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Brit's Lawyers Itchin' to Get Out

2/12/2008 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there's another hearing tomorrow in the Britney Spears custody saga.

We're told Brit's law firm, Trope and Trope, has filed an ex parte motion to get out of the case even faster than scheduled. Right now, Trope's motion to withdraw as counsel is set to be heard on March 10, but apparently Trope can't wait to get out. We're told that tomorrow, the firm will ask the Commissioner to hear its request earlier.

Trope and Trope filed the withdrawal motion one day after TMZ reported that disso queen Laura Wasser secretly visited Brit in the hospital last week, and that Jamie Spears wanted to replace Trope with Laura. That's gotta hurt! But the fact is, we're hearing the firm has been divided for a while over whether it was a good idea to keep representing Britney.

Wasser would not return calls, but we're told she doesn't want back in because the case is nothing but grief.

The hearing is set for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Sources say there are two major reasons why Trope wants out, stat. First, they're pissed off that Brit likes Laura more, but even more fundamentally, it's impossible to rep anyone when you can't communicate with them, and we're told the court-appointed lawyer for Britney will not let the Trope lawyers have any contact with Britney.


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She needs different representation. She needs aggressive lawyers. Her fathers lawyers seem to be on the up and up. She needs someone like them.

2452 days ago


I think the most LIKELY reason is that as Britney's current counsel are scared of being audited. Doesn't the current audit order INCLUDE THEM? They don't want the world to know they've been ripping Britney off through Sam Lufti.

2452 days ago


Because they can't communicate???? with her. When did they ever..................................she wouldn't do what was asked of her, they have wanted to withdraw before so I am confused at their reasoning, they are unable to communicate with her. Good riddance!!! I am glad Mr. Spears stopped their communication who needs them.

2452 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Hey J.S. Bach 5:19, I hate Hitler pretty bad and I never met the guy! Brit isn't up to his level, but she seems to think she owns the world, so that's good enough for me!

2452 days ago


I have to agree with #32. Something is'nt right with this. I can understand a few things but what her father is doing is really dangereous. And even a hint of a world tour would not be in her best interest. Just sounds like her parents are in it for the money. Maybe its time to question her father's intention's !

2452 days ago


Jaime - you are doing a fine job. Get rid of that Trope and Trope. You know they have involvement with Howard K. Stern - that makes them trash - send them to the curb.

2452 days ago


To: 5:52PM on Feb 12th 2008 by Harriet

I don’t believe everything I read. Especially about her going on a world wide tour.

Today I read that she believes her sons are dolls (as in plastic), and can’t understand why she can’t have her dollies back.

2452 days ago


Trope and Trope the money train ends and you know it, Harvey you are full of it Laura said she would be more than happy to come back I heard it on cnn (the real news) i see an audit and T&T pointing fingers...hahahaha and see.

2452 days ago


Trope and Trope are running scared of something. Besides they haven't done her any good. And due to their links with Sam - the sooner they are out the better. I guess the custody case will be delayed again on the 19th? Unless Wasser steps up?!

Funny how T&T want out sooner now that the family have gotten rid of Grossman. Maybe they're hiding things and think the family will get to thebottom of that as well. Or maybe they wanna rep Sam as someone else suggested.
Hope the remarks about Wasser ain't true. Maybe now that there's room for a lawyer she may consider things again.

In any case, Weds is also the day the court lawyer submits his report - for the case on Thursday... That's what will determine how things evolve. And who reps her in the custody etc etc

2452 days ago


"I think the most LIKELY reason is that as Britney's current counsel are scared of being audited. Doesn't the current audit order INCLUDE THEM? They don't want the world to know they've been ripping Britney off through Sam Lufti.

Posted at 5:41PM on Feb 12th 2008 by The Amazing Xenu"


2452 days ago


anonymous - 6.18 - glad to hear it! hope you're right!!!

diane t - 6:15 - exactly. 4 weeks ago ok said she wanted to convert to islam. mags say whatever it takes!!!

2452 days ago

it takes a molester    

Brit's not being a mother to her children at the present time while Kev is there for them now and Kev's still being called a bad example by some people. LOL!

2452 days ago


Since the business manager, (Grossman) is the one who authorizes the checks to pay Trope & Trope, I would think this has something to do with it.

Are they worried that a new business manager will question their bills?

Yeah, it’s about the money.

2452 days ago


Bye Trope and Trope....good riddance. You weren't very good anyways. By the way, how is your boy Sam????

2452 days ago

Jusst saying    

don't blame them a bit. who's want a client like her??? she's more trouble than she's worth.

2452 days ago
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