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Paris: Box-Office Bomber

2/9/2008 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was whining for her friend Courtney at Avalon last night -- annoying all in earshot. But perhaps the Hilton heiress needed comfort due to her lackluster ticket sales.

According to Fantasy Moguls, Paris' movie, "The Hottie and the Nottie," opened on 111 screens yesterday, and sold only $76 in ticket sales per location. That breaks down to approximately 10 people per theater. It's anticipated that the movie will sell only $23,000 during the three-day weekend.

Looks like Paris' whining is clearly justified -- she should go straight to DVD next time!


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Wheres Rick Saloman when you need him?

2414 days ago


Anyone notice how Paris isnt on a phone all the time? Ya think maybe even the paps are getting tired of her? Didnt she try to promote the hell outta this movie? How much $$$$$$$$$did she lose by producing this crap. That girl is so in LOVE with herself she really thought people were gonna pay just to see her. Does she not read all the crap people write about her? You'd think she'd take a hint by now, But oh no not Paris, she still thinks she the princess.{{{{{{{NOTE THE TIARA}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

2414 days ago

Big Bear    

Gorilla is gay and retarded.

2414 days ago


Paris believes her own press clippings! AHAHAHA AHAHA

2414 days ago


Dearest Mr. 800 Lb. Gorilla--

I have read your posts as of late.
Why have you turned on me?

First you have lied saying you adore me,
then you call me a vampid pig and wish me to refund your money on my dvds.

The money is mine, so there.
As for you, never post about me agaim..

You disgust me...



2414 days ago


Paris Hilton deserves all the "film floppery" she can handle. I hope this is burning and rankling her to her core (and we know it is!) enough so she never even thinks about doing another flop. Paris, just GO AWAY ALREADY. NOBODY LIKES YOU EXCEPT AN 800 POUND FLEA BITTEN GORILLA AND A GEORGE WILLIAM GOCKLE (AND WITH A NAME LIKE THAT, WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE HE LOOKS LIKE?) PARIS YOU HAVE TWO FANS, GO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO! YOU'RE NOT AN ACTRESS, SINGER OR ENTERTAINER IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. YOU'RE FINALLY BEING EXPOSED FOR THE PHONY SPOILED, POSER YOU ARE.

2414 days ago


I wish I could take credit for this comment, but it's from Ty Burr @ the Boston Herald:

"With all her wealth and meaningless celebritude, Hilton is incapable of doing the one thing most of us desperately wish she would do: Go away."


2414 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

LMAO, too. Can always trust Ty Burr to tell it like it is.

Go Sox

2414 days ago


Wow, tough break, Ape Man. What ya gonna do now?

2414 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

There is another mean 800 pound gorilla on TMZ.COM.
I am the original 800 pound gorilla who adores you.
I say only nice things about you.
I adore you Princess Paris.
You bring so much joy into my furry life.
Don't listen to the copy cat 800 Pound Gorilla.

The Original 800 Pound Gorilla Who Loves You.

2414 days ago


800 Pound Gorilla.

Liar!!! Liar!!!
And I know about lying.
I've read your posts!
You're disgusting and MEAN!!!



2413 days ago


Can we finally stop talking about this pendeja?

2413 days ago

Big Bear    

Gorilla is a 16 year old boy that was breast fed by his mommy until he was 14. Gorilla is in love with two people other than his mommy. Gorilla loves the fat kid in gym class with the man boobs and paris hilton. The fat kid would be a better choice for you Gorilla even though paris looks like a 16 year old child she can and will give you a social disease if you come too close.

2412 days ago


Thanks for the great info

2395 days ago
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