What a moron! Judaism is a RELIGION not a RACE. I can't believe her show is on "THE LEARNING CHANNEL."

Get rid of this uneducated MAN-TASTIC reality trash.

2385 days ago


This girl is seriously making me think about getting a tattoo. Hmmm...what should I get?

2385 days ago
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