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Heather vs. Paul -- Paps Used As Evidence

2/11/2008 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills is using a homemade video of the paparazzi as evidence in her divorce trial with Paul McCartney -- to show how she has been victimized since splitting with the former Beatle.

The video, posted on YouTube and Heather's own site, shows her being hounded by paparazzi, all the while the "Batman" theme is playing. At one point, Heather turns to the camera and says, "Someone could have been killed today."

We'll see if she has a legal leg to stand on.


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Heather Mills SUCKS!! That video is totally put together and forged. The accident she is refering to, while sitting in her car, actually happened while she was inside a coffee shop and had NOTHING to do with her whatsoever! She and that friend of hers shot video of her in the car as if she were being hounded by paps and that's how and why the wreck happened. She's such a joke. I hope she doesn't get a dime. In fact she should have to pay Paul for making him deal with this circus freak. Also, exactly what did she think her life was going to be like when she agreed to marry Sir Paul McCartney???? I hope the judge throws her (and her fake leg) out of the courtroom!!!

2409 days ago


Heather and Yoko should be dumped on a deserted island together. Where's Maxwell's Silver Hammer when you need it?

2409 days ago


Heather, here's some free advice:

Take the 50 mill Paul offered you, shut your stupid, gold-digging yap, and go away. You have become a punch line and people no longer take you seriously. You are lucky to be offered as much as you were. Shut your mouth, take the money and RUN.

2409 days ago


lol, everybody is in a nice mood I see. Is she hungry for the limelight or what? Did she really do porn? Thats a joke right.

2409 days ago


Nasty money grubbing ho should only get what she has earned. Twenty dollars a pop.

No, no, wait a minute. She got to do it with Paul . . . She should be paying him.

2409 days ago


man is this one legged prostitute still around..why does'nt this stump of a woman (and thats me using woman very loosely) step on a landmine and let the world be rid f this piece of trash. she is just plain no good. she is a greedy woamn who married for money and that was Pauls mistake..being taken in by this prosthetic whore. DIE BITCH DIE!!!! NO ONE NEEDS YOU AROUND!

2409 days ago


I can't stand how everyone want's to say horrible crap against heather. Yeah, she isn't little miss innocent! But paul is far from innocent and went married a young woman not long after his wife died. He had a child with this woman and he should be about protecting his childs mother too. So what if she's want's money? He wanted young ( (%ssy) typical like a pimp and should pay for it! I'm sick of hearing all of you come to pauls defense and shove heather out to the wolves! It's men like paul that drag women down!! I say GO heather!! You get as much as you can from the ..Old stinky @ss!!

2409 days ago


Come on! Paul wanted a young thing and got one. It is not all her fault. He should have married a woman his own age.
He will not miss the money, how much does he need? Settle and be done with it. They need to think about their little girl.

2409 days ago


This loony bitch needs to be committed to an asylum.

2409 days ago


Heather should get a small settlement, since they have a child together. She shouldn't get anything else or even a quarter of his assets.

2409 days ago


Holy god. This is rediculous. Who films themselves for court? Really. Get a grip. She just wants his money and will do anything to get her greedy little paws on it.

2409 days ago


Is this bitch kidding? Does she not watch TMZ and see the way Britney gets tortured? She's got it made with her 2 paparazzos sitting in their cars snapping an occasional pic or 2 of her. Try an entire gaggle of them right in front of your face, lady! Constant flashes right in your face so that you can't even see where you are going. "Somebody could have been killed today..." PA-lease. "Waaaahhhhh I have a fake leg, and I want Paul's money!!!" Piss off douche bag.

2409 days ago


Hey Heather! Paul's first divorce settlement wasn't enough for you? I believe it was 4 years of marriage and a $50 million dollar divorce settlement! Now your after $150 million, for what? Do you have a p*ssy made of gold? Guess who got married to a Beatle for money? I guess she didn't know he was famous and that would make her infamous after she whined and complained she wasn't getting enough! How have you been victimized?! You give woman a bad name!!!!

2409 days ago


This video is completely ridiculous! Seriously Heather, you're an idiot

2409 days ago


Heather Mills is a disgusting ugly piece of crap.She is basically trying to blackmail him for money .Paul needs to let out whatever she is trying to hold over his head.Thats the bottomline she was a skanky soft core porn star and who knows what else.theres a guy saying she cheated on Paul with him for six months and that she used to get off by him rubbing the end of her stump.Now top that with what you have on Paul.He rules !And to the the comment by Paulsucks I seriously doubt that he is a stinky old @ss unless you have had your nose a couple of inches up it.Thought so now shut your piehole.Anyway it probably smells the same as when th skank opens her mouth.She deserves nothing exept for their daughter,which I feel sorry for being raised by a mean and seriously ugly woman and I use that cautiously.To bad about that fall she took while on Dancing With The Stars.Ha HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karma is a bitch!

2409 days ago
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