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Britney Hunted by Crips and Bloods?

2/11/2008 9:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The gang of shooters chasing Britney Spears all over L.A. might be infiltrated by some folks who have actually shot ... a gun or two.

Rush & Molloy report that the paparazzi pack on Spears' trail now includes members of the Crips and Bloods, mainly because it's a full-out war out there. "I've heard stories of fights, of car tires being slashed, cars being blocked in," says one ex-snapper.

Indeed, says one photo-agency head, "whoever muscles their way to the front gets the best picture." Says another, "It's too dangerous ... She goes through a yellow light, you go through a red. People break laws."

McCartney and Mills – Court Showdown Begins

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills showed up to court in London on Monday, where Mills could be after as much as $150 million of the ex-Beatle's loot.

But today, it's Macca who's crying poor, saying that he didn't make any money during their marriage. Heather says his tour made tens of millions, but Paul claims that it lost $6 million. Of course, Paul is worth $1.6 billion, so there's clearly some coin there.

Reports have suggested that Mills intends to cross-examine Sir Paul herself, and to conduct her legal defense on her own.

Party Favors: Heidi's John Just a Plumber ... "Jaws'" Scheider Dead at 75 ... Was the Writer's Strike Worth It?

Heidi Fleiss says that the, ahem, gentleman (John Owen) who was with her when she got popped for pill possession last week, was her plumber, according to the Daily News, and that he "didn't even have enough pot to roll a joint." Fleiss also says she'll produce the scrips for the meds in question. ... Actor Roy Scheider, best known for his roles in "Jaws" and "The French Connection," died Sunday in Little Rock, Ark. No cause of death was given. ... After all the sturm und drang caused by the Writers Guild strike, the L.A. Times wonders, more thoughtfully than most, was it worth it?


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CNN just reported Roy had been suffering from Bone Marrow cancer for a while. Peace to his family.

2392 days ago


all that jazz,makes the top 3 of my all time favourite movies,you really started to think you were seeing fosse.
gang member's,like i am really surprised harvey,as long as you keep buying,we will keep watching and the agency will do whatever it takes and go to any length to get the pic,money talks.
paul m did it to himself,who gets married in this day in age without a prenup,especially when you are a billionaire marrying someone half your age,pretty fricken stoooooooooopid i would say,a very expensive 4 years.she loves you ya ya ya, she loves you ya ya ya,she loves you ya ya ya ya ya I BET,WITH A LOVE LIKE THAT YOU KNOW IT CAN BE BAD.what
a fricken nit you are sir paul

2392 days ago


The writers strike????? worth it???? 800m worth of lost revenue that effects the ENTIRE industry. not just strars and writers, EVERYONE.... selfish pigs. Enjoy your 16 cents a view Online

2392 days ago


#14--& 15--get over yourselves. You both act like you and you alone have all the answers to what's wrong with the world.

2392 days ago


What a let down. I thought it said the Cripps and Bloods were after her........dream on.

2392 days ago


actually AP said wife said "staph infection" He had multiple myeloma (bad cancer,fatal), but could have easily picked up a staph infection while hospitalized as "cause of death". Folks die many times in hospitals from C Difficile and Staph, not the disease admitted with. Scary stuff but you rarely hear about it - google it. Hospitals certainly dont want ya to know.

2392 days ago


I think that the writer's strike has made the watching public just find other things to do or watch. Why don't they just pack it in for this season and not work. That would give them 6 months to strike and start out the Fall season fresh with new ideas. Not many new ideas were seen this pass Fall season, so I guess we really didn't miss anything.

2392 days ago

Rusty Vain    

TMZ just out of curiosity? How many Paparazzi does it take to get a picture of an insane person?
Countless OTHERS lives are at risk to get a good photo of Brit looking cross eyed or with acne or strapped to a ambulance gurney at the initiation of a 5150? God knows as long as we all have enough pictures of Brit w/ or w/o her pink wig, or her .99 cent hair weave with what looks like 150 shinny, greasy, mix colored dollar story barbie heads hanging "2 " inches of her own hair?

Ethically speaking to use a mentally unbalanced person at such a bad time or not is wrong! I know she likes the Pap- men complimenting her telling her how beautiful she looks all the time even when you know inside they are honestly in it for MONEY! It is really simple if you honestly care about her or her life...Ask yourself this? Did you grow up with a pretty Mommy who loved you? Did she feed you, give you a bath, sing to you? Did your Mother or your Wife to your child? Do you read a happy little story out of shel silverstein- where the side walk ends? Do you remember your Mommy kissing your little face and make sure you were safe and snuggled in bed Only to do the same routine everyday for the next 18 years?
Brit is not capable to do this, She is a good person loving of animals, she has a mental age of about 13, so Brit cant do this for her kids until she gets better... just leave her alone, If you take away an addicts "drugs" (Paparazzi) they WILL get better.

I would NEVER EVER not for all the money in this world, let even TMZ's Paparazzi camera man in my car let alone in my home (fumigation?) about laying down with fleas? As far as "Sam" & The other "Add'ing machine " ... LEACHES nothing but Leaches.... No make that vultures, yeah they will pick at a nearly dead animal to fatten there stomachs.
In-n-out anyone?

Freeze frame, click, click!

Each time I see the Upside-Down Man
Standing in the water,
I look at him and start to laugh,
Although I shouldn't oughtter.
For maybe in another world
Another time
Another town,
Maybe HE is right side up
And I am upside down. - Shel Silverstein/ Reflection

2392 days ago


Justme, thanks. CNN was wrong? Imagine that..

2392 days ago

If you all remember, Fly eluded to the fact that TZM will always be at the bottom of the photog circle , there is a reason for it.

We all try to get the money shots of Brit - A pic of Brit is not worth much unless it is the right shot.

Now you know why it takes so long for TZM to get stories up -they have to go to others for the money shots.

We have always had a hard time ourselves -but we do get them most of the time.

Have a great day all.

2392 days ago


Can't believe that witch Heather Mills actually thinks she's not a gold digger!

2392 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

If Britney is causing problems to the extent that she is endangering peoples lives then she needs to be put in jail. Enough of her already. Put some pants on her and put her in the LA County Jail.

2392 days ago


britney's not doing anything,she's dancing,she has a driver,she is on the down low,she is acting sane,wtf are you talking about.thats the problem harveys having,the grammys were last night and he's got nothin
good day all,off to work

2392 days ago


The paparazzi need to be arrested and fined for causing unsafe driving conditions for ALL drivers who are in the vicinity. They should not be allowed to follow and chase her (or anyone) just to get a picture of her. No wonder she's a mess,don't these people have any conscience? They are ridiculous and this needs to be made into law. If she wants her picture taken, she will tell them when and where, but as far as them chasing,hunting and causing mental distress should be illegal. What will happen WHEN they cause the death of someone by their actions? Most likely it will be an innocent person just taking their kids to the park and happen to end up in an area where paparazzi feel they just MUST get this shot at all costs, even at the cost of a young life.

2392 days ago


RIP, Roy. You were my HUGE teenage crush because of "All That Jazz". A lot of hot fantasies from that one :-)

2392 days ago
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