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Heather vs. Paul -- Paps Used As Evidence

2/11/2008 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills is using a homemade video of the paparazzi as evidence in her divorce trial with Paul McCartney -- to show how she has been victimized since splitting with the former Beatle.

The video, posted on YouTube and Heather's own site, shows her being hounded by paparazzi, all the while the "Batman" theme is playing. At one point, Heather turns to the camera and says, "Someone could have been killed today."

We'll see if she has a legal leg to stand on.


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2415 days ago


apparently she didn't know that Paul ws a Beatle when she first met him....Now apparently she doesn't know what pap's do for a living. Bitch.....they've been followng you for ages....because of Paul. Now they are following you because of your divorse.....from Paul. Then as years go bye, they'll follow you becuase of your child.......from Paul.
Heather...nobody cares about you!!!!!!!

2415 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I heard part of an interview she did on the BBC this morning (don't blame me, my husband likes it.) and the way she sobbed and whined about how she was hounded by the paps made me want to smack her upside the head. How can she possibly expect anyone to believe that she didn't know what to expect if she married a man as famous as Paul McCartney. I never liked the woman so I suppose I might just be prejudiced but she really should have taken the original settlement offer and kept her mouth shut. She's just making herself look like a fool. And didn't I read that she lost her leg when she was hit by a police motorcycle while crossing a road. If the bobbys' motorcycles are anything like the cops' motorcycles over here, how could she not hear it. Had they put a silencer on its muffler or did she assume that she was so important that the world would stop for her convenience?

Go Sox. Yay, Arsenal

2415 days ago


I don't think all the amputation jokes are called for, she has actually shown a lot of courage for being a model who lost a leg, but she deserves to be called a gold digger. If she wasn't a gold digger, why would she be fighting so hard to get more money? She is another one who had a child as a means to an end, just like Angelina Jolie.

2415 days ago


the 50 million dollar woman doesnt have a leg to stand on good one tmz lol

2415 days ago

my cooze is all ..and slimy    

she's bloody offal!!gangrenous,maggot-infested,decomposing rotten walking failed abortion.

2415 days ago


She wasn't filthy rich when she married him. The fact that she thinks she should be now affirms her reason for marrying him. It's all the same job, whether you walk the street or marry for money, Honey. Get over it!!!

2415 days ago


She should only get 1 million pounds (if that) The money was EARNED BY PAUL NOT GOLD DIGGER HEATHER!!! it just makes you wonder if she married him & had his baby girl FOR WHAT too divorce & get millions... MY PRAYERS ARE WITH PAUL!!! GOOD LUCK & DONT MARRY AGAIN!!!! Pauls 1st wife was the only woman who was TRUE!!!

2415 days ago


oh come on these girls know what they are getting into when the date/ marry favous people... i think the judge should tell her to shut up and stop crying..... you wanted the attention that is why you married him... grow up woman and stop crying. and pap's come on back off alittle the truth is you all cause alot of accidents and the one's that get hurt well get out of the way , if you stood in front of my car while i was pulling out OH WELL... plus do you not realize at night those flashes blind ppl and they cant see where to walk or drive... time for the law to step up and back the pap off a little you should only be allowed to be so close to them .. enough guys give them thier space , if you do you may find they are more apt to talk to you as well as pose for pic's.

2415 days ago


The remark about "a legal leg to stand on" was over-the-top and unkind. Show some class.

2415 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Poor Girl ! SHe so young and He so old ! Paul , oops , Sir Paul, His HIGHNESS is losing face in this baby momma drama . Just give her the EUROS and STFU stupid ! The longer it goes on the more money YOU LOSE .. it's nasty and kills our beatles dream big time ...but , girlfriend get yourself a really mean and ugly lawyer. you need this money and from the sound of it , YOU EARNED IT !

2414 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Come on, Paul. Just give her the money and get rid of her. I gladly gave 2 women houses to get them out of my life. What's 5% of your wealth? She's just a loser. Bragging about being victimized because she's getting dumped. She was a nobody before she married Paul and now after he divorces her shes going to be a nobody again. That's life, bitch--deal with it. At least you'll be a rich nobody. I find this need to be famous some have pathetic.

2414 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I have no pity for Heather Mills. She made her bed and then didn't want to lay in it. What is wrong with a man marrying a woman younger than he is? It happens all the time. When you consider their ages at the time they got together, the relevant difference was much smaller than the actual number of years.
If she had quietly said, "look, this just isn't working out. Let's call the lawyers and get divorced" no one would be calling her a gold-digger. They couldn't have kept it completely quiet but people get divorced everyday. Instead she had to attack with unsupported accusations of spousal abuse in an attempt to get more money. That's what turned the tide against her.

Go Sox and Arsenal

2414 days ago


In no way do I agree with giving Mills what she thinks she is worth. But Paul McCartney should have known better. A man with his wealth marries without a prenup? Stupid! Maybe he compared Mills to his devoted wife Linda but there was no comparison. She was hated for years for marrying him but she proved to be a good wife and excellant mother. No I can't say I blame Mills for going for all she can...after all she married him with no prenup. Paul is not as smart as we would like to think.

2414 days ago

put your brain in gear    

She says she dos,nt want the attentionbut she goes and does this.
follow the link to see
What a whore!!!

2414 days ago
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