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Paris: Box-Office Bomber

2/9/2008 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was whining for her friend Courtney at Avalon last night -- annoying all in earshot. But perhaps the Hilton heiress needed comfort due to her lackluster ticket sales.

According to Fantasy Moguls, Paris' movie, "The Hottie and the Nottie," opened on 111 screens yesterday, and sold only $76 in ticket sales per location. That breaks down to approximately 10 people per theater. It's anticipated that the movie will sell only $23,000 during the three-day weekend.

Looks like Paris' whining is clearly justified -- she should go straight to DVD next time!


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Stupid Paris is probably blaming Britney for stealing all her pap thunder while "promoting" this turd.

I would hope Hollywood had learned it lesson but they keep putting out stinker after stinker starring this vapid who-er. More proof that Hollywood is run by idiots. They are probably already filming Notties, part 2. hahahaha

2427 days ago

who dat    

I am laughing so frickin hard at this.

2427 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I think this is the first time I've posted on a Paris item. I must be getting desperate. Bill, I'm glad to know that no one else was stupid enough to put money into a movie that was guaranteed to bomb as bad as this one did. I've seen off-off-Broadway that could fill theaters better than that. Of course they had real dialog, real actors, etc.

I can't decide whether I'm finding it harder to believe that anyone actually paid money to see this movie or that someone thought they would.

Go Sox

2427 days ago


10 people perlocation? Heck, if I was a horny teenager again, that would be the perfect movie to by a ticket for. We wouldn't be watching it anyway.

2427 days ago


Now maybe sites like TMZ will start realizing that the only people interested in Bimbo Hilton are the paps. Let's see. If no one goes to see her movies, maybeeeee that means people (like us) would really not have to look at her anywhere.

2427 days ago

kim suck    

i feel so bad for the 11 people at my theater

2427 days ago

Ms Kris    

She’s SO STUPID she thought people were going to pay to see this?

Since when has the public given a heck about the ”feature films” (low cost pieces of garbage) she has appeared in?


2427 days ago


I don't know, much as I dislike her as a human being, I still feel pity and a little sorry for her.
After all, somewhere deep inside is a real person. Granted a naive and stupid person but still a person.

Lots hate her because of her money but lots of money causes lots of problems, believe me you'd be surprised.
Money as they say does not buy happiness.
I blame whoever raised her as a pampered and spoiled rich kid for the way she is.
She's obviously is trying to "find herself" AND stay in the spotlight and it seems moviestar was a poor choice.
She should just come down to earth and get a job for a few years so she can connect with the rest of the world, even if it means working at McDonalds. Who knows? Maybe she can flip a mean burger.

2427 days ago


All that's left is to know how much she LOST on this thing...

I'm gonna sleep GOOD tonight..!!!

2427 days ago


Ahhhh. All seems right in the world.

2427 days ago


Mr.X #60. Dont feel bad , Kathy Hilton paid her relatives to go.

2427 days ago


Nighty, night, all..!

2427 days ago


She can't act, can't sing, can't direct, can't drive, can't get any respect, can't get her inheritance anymore, Stick a fork in her---she be done!!!!

2427 days ago


Oh, yes. She's so over.

2427 days ago


hey # 5, i that was my first thought too...

2427 days ago
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