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Kat Von D: I Am Not a Racist!

2/9/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"LA Ink" star Kat Von D took to the Internet and the streets of Hollywood yesterday to tell her fans she did not pen the anti-Semitic message she is accused of writing.

TMZ spotted Kat at Avalon last night, and while signing autographs she told our photog, "It was an obvious case of forgery."

On her MySpace page, Kat wrote a long blog post that said, in part, "The first time I saw the actual photo with the writing on it, I almost puked, considering, those are things I would NEVER even think about, let alone write!"

As TMZ reported, Ami James (Kat's former boss on "Miami Ink") received a photo with a swastika and a flaming Star of David that was allegedly written by Kat. She denies it, and TLC, which airs "LA Ink," is standing by her.


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Thanks for bringing out bigotry once again. You just love to do that!!! Maybe it has something to do with your background??? hmmmmmm

2426 days ago


So far all of the comments in this forum seem to be against Kat. I'm not here to judge nor to say who was right or wrong, but do you guys personally know all of the facts? Your simply stating your opinion of the situation based upon what was written on a website... Don't you think that before you can have a valid opinion of who was right or wrong in the situation that you needed to be apart of the "8 month long" investigation? I was unaware that all of the fans in these forums would hold such a bias them selves with out knowing all of the actual facts. You are all entitled to your own opinions and views, BUT do you think that your opinions might be swayed to one side or the other if you knew more the facts? And once you knew these facts you would then be entitled to state a bias opinion? Just a thought to ponder on.

2426 days ago


Why are people so dumb about wrinkled tattoos? Wrinkles are ugly by themselves,they'll be ugly with or without tattoos-why do you think you'll be so hot just cause you don't have any tattoos? You'll still be your whiny desperate self with wrinkles ,no tattoos acting like a judgemental old hater,complaining on the internet,with no friends around because your life is so boring and people don't want to be around you cause you are so judgmental...

2426 days ago


Jamie, jealous are you? Jews are notorious for being well endowed. I am jewish, and so is my hubby, and he is awesome, and you are a virgin.

2426 days ago


Don't like her even if she didn't write it. She's a mental midget.
Did she graduate from high school?
Those tats are going to look ridiculous when she's older.

2426 days ago


Good try honey..I was married to a jew and he had the smallest package I have ever seen. It was the main reason I divorced him. I do have to say your nose is probably quite well endowed and you more than likely can do some really dirty things with it.

2426 days ago


My hubby is jewish and hung like a horse, I am happy lady.

2426 days ago


Jewish men are not very faithful to their wives. I get sick of being hit on at work and have never brought this on by dress, manner or any other form of enticement. I think it is because they are expected to marry jewish woman and let's face it, they are not the most attractive humans. They cheat on their wives all the time and use them for breeding/housekeeping only.

2426 days ago


I know she did it. She's just like that moron, Dog. Neither of these trailer park twits can keep their mouth shuts, even if it means risking their very lucrative shows.

2426 days ago


No matter what her background, she is a Nikki Sixx heroine whore.

2426 days ago


lets just say, for the sake of argument, she did write that on the photo... why on earth would he take that straight to tlc and not just confront her, or just discard the whole thing as a childish act? I think it's obvious why he would do such a thing. the fact that her rising fame on tlc is suffocating his fame and chances of becoming more successful. i'd be embarrassed if i were him. not only did he publicly show his insecurities, he also showed what a puss he was by running to tlc like he was running to his momma after being confronted by a bully. emasculating? to say the least!

2426 days ago


um, not knowing Spanish makes one 'ignorant'? I seriously doubt that. I know the language of my country, and that's all I'm required to know. I won't be talking to anyone Spanish anytime soon, (I do make a point of it), so I'll stick to English...but thanks.

2426 days ago

Kat's Grandfather    

Kat's granfather was a high ranking officer in the 3rd Reich.

2426 days ago

who dat    

Those with tats have well below average IQ. Somewhere around near-idiot levels (80 IQ). Don't hate Von Skuzzy, TLC had Hellen Keller look into the allegations. Keller saw no evidence. That was good enough for TLC. Those with tats don't know who Hellen Keller is. Proves my point re low IQ.

2426 days ago


OMFG...What's up with the argument on what her backround is? Fine , we get it...her dad is German and her mom is from need to post the same damn thing 43727390 times!

2426 days ago
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