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Kat Von D: I Am Not a Racist!

2/9/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"LA Ink" star Kat Von D took to the Internet and the streets of Hollywood yesterday to tell her fans she did not pen the anti-Semitic message she is accused of writing.

TMZ spotted Kat at Avalon last night, and while signing autographs she told our photog, "It was an obvious case of forgery."

On her MySpace page, Kat wrote a long blog post that said, in part, "The first time I saw the actual photo with the writing on it, I almost puked, considering, those are things I would NEVER even think about, let alone write!"

As TMZ reported, Ami James (Kat's former boss on "Miami Ink") received a photo with a swastika and a flaming Star of David that was allegedly written by Kat. She denies it, and TLC, which airs "LA Ink," is standing by her.


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Hhahaaah. Go Kitty    

ha i leaked this

2455 days ago


Truthiness, I am defenseive because I am tired of people like you assuming that the whole white race is racist. And I say you are speaking for one race, because your first post said the WHITE community. That to me sounds like you are jumbling all them up as one. Which they are not. Don't call me ignorant. I am an adult. I am not speaking for whites. Or blacks, or any other color. I am speaking for myself. Deal with it.

2455 days ago


Everyone who has written a negative comment regarding this are recists themselves and really need to get a life. I can't believe the number of people who are readily willing to accept a supposed rumor from a notorious onine gossip rag as the truth. There are 4 sides to this story: the truth, Kat's side, Ami's side, and the BS posted by TMZ. Open your mind and realize that everything you hear is not true!

2455 days ago


3. White people and hate... Why do white people hate every other race and culture so much? They hate latinos, jews, black, arab, asian, etc. We just love to spread hate.. why can't we just love instead!?

Posted at 11:49AM on Feb 9th 2008 by truthiness

That's why I said you were speaking for a whole race. Read your own words, and then tell me how YOUR foot tastes in YOUR mouth. Ass.

2455 days ago


Yes, of COURSE it was a forgery... Who else here guessed that was going to be her response? She couldn't say it was a joke because of the feud between the two ----- she had to deny, deny, deny.

Give it up, you tatted fugly beotch --- everyone knows you're a bigot now. Oh and by the way, good luck trying to keep that D-list status you have achieved for absolutely no other reason than being on some sh1tty reality show about trashy people giving trashy tattoos to trashy people. Nobody in the entertainment business like an anti Semite!

2455 days ago


This is a forgery and the plan was concoted by Chris Garver and Ami of Miami Ink. Kat Von D used to work there until she was let go. Now she has her own hit television show and a hugely successfull tattoo business in Hollywood. Of course this make Ami and Chris very, very jealous. So they hatched a plan to use character assassination to make Kat Von D fail. It's not working and people see right through it. The Miami Ink show is going to be canceled and Ami and Chris's tattoo shop will go out of business.

2455 days ago

He's Boring now    

I am sick of these non practicing jews acting all high and mighty. rarely any of them attend Temple on a regular basis nor follow the creeds of the religion...they're all a bunch of woody allen, jerry seinfeld, lewis black kind of jews----they cop to it because it gives them some kind of "exclusion" to good behaviour, yet dont practice a bit of its creed in their lives.

any wonder why there are only 20 some million jews in the world, yet 1.7 billion muslims? yet we are told to coddle the jew and continue to make them rich while we do their heavy lifting? dont think Israel will win a future war with muslims as they did in 67 and 73---those days are over..the new jew generation doesnt believe as their parents did, they're all too busy out partying and carrying on and living a life of self indulgence, yet the first to cry foul when any kind of misunderstanding arises, that it is because we are jewish...aint a practicing one among the hollywood or finance crowd bunch.

Truth be Told.

2455 days ago


René von Drachenberg, her father, is German. Sylvia Galeano, her mother, is Italian. They were from Argentina. She was born in Mexico. She is half German, half Italian ... European. Speaking Spanish doesn't make her Hispanic. George Bush speaks Spanish too.

2455 days ago


re: Maybe
Great post and I agree 110%

2455 days ago


I really don't care what she wrote. People are so sensetive it is ridiculous and the hatred this has started...makes me sick. I believe her and have no reason not to.

2455 days ago


I am a jew and I can't stand you gentiles!!!! My family is from Russia and we are royalty once upon a time.

2455 days ago


It looks like some other anti-semitic has the same name as me. People who defend the use of swatiskas and anti-jewish bigotted crap are ridiculous. Do you people understand what the swatiska represents? NAZIs -- who killed 6 million jews - to use that EVER is totally beyond the pale.

And to those claiming that Miami Ink is just trying to slander Kat Von D because they are SO jealous are ridiculous.

She is nothing to be jealous or envious over. Kat Von D is screwed now. She is sending minions on here to defend her and then of course, the racists start flapping their gums.

it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people THINK you are an idiot, then open and leave no doubt.

To defend this behavior is VILE, HATEFUL and DISGUSTING!

She's a worthless, trashy, tattooed tramp.

Posted at 2:42PM on Feb 9th 2008 by Scorpion

2455 days ago

geeewhiz are such a racist it isn't even funny. You are a low life skank.

2455 days ago


Go suck up (through your huge nose) some potato pancakes you fool. Cheapo!!!

2455 days ago


So far all of the comments in this forum seem to be against Kat. I'm not here to judge nor to say who was right or wrong, but do you guys personally know all of the facts? Your simply stating your opinion of the situation based upon what was written on a website... Don't you think that before you can have a valid opinion of who was right or wrong in the situation that you needed to be apart of the "8 month long" investigation? I was unaware that all of the fans in these forums would hold such a bias them selves with out knowing all of the actual facts. You are all entitled to your own opinions and views, BUT do you think that your opinions might be swayed to one side or the other if you knew more the facts? And once you knew these facts you would then be entitled to state a bias opinion? Just a thought to ponder on.

2455 days ago
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