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Juvenile Busted Like an Adult ... For Pot

2/12/2008 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

JuvenileRapper Juvenile was arrested in Meridian, Miss. today for possession of under an ounce of marijuana.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department tells TMZ he was in a car pulled over for expired tags, though it was unclear whether or not he was the one driving. He was booked and released at 2:12 PM ET.

No word yet on when his next appearance will be. Calls to Juvenile's reps were not immediately returned.


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A black man is caught with an ounce of weed and he's the worst man in the world. A bimbo socialite's are video snorting cocaine, holding knives, does crack, treats their children and rack up DUI's (endangering others lives), and so on. Yet they are glorified as idols and are looked at as something to "become" or "be". THIS is why America is so messed up. THIS is why everybody outside of America think we are idiots (led by an idiot president no less). THIS is why our country is going to the gutter.

2442 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

BFD! I'm a middle aged white guy and smoke all the time, come get me! I only wish MORE people would smoke it! Alcohol is much, much WORSE for you!

But I am SICK OF FRICKIN' JAMAL! This is NOT a political blog! I don't hate your guy, but you piss me off by shoving him in my face! You are no brighter than one of those idiot ultra conservatives with all your crap!

2442 days ago


the thug should get some teeth instead of his mouth full of crappy metal..........

2442 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I don't care what color you are, racist are simple minded, fear filled IDIOTS who should be locked away! You are just COWARDS! Simple as that!

2442 days ago


I don't think that this guy having possession of pot is any big deal, even though I,ve never cared for pot. And I'm not knocking him for being a rapper. But this guy clearly needs a psychiatrist. He has to be a filthy pig who never bathes, and
probably hasn't picked up a toothbrush in years. What exactly is his problem? If he let his mouth get into this state, who the hell could even get near him to audition him or hear him sing? Why hasn't TMZ.COM commented on the state of this pig's mouth? Didn't his mother ever take him to a dentist, or teach him any hygiene? It does not matter if one is black or white, or any other race. This man and his mouth are absolutely revolting. Who the hell would ever have sex with this slob? Probably someone with the same thing he has-a mouth full of rotten decayed discolored nubs. This guy really needs some mental help, many trips to a dentist, And to be taught personal hygiene and grooming, something he obviously never had growing up. And what does this guy have to do with Obama being voted in as president? Obama is a normal looking person who has a beautiful smile. I think his smile is a large part of his appearance. And Obama has admitted to smoking pot. He is not a filthy pig like this man who obviously has never been to a dentist in his life. If Obama had a mouth full of rotten teeh like this guy, no one would even look at him!

2442 days ago


Rap is Dead.
This is Why.

2442 days ago


I have no problem with my tax dollars going to fund prisons.
I feel sorry for the lack of education and parenting in the african american community, but I am doing my part and paying for the incarceration (warehousing) of your uneducated and unemployed. We all try to do what we can.

2442 days ago

Judy 34A    

27. I have no problem with my tax dollars going to fund prisons.
I feel sorry for the lack of education and parenting in the african american community, but I am doing my part and paying for the incarceration (warehousing) of your uneducated and unemployed. We all try to do what we can.

Posted at 11:52PM on Feb 12th 2008 by FlBiker

Great comment FlBiker! ahhhhh gotta go my grits are burnin and ribs are smokin!

2442 days ago


Be careful of all those high fat and carbohydrate diets, Jamaal. Diabetes is a terrible disease.

2442 days ago


I see the K.K.K are alive and well on T.M.Z. *shakes head laughing at white hate*

2442 days ago

fuuuuck u peeps (:    

#2: Amy Winehouse is a crackhead.

Too bad if Juvenile uses pot, I'm sure everyone knew. Alot of rappers do that and even go as far as to say it in their songs. You don't hear Amy Winehouse singing, "I SMOKED CRACK, and people said no no no." Whitney and Bobby both did crack and got slammed for it. Let Amy do her time.

Natalie Cole was rightfully pissed because amy shouldn't just get off scott-free and get grammys out the ass. It sets a bad example when artists are getting what's almost a praise when they are doing drugs. It doesn't help anyone in the situation.

2442 days ago

Semper Fi    

A rapper caught with marijuana? Surely there must be some mistake !!!!!

2442 days ago


It is so sad how some can Judge folk for certain reasons.One individual sounds as if he hates Juvi.He probably has never met or ben affected by this guy.Thats called Player Hating.The rule is,"Don't hate the player,hate the game".

2442 days ago


"Don't hate the players,Hate the game".

2442 days ago


Ok, 1st off I'd like to say people are ignorant to what they don't understand.{ backgrounds,cultures,lives their living,sexualities,sexual tendencies,choices they make for themselves,ie....}therefore they judge by what media and society tells them.We all have people that do the same stupid things in our races.One person that says or does something stupid or hurtful does not represent the people that have the same color of skin as they do.As for Juvenile getting busted for weed,that's ridiculous.With all the murders,kidnapings,rapes,muggings,molestations,child abuse,shootings,stabbings,hardcore drug trafficking,hardcore drug using,ie. that's going on in every city,state,country and they use all that time to charge a man {well known or not} for something that is less dangerous than alcohol?People I ask you, where the hell are our priorities?

2441 days ago
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