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Tone Deaf

Grammy Fashion

2/11/2008 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If looks could kill, last night's Grammys would have been a genocide. With Amy Winehouse rehabbed and Britney under the careful watch of her family, the only train wrecks at this years Grammys were on the red carpet. Take a look at some of the horrors in our gallery.



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I think Beyonnce looked beautiful even though she must've changed hair and clothes at least 8 times last night. Whomever says she "looks like a man" must be corresponding from some type of women's boarding school. You need to get out more. Aretha has always taken to showing her 'plumage' in all her full glory. She put on a good performance last night. She has always dressed that way. I would imagine one of her breast probably weighs as much as a toddler.

Now is it me, or is Cher's gut kinda sorta sticking out of her see thru part on her dress? It's a beautiful dress but my attention went straight toward her midsection...and it looked like it's poking out from behind the peeky holes.

I liked Prince's tailored look. He looked "sharp" as we say....

my two sense

2445 days ago


#32 I totally agree that Kanye can tax the nerves when he gets in front of a microphone. I see nothing wrong with the criticism in that, but the rap criticism is getting out of hand. I realize it's very prevelant right now, and I too dislike a large amount of the garbage being offered as hip hop. However, too many people use it as an excuse for their closet racism. When #7 mentioned all black genres (complaining about gospel??? How is that "everywhere"?), it made me think he/she hates a little more than rap music. I'm glad you too like many genres. Everyone should open up to other genres. My entire family listens to pretty much everything. The listening list in my house includes everything from jazz (Ellington, Gershwin, Lewis) to German head-banger music (like Rammstein and Megaherz) and everything in-between. Rap is just the fad at the moment. No different than disco in the 70's, pop in the 80's, and alt-rock in the 90's,

2445 days ago


I hate how they change the numbers all the time! I guess I should say Sammygirl instead of the number as you are now #31. I also hate noticing I misspelled prevalent just after hitting "submit"...long day already.........

2445 days ago


TMZ, I am really dissapointed in you. Why don't we have a thread about how FAT Beyonce looked on stage, when she was sitting sideways on that charge there was visible fat thigh syndrome. Between her and Tina Turner, I couldn't decide who looked worse, but at least Tina has the excuse that she is about 89 years old.

2445 days ago

In Memphis    

You are right. Prince WAS cool. Cher looked like she has packed on some weight. Her face was all contorted. Camera didn't even get close. They were scared!

2445 days ago

He's Boring now    

Worst Grammys ever. And to think it was the 50th anniversary of them, what a lame show it was. Is it any wonder why CD sales are at their lowest levels ever, and that includes total sales included from download sites. Todays music is simply terrible, unmoving, uninspiring, self serving, self seeking.

Somebodys gotta say it---80% of the acts last night were Black...that segment makes up 13% of the US population, Whites and Mexicans arent buying the same levels of it as they previously did because frankly these days it just sucks.

If Kanye West is the best that can be offered, well is it any wonder total sales are down across the board? It all sucks, black or white.

and yes I too noticed Tinas face doesnt move anymore. Bad surgery Momma. Join the Kenny Rogers crowd. Cher cant look any younger, they have now run out of procedures available for her too. But in their day they could sing and bring new inspiriation to many across many racial, socio, eco lines. Cant find many these days who can...thus Grammys suck

They need new leaders, new inspirers, less violent related themes, less me myself and I themes...Grammys will go the way of Who Wnats to Be a Millionaire tv show..popular once, now gone and only in reruns.

Winehouse is on drugs and an insult to win so many awards....good grief thats the best white people can offer? what a disgrace

2445 days ago

Merry Christmas    

I think it's shameful that ANYONE would wear "N*gger" on their clothes! The next time I hear a caucasian/latino/asian, etc. use that term in public, I will look the other way and be far more forgiving. HYPOCRITES, HYPOCRITES, HYPOCRITES!

2445 days ago


Aretha Franklin proves that she is "The Queen of Soul"--------------------------------------SOUL FOOD!!!!!

2445 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

Beyonce NEEDS a stylist. More than 50% of the time, her outfits are ill fitting, poorly designed and essentially 80s influenced. I think with her curves she could do more to enchance her real image and many women who embrace their sexy form while influencing designers and the fashion industry magazine heads by photographying, printing and providing a forum of voluptous women in stylist and very sensual outfits. It's time for this already! Enough with the stick figures.

2445 days ago

Wake Up    

There's no rhyme or reason to the choices TMZ made to feature as "bad fashion."
Some of them look fantastic, and others look horrible. Seems like TMZ just has nothing good to say about anybody, as usual.

2445 days ago

Wake Up    

I want to point out to people complaining about the "n*gger" emblems on Nas and Kelis that they actually explained why they were wearing it, and it wasn't related to race...........that was kind of the point they were trying to make, but in my opinion the went about it in the wrong way at the wrong place, and probably the wrong time as well.

They explained on the red carpet that they were trying to make a statement about ANYONE that the powers-that-be consider to be ignorant. Nas said, "We're wearing this for the people in China who are forced to limit the number of children they have, for the families in Latin America who are forced to send their children to work in factories," and so on. He said the word's meaning, to him, goes across racial lines to any group that the powerful people attempt to control.

I think he chose the wrong way to express himself, but from listening to what he had to say, I think he had good intentions. Unfortunately, if you have to spend a lot of time explaining what your point is, then you probably haven't demonstrated it properly, and such is the case with his "protest attire" last night.

2445 days ago


I don't buy these people's music for the way they look or dress..never have nor never will.

2445 days ago


I sure am glad that Kanye won some awards last night because Lord knows if he didn't he would have acted like the little punk that he really and truly is (and know that is not haten or being racist, that is just plan factual).

2445 days ago

He's Boring now    

be glad Herbie won the album of year award and not Kanye. if any other performer had won, like a white one especially, that kanye punk would be crying like the baby he has proved himself to be.

thank goodness his 15 minutes will be up soon and he will go the way of the MC Hammers of the music scence. Releavant once, but presently gone and forgotten.

so glad you saved your money son, you will need it unless you want to do the bankruptcy think like MC did.

Go west young man, like to western mongolia.

2445 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Are you people NUTS ??? Carrie Underwood looks fabulous !

2445 days ago
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