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Yoko to Rocker -- Ono You Can't Use Your Name!

2/11/2008 3:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A hard-working heavy-metal-rocker is in danger of losing her musical identity -- all because Yoko Ono wants to bring a silver hammer down on her for using the name Lennon.
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Lennon Murphy, a singer-songwriter whose band is called Lennon, has been sued by Yoko for "tarnishment" of her widow's name and for "fraudulently" registering the name as a trademark.

Ono, claims in court papers that Murphy is (intentionally) exploiting the name and confusing people by using it -- and wants her trademark canceled.

Murphy shoots back on her MySpace page that Yoko and her lawyer were asked back in 2000 about using the name for her debut CD on Arista Records, and they didn't object. Lennon (the band) has since been dropped by Arista, but continues to record. "If Yoko prevails," writes Lennon Murphy, "Lennon might never be able to tour or release records using the name Lennon."

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kim suck    

29. Oh, please. IMO, her contributions to Double Fantasy ruined the record. She really needs to mind her own business. IMO, she did more to ruin Lennon's name than anything else. I have no problem with what Murphy is doing.

Posted at 2:26PM on Feb 11th 2008 by Number nine, number nine, number nine.


2423 days ago

Yoko's Hairy Bush    

All We Are Saying.......Is Go Trim Your Snatch

2423 days ago

Im just sayin    

Hey! That gives me an idea.... my co-worker just named their new baby John. My husband's name is John! I'M GOING TO SUE THEM FOR USING THE SAME NAME! There can only be ONE John!

2423 days ago

cvguy is really too bad Mark David Chapman had such good aim..if only he had erred a bit to one side...sigh

2423 days ago


Go sue the communists too. Lenin is dead too. Does she want to wipe his name from his headstone too? lol

2423 days ago


She is just riding him and his name for everything its worth. Has this women done ANYTHING in her lifetime? She comes out with those stupid dark glasses and her hats. Get a life chick

2423 days ago

Dyna ™    

Good Lord... on there are at least 188 John Lennon's (some Jon) listed. No telling how many there are in the world. I guess she better get her suit filing finger ready. That ought to kill her since time hasn't. She's still hungry for publicity.

2423 days ago


33. Hey! That gives me an idea.... my co-worker just named their new baby John. My husband's name is John! I'M GOING TO SUE THEM FOR USING THE SAME NAME! There can only be ONE John!

Posted at 2:29PM on Feb 11th 2008 by Im just sayin....

Too funny!

2423 days ago


No wonder she's suing, just googled her, Lennon Murphy is a female, and pretty good lookin', no wonder that
screaching jap lesbo hates her.

2423 days ago


to #12
when I hear the name monica I think of Bill Clintion and his girlfriend Monica. Does that mean you should not be allowed to use your name? If she called her band John Lennon it would be wrong but she used her name Lennon. By the way, what about John Lennon's older son should he change his last name because people will associate it with John?

2423 days ago


In the Social Security Death Index, there are over 3,000 Lennons. I guess Yoko should get busy then.

2423 days ago


What a betch. I guess John took the easy way out.

Posted at 2:12PM on Feb 11th 2008 by Jason

You've got to be kidding!!!??? Took the easy way out????!!!! He was MURDERED!!!!! I also believe that as his widow, Yoko Ono holds not only the rights to his name but also to his music. And yes you can copyright a name, i.e. Chanel, Dale Earnhardt, etc.

2423 days ago

George I Think I Got It    


"32. All We Are Saying.......Is Go Trim Your Snatch"

Posted at 2:28PM on Feb 11th 2008 by Yoko's Hairy Bush


2423 days ago


Uh, you can copyright a name if it doubles as a trademark. Frank Sinatra once sued another guy named Sinatra for opening a restaurant called Sinatra's. Frank won.

I say go Yoko! She's done a lot of good in preserving John Lennon's legacy and keeping his music and likeness in the forefront of pop culture (sometimes for the worse, but most times for the better). Most people who hate her and talk crap about her don't even know why they hate her. They just do because "Hating Yoko" is fashionable.

2423 days ago


That is the girl's real name too: Lennon Ann Murphy who was named after John Lennon. Yoko should be proud that someone named their kid after an icon. Sheesh...

2423 days ago
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