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Britney Dances the Day Away

2/10/2008 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The recovering Britney Jean Spears spent another day at Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood yesterday, but this time Pa Spears was there -- in a classy Corona tee shirt.

Brit was heckled by onlookers and photogs waiting for a glimpse of her -- girl needs her pap fix, y'all! The popwreck was asked if she was going to the Grammys, to which Miss Thang replied ... well, take a look.


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cat b    

I hope California passes strict laws against the paps soon before someone gets killed...They should pay heavy fines have the film exposed and immediate seizure of video with in a certain amount of footage of shooting celebrities the paps should be subject to having their names and faces exposed so they can be held in public contempt and would know a small tatse of what its like to be hunted..the paps should have driver liciences and cars taken away without heavy fines and laws they will keep crossing the line of what is right and wrong for the money shot...this poor girl has had mental health issues and yet she is still hunted like she is prey...stiff laws would prevent her from courting paps and them from her...making the streets safer to drive on....its a shame that while her father is there that morons are screaming flash me....even if he wasnt there it isnt a human thing to do when someone has been so publically in the throws of mental illness.....I have seen a pack of fox hounds on the hunt more humane acting than these buzzards circling Britney..its just so sad and pathetic...

2448 days ago


It sounds more like she said: You can kiss my ass not the Grammys. Give her a freaking break already, Is there not another celebrity that the vultures can torment?

2448 days ago

my idea    

Stupid Paps/photogs... just cause your "general" nazi Sam isn't getting you all the information on her every move... now you heckle her!!!!???? You photographers and stalkers are disgusting. She should be telling you guys to kiss her @@@!

2448 days ago


You can tell the paps are oSAMA's pals. They got the photos via Sam of Sam trying to kill her via drugs and the paps chase. Now her father has stopped them and hurt the paps income so they throw stones at him about trying to protect Daddy's money when Daddy is SAVING HER LIFE. What a shame for the paps for their profit to go to but a LIFE IS SAVED. I hope the CA laws finally restrict the paps from what they have done to Britney with oSAMa's instructions. I hope oSAMa and the paps go down.

2448 days ago

ScottyD AKA PoundCake    

Her hair looks good actually finally....very natual looking...I couldnt tell what she said when asked if she was going to the Grammys. Did she say Kiss My Ass? Good luck it me or does it look like things are getting back on track?

2448 days ago

The Princess    

I think what she actually was saying is that the paps could kiss her ass.....

Like I've said before I don't particularly care for her or her tactics, but I do feel sorry for her, with all your photogs making loony sounds to get her attention right after she gets out of her padded room. Thats low class, but I guess we can't really expect much more from a bunch of uneducated loosers who make their living following people around just waiting for them to f8ck up.

You guys are going to chase her to her grave. I only hope you get the shot you so badly want when it happens.

2448 days ago


I wonder how it feels to be a grown woman of 26, a mother of two children that she rarely sees, and having her mother and father pamper and baby her like SHE'S the child. It must really suck. But she'll stop her crazy act in order to get control of her money back. She's no more "mentally ill" than the Man in the Moon is. She DOES appear to have a personality disorder, like spoiled, selfish, self-centered, etc.

Ever look at Britney's eyes? They look blank most of the time. Compare them to someone like Beyonce's beautiful eyes. Now Beyonce is a truly beautiful young woman; slim, shapely, and not used up like Britney. Beyonce is not only a beauty, but she is actually very NICE. Her mother gave her moral training, unlike Britney's.

Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Alicia Keys are way better looking than Slutney.

Justin Timberlake, Britney's ex, is talented (unlike Britney) but is plain looking, and what's with the hair on his neck?

2448 days ago


Sounds to me like she's attempting to get some semblance of normality (Hollywood normality) back, and all you all want todo is ridicule her and bring her down with you inane comments. I'm hoping and praying for her.

2448 days ago


Props to the family, finally stepping up to the plate!
Wonder if the meds are finally kicking in?
God, she looks so thin! AND she had a DRIVER! WOW! Whadyano?!
Now, if they can just get rid of the loser Adnand leech......
CAN'T WAIT to see that guy kicked to the curb!

2448 days ago


Has more class than anyone working for TMZ! That's for sure.

2448 days ago


Well I guess now we know which of the paparazzi were in Lufti's and Adnan's pocket. I guess you'll have to find another schemeing golddigger to help you get info on and pics of Britney!! This all makes sense since now that you, TMZ, are the ones yelling nasty remarks and taunting Britney. Your photogs were all smiles and happienss (being sweet to her, asking if she was OK) when she was drugged by Lufti and he was calling to tell you their daily plans! But now that she's getting her mind back and trying to get well you start being nasty to her. YOU ARE DISCGRACEFUL!! There's nothing wrong with taking her pictures BUT taunting her is WRONG!! Get well Britney. Ignore these jerks!!

2448 days ago


She is starting to look like her old self again. Good job, Daddy Spears. Sam shame on you............
You wanted Britney to be a trainwreck. I think you were drugging her and give her alcohol. She does not look as puffy, bloated as before.
~Good for you Britney!

2448 days ago


If Britney has been ban from the Grammy's, it's because of the PAPS. THE PAPS would cause Havoc. ARNOLD IS A GIRLY MAN for not making laws to protect CA residents from these blood sucking non American jerks!!!

2448 days ago


I never watched one of these unedited videos, the paps are horrible. They are determined to give her a breakdown. The ones yelling out and trying to get a reaction from her are horrible human beings.

2448 days ago


Britney's no fun when she's acting normal!

2448 days ago
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