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Brit Pees, Paps Go Insane

2/11/2008 1:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wizz kid Britney Spears created yet another paparazzi frenzy last night at a Westwood, Calif. Starbucks -- where she stopped to use the bathroom.

Brit had her new daddy-approved security team in tow who seemed to have a hard time maintaining control of the extremely chaotic scene. Welcome to our world ...


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Diane T I appreciate your comment but she is not doing anything they are harrasing/stalking her the governor needs to get a law passsed for ALL celebs these paps are crossing the line in many ways...

2413 days ago

was it?    

Was that "devil Sam" with her? I thought it looked like him for a second but couldn't tell for sure???? The guy with the hat on her right side coming out of the restroom?

2413 days ago


Dear Britney,
If you ever feel down, just think of Paris Hilton's FANTASTIC NEW MOVIE!
Your parents are superb compared to Paris' parents.

2413 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

36. Can't spell right huh? " team in tow ...". In "tow"? I thought it's spell "town".
Britney is dumb, TMZ is dumber.

Posted at 12:41PM on Feb 11th 2008 by Tuna

WOW! WOW!!! WOW!!!! ARE YOU AN IDIOT! A WORLD CLASS IDIOT!!!! YOU MAKE BRIT LOOK SMART! I think you just won the Idiot of the Day Award! Congrats!!!!

2413 days ago


wow tmz is even more desperate and pathetic than before!

2413 days ago


Here are some short-term steps that Britney NEEDS to make to appear anywhere near "normal" and hopefully have some level of interaction with her children:

1) Buy a Starbucks coffee machine.
2) Arrange transportation by bus with a restroom and a driver for any excursion away from her home.
3) Buy a bra.
4) Get her hair fixed.
5) Buy cigarettes by the case.
6) Hire a stylist and get a new conservative wardrobe.
7) Keep her daddy in charge.
8) Avoid paps.
9) Avoid dating paps and anyone else for that matter.
10) Get rid of the red lipstick.

2413 days ago


Does this girl have Diabetes??? She is always drinking and always having to pee. Classic signs of diabetes.

2413 days ago


Must be a slow news day. There would have been no problem with her "pit stop" (emergencies do occur) if there had been no paps. It is really a shame they are hounding her still at this point. There was no reason they had to follow her into the Starbucks! Lets get real here. Give her a chance to get better and give her some space, and for God's sake let her go potty in peace!

2413 days ago


It dosent say much for this country, when Britney Spears peeing ia the news of the day... Sheesh. Who cares?

2413 days ago


Who the hell stops at public bathrooms as much as she does??? I try to avoid using them as much as Even with people driving her around, she still has them stopping at public bathrooms...I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

2413 days ago


It's not like they can't afford more than ONE body guard. Gee, there's a thought.

2413 days ago


The video is from Final Pixx, isn't that the group that Adnan works for?? Is her family taking a cut??
How much is the poop worth???

2413 days ago


Why can't she stay just stay her butt at home? I have friends who are bipolar and friends who are schizophrenic and they don't spend their time running around peeing in public restrooms.

2413 days ago

Jusst saying    

She HAS to get her papparazzi fix each day or she'll she'll just shrivel up and die!!!

2413 days ago


I cannot freaking believe the way this girl is hounded-I feel like that he/she who yelled, "Leave Britney alone!" For God's sake, you paps, get a life-Not just one or two following her to a public restroom and waiting outside the door for her to come out-but 15 or 20 of you. Seriously, what is WRONG with you?????

2413 days ago
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