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Heather vs. Paul -- Paps Used As Evidence

2/11/2008 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills is using a homemade video of the paparazzi as evidence in her divorce trial with Paul McCartney -- to show how she has been victimized since splitting with the former Beatle.

The video, posted on YouTube and Heather's own site, shows her being hounded by paparazzi, all the while the "Batman" theme is playing. At one point, Heather turns to the camera and says, "Someone could have been killed today."

We'll see if she has a legal leg to stand on.


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Barbara Walters was talking about her the other day and said that when she was on The View, she was extremely rude to the staff and demanded to be treated like a diva!

2423 days ago

you know    

# 11
Thanks for the (really bad joke) laugh? I needed one.

She comes off as crazy.

2423 days ago


Shame on Sir Paul for keeping his fame and fortune a secret when they married. He should have warned her that photographers might be taking photos of him and his family on occasion. How dare he not tell her! She is the victim here!
She deserves at least half of all his money..............

Nah, I cant even make myself believe this load of rubbish. You can tell she really loves the attention.

Heather, give it up.

2423 days ago


This chick is wacked. Her logic has more holes in it than swiss cheese.

Paul, stand your ground and dont cave to her ridiculous demands. She will be proven to be a nutjob.


2423 days ago



2423 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

If you have ever seen an interview with her, you can tell what a nasty tempered, gold digging bitch she really is. She has always maintained that she didn't marry Paul for his money. HA! She's a control freak and lies every time she opens her mouth. Paul's kids knew about her from the beginning and that's why they never have had anything to do with her. Seems he is a good dad since they are all successful. Heather, stop making a fool of yourself. You are are an ugly old misfit ! Bet the British people hate your guts.

2423 days ago


Okay, I finally watched the video. She is a fecking nitwit.

2423 days ago


Well, Paul should have known better than to marry her. He should have gotten his plumbing fixed and just had fun as a single guy.

2423 days ago


Heather you need to collect your $$ for use of your pookie and stay away from the Paps. The whole world thinks you're a golddigging skank. You tried to screw over PAUL MCCARTNEY after 4 years of marriage. Forget it babe, no one is going to let it go. Move to MARS.

2423 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

We all knew that Heather was an ugly old hag after Paul's money when he married her. Guess he was just lonely after his first wife died. I think she is seriously demented from the interviews I've seen of her. He will have to pay child support but that Bitch Heather deserves nothing.

2423 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Heather is a nut case and a loser!

2423 days ago


This is pretty crazy. I worked in NYC and East Hampton over the summer and that Diva was on the loose. I swear to god she can't stop wearing spandex because her "hoo hoo" is honesty the hoover dam. Please

2423 days ago


The saddest thing about that video is the crash had nothing to do with Heather and the paps chasing her. She was sitting in a Starbucks when the crash occured up the street and she sent Benny her lapdog 'trainer' out to photograph it. The police have backed this up. Yet she is trying to make people believe they were after her. She has too many screws loose to ever hope to putting them back in.

2423 days ago


To Duck Seasno - good point! seriously, he should have gotten his plumbing fixed - did he really need more kids? AND, with his wealth, that's just a target for a golddigger. He's had his kids, he has his fortune (or least what will be left of it). Get a vasectomy and be done with it. And, DON'T get married again without an ironclad prenup.

2423 days ago

my cooze is all ..and slimy    

she is a psychotic slab of rotting meat.

2423 days ago
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