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Brit's Lawyers Itchin' to Get Out

2/12/2008 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there's another hearing tomorrow in the Britney Spears custody saga.

We're told Brit's law firm, Trope and Trope, has filed an ex parte motion to get out of the case even faster than scheduled. Right now, Trope's motion to withdraw as counsel is set to be heard on March 10, but apparently Trope can't wait to get out. We're told that tomorrow, the firm will ask the Commissioner to hear its request earlier.

Trope and Trope filed the withdrawal motion one day after TMZ reported that disso queen Laura Wasser secretly visited Brit in the hospital last week, and that Jamie Spears wanted to replace Trope with Laura. That's gotta hurt! But the fact is, we're hearing the firm has been divided for a while over whether it was a good idea to keep representing Britney.

Wasser would not return calls, but we're told she doesn't want back in because the case is nothing but grief.

The hearing is set for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Sources say there are two major reasons why Trope wants out, stat. First, they're pissed off that Brit likes Laura more, but even more fundamentally, it's impossible to rep anyone when you can't communicate with them, and we're told the court-appointed lawyer for Britney will not let the Trope lawyers have any contact with Britney.


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Even the LAWYERS don't want anything to do with her!! LOL!!
Can you blame them???

2446 days ago


I wouldlove to know what information you have that Trope and Trope are shady. Did you get that from your fotune telling cards? And as far as Jamie not allowing the lawyers to communicate with Britney it sounds like kidnapping to me. Britney is not even allowed to hire an attorney to represent her in any of these matters. What the heck - has she lost all of her civil rights? I clearly understand that she is a sick girl but I feel that this is going to the extreme by people who can't be trusted anymore than Sam. He family has a hidden agenda. Money to the max.

And now I read that he family and her record company want to take her on a world tour. Oh, gee, that is wise for someone who is as ill as she is. Nothing quite as good a jet-lag and major travel exhaustion to help her status.

Britney needs an objective non-family person to represent her interests. Not her father and not the current court appointed attorney. She is just a cash cow to her family and they are milking her for all they can get. With friends like these she surely does not need enemies.

2446 days ago

richard pierce    


2446 days ago


Trope & Trope is getting fired by the father anyway, get out as soon as possible is a better answer.

2446 days ago


Yep, I agree it's all about the money. Now that her dad has control and none of those blood suckers can con her out of money, money, money - now they want out. It's a losing case anyway. The best she will ever get is visitation, she's not getting custody back.

2446 days ago


"16. Even the LAWYERS don't want anything to do with her!! LOL!!
Can you blame them???
Posted at 5:11PM on Feb 12th 2008 by FABIO""

How some of you people are so full of hate for someone you don't know personally is really beyond me. You must be really bad characters. Sick in the head.
There are bound to be plenty of good lawyers that will represent Britney for her sake and for the sake of her children. My bet is the commissionr willl restore some sort of visitiation pretty soon because Brit is getting the help he ordered her to get.

2446 days ago


Britney's lawyers are in a hurry to get out AFTER they get her to pay the bill

2446 days ago


I think you all have the reasons in the "Update" listed backwards...

2446 days ago


"18. Yep, I agree it's all about the money. Now that her dad has control and none of those blood suckers can con her out of money, money, money - now they want out. It's a losing case anyway. The best she will ever get is visitation, she's not getting custody back.
Posted at 5:17PM on Feb 12th 2008 by Tara"

Eventually she will, when she is healed. She is the mother. She is the one those boys really need. Anyway their father can't even support them. He doesnt have a job. Talk about a bad example for those kids.

2446 days ago


She is better off without them anyways. And I agree with Tara that she will never get custody of her kids ever again. Hopefully though if she recovers she can regain visitation. I think she need a good combination of therapies to get through this and maybe her being able to be around those kids and dance and stuff like that will help her with her depression. I thought it was nice of the dance studio to allow her to do that.

2446 days ago


Good, the sooner they are out, the better.

2446 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Sounds like she's fighting to go insane! Let her run loose with no restrictions. Let her drink and drug it up as much as possible! I am actually a fan of her now if insanity is her new official job! I guess that makes me a Britard of a different flavor. I cheer, but just not for her!

2446 days ago


Good for The Spears....let these people get out sooner rather than later! Help her create a new foundation with her former female attorney and get a thorough accounting from the bottom to top of her assets and figure out who has been taking this sick young woman for a merry ride. Kevin needs to courageoously wake-up, too, regarding his own attorney who has been a major contributor to the psychological and monetary bleeding of the mother of his children. Hopefully, he will get with her parents and former attorney to figure out a way to pay-off Kaplan and get him off the scene! I've never seen an attorney shamefully exploit children the way this unprofessional man has done in the media and Kevin has permitted him to do so.

2446 days ago

it takes a molester    

Brit's children need her now...not eventually.

2446 days ago


Bach there are plenty of mothers who shouldn't have custody of thier kids and it is in the best interest of the children that they don't. Kfed does make money cause he no longer gets spousal support from Brit. From what I see he has been a decent dad. Those kids could do way worse and it has been proven that children with involved fathers do better in life so don't be so quick to right off a father's importance in a childs life. You make it seem like children don't need thier fathers at all, like all they are good for is as sperm doners, boys especially need a male figure in thier lives. I agree that the children need to see thier mother and have contact and visitation but do they need to live with her to have a normal life, healthy , productive life? No. There are more than a few single dads who do just as good and some even better at taking care of thier kids as a mother would.

2446 days ago
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