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Court Documents Released in Brit Case

2/11/2008 7:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Documents from last week's hearing have been released, and no one is mincing words -- the court says Jamie Spears can "fire" Britney's business manager.

Jamie Spears accused Howard Grossman of trying to "circumvent" the conservatorship by doing all sorts of things, including violating orders by setting up a meeting with Brit and another lawyer, and sending her a Mercedes.

Take a look at the documents and how it all went down.


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Wait a minute, while it is syill my right to say this, there is some else who has a middle name 'OSAMA' COULD THIS BE A CLUE to some of you smart people??????? THINK ABOUT IT.

2445 days ago


Why don't you guys go to the nerd and fly site.

2445 days ago


Ok, here's a conspiracy theory...back in 2007 Madonna and Britney were threated to a beheading by a terrorist. Just a thought, look who is trying to control her life...Lutfi and Adnan...the destruction of Britney would bring a happy smile to the face of terrorist, Muhammed Abdel-Al...he was the spokesman who said that they will be beheaded should she continue to spread her Satanic Culture. Just a thought but if I were her parents these two men would NOT be around her...Lutfi already has been overmedicating her and God knows what else he's been up to. Just a thought but I know I'd be concerned if I were her parents!

Here is the article for more information:

2445 days ago


Britney is jealous of the beautiful Beyonce. She was heard to be making catty remarks about Beyonce while watching the Grammys on TV. Beyonce is prettier than Britney, has nicer eyes, is slender and curvy, and has long legs. Poor Britney looks like a linebacker with short legs..........LOL

Posted at 7:57AM on Feb 12th 2008 by vkngdt

How do you know that ??

2445 days ago


Hope they go to jail for stealing money from her what pigs!!!!!!!!!!11

2445 days ago


244 I am sure Brit told you or one of your friends that was with her watchiing TV about this, But BIG A BEYONCE has nothing on Brit and I have never seen you but I am sure Brit looks better then your A too.

2445 days ago


I know exactly how it feels to be conservatee and to have lost civil liberties. My case , the Dr. Keller case, has been decided by the Kammergericht Berlin, sign KG 1 W 374/07 first civil senate. I have lost all my civil liberties in this manipulated trial. The tribunal (Kammergericht) is in the building of the former Volksgerichtshof of the III.Reich. Later this building was used for the allied control council. The session board is still remaining in the main hall. I am a political prisoner of the FRG. I demanded in an article in TAZ the immediate reoccupation of germany because of violation of the nuclear-free-status /see alsUS-goverment diplomatic depeche. My article "Deuxieme Liberation of Germany" was published in TAZ (Tageszeitung) June 2001 after the Garching reactor at Munich was constructed an loaded with highly enriched Uranium. April 2, last year I got a supporting message from Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. It's now up to me to support her in her fight for justice. She is absolutly healthy mentaly as I am. No one should dare to take away her civil rights. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Erich Keller, member of the International Union of Crystallography, member of the European peptide Society

2445 days ago


Tara Reid to plat Britney

2443 days ago
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