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Jessica Sierra: Baby No Longer on Board

2/12/2008 8:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SierraA source close to Sierra's family tells TMZ former "American Idol" star Jessica Sierra is no longer pregnant, though they would not confirm exactly what happened.

Sierra's pregnancy was revealed in December, while the former reality star was in jail.

Jessica can currently be seen on "Celebrity Rehab" on VH1 and in her Vivid Entertainment sex tape, "Jessica Sierra Superstar," which was released last week.


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To all you anti-choice freaks out there- if she did have an abortion it was probably because an ultrasound or other test showed SERIOUS problems. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome causes obvious deformities to the limbs and vital organs that can be seen on ultrasound. Complications like that would be no surprise given the UNDISPUTED FACT that this girl is a serious alcoholic and a hard core drug user. She was clearly drunk the night she got arrested, so much so that she was vomiting in the jail cell. But all you "pro-lifers" (most of whom are 110% FOR the death penalty and 110% OPPOSED to welfare benefits for single mothers) probably attribute that to morning sickness, right? I have a suggestion for you: Instead of spending your time posting on TMZ, why don't you spend it volunteering to help the millions of abused, neglected, deformed, mentally retarded, drug addicted, and incarcerated children in the U.S. who would have been far better off if they had never taken a breath.

If Jessica Sierra had an abortion I have no doubt that it's for the best. A tortured life of excruciating physical pain, deformity, mental retardation, et cetera is far worse than no life at all. Jessica was born to a drug addicted, alcoholic prostitute. Sound familiar? It's a good thing she's breaking that cycle. These anti-choicers don't give a damn about "life", all they care about is controlling women and sticking their noses into other people's business.

2442 days ago


You people are heartless. this is a young child.... if she lost ehr baby, then thisis not something to be glad about or make fun of, she needs help, and hopefully she will get it at somepoint in her life.. hopefully in the near future... this is why i hardly read you comments on scandasl.. most of you don't care that a human being soul is being lost to drugs and an industry that give two craps a about her.. shes just another story

you pittiful people

2442 days ago


My last post did not show up so here it is again. Why did something this personal have to be publicized in the first place? This is a private matter.

2442 days ago

nothing to do    

I have never heard of this woman, I'm not a fan of American idol. I think that some of you are disgusting for the things you posted. Comments about the baby being "yanked out and squashed like a bug" are nasty. Maybe your mothers should have done that with you.

2442 days ago


Those coat hangers really come in handy don't they?

2442 days ago


What a shame... a tragedy for them both. I don't know who this person is, but I feel bad for her.

2442 days ago


Those coat hangers really come in handy don't they?

2442 days ago


who really cares!!!!

2442 days ago

Rev Jackson    

I'm sure her parent's are very PROUD!

2442 days ago

Me me    

Cant we all see that there just some people not meant t be mom"s andr right now she is not one of them maybe later i life.

2442 days ago


Wow. It's really scary to know that I share the same world with you people.

2442 days ago

fha secure rates    

she's busted

2441 days ago

Lisa Lagz    

Does anyone know when the Celebrity Rehab show was filmed? It seems like it would have been before she went to jail and got pregnant, right? And then didn't TMZ post that she went back to that same rehab in Pasadena for a year from jail and that is where she is now? Leave this poor girl alone, if you watch that Rehab show you'll see that she has been through hell in her life and that is really sad...

2441 days ago


Wow-Can't believe the comments!!! Jessica, I love you on Celebrity Rehab! I have known so many people like you-just want a mom or a dad. You are going to be fine!! Some people really do wish you well whether you are famous or not. I think you're beautiful!!

2441 days ago


Hey TMZ,
You need to bring this story to the Judge in Tampa. The conditions of her rehab is that she is not allowed to be on TV becoming a star off of being andaddict. She is violating her probabtion. Also is Dr. Drew is aware of this so wouldn't that make him complict as well. Or a least a youger, hipper, Dr. Phil....Late

2441 days ago
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