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Shopping Is the Best Medicine for Brit

2/12/2008 8:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne and Britney Spears did a little mother/daughter bonding this afternoon on Melrose Ave. -- and it didn't involve lawyers, doctors, or restraining orders!
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The pair got their shop on at Miss 5150 Sixty in Los Angeles. Considering all of Brit's finances are controlled by the conservators these days, do you think mama footed the bill?


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Awww, now isn't that sweet. A 26-year-old mother of two going shopping with her mother who takes care of her just like she's a little itsy-bitsy girl. I wonder if the whore bought anything for her two children? For sure she didn't buy any underwear for herself. Pretending to be mentally ill pays off, right Britney? You get plenty of sympathy from the gullible bleeding hearts and idiots.

2445 days ago

bsb fan    

I would just like her to stop wearing shirts inside out and backwards!

2445 days ago


As far as Sam goes check out 17x for a statemend from Sands- good reading,

2445 days ago

a guy    

#64 "Pretending to be mentally ill pays off, right Britney?"

I COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER. I wish the rest of the planet would EFFing realize it.

2445 days ago


Britney PLEASE fix your hair and wear a damn bra Victoria's Secret has some really nice ones!

2445 days ago


People will not care about their appearance when they're depressed. Britney seems to be so sick now till she doesn't care how she looks. Emotional pain is sometimes worse than physical pain & if you've never experienced that feeling, consider yourself lucky because it's no laughing matter. Be careful condemning her because it could happen to you due to a death in your family, illness, etc.

2445 days ago


#66...i agree and have thought all along that this "break down" has been about getting her kids back w/o exposing any of her she has sympathy.... pathetic...the whole freakin family is pathetic

2445 days ago

tuna marie    

yeah, all lynn is trying to do is damage control so she can maximize whatever future earnings her daughter still may have. this mental illness crap is just absolving britney of any responsibility for her actions. sorry, but i ain't buying it, lynn.

2445 days ago

Dr. Adams    

What Idiot would let Brit-Whit near their kid's????...I'm just sayin

2445 days ago


Lynne should write a new book and title it “Caring for Britney”

2445 days ago


I am glad her and her mother are making an effort to repair their relationship

2445 days ago


65. As far as Sam goes check out 17x for a statemend from Sands- good reading,
Posted at 9:25PM on Feb 12th 2008 by

Hilarious. It'll take a bit more than a written and rehearsed speech... I'm not sure that the definition to terrorism streches to drugging.... but maybe he can give his old pal Kaplan a call to clarify that. And like any lawyer would know, just because he has been drugging her doesn't mean that they can prove it in court - it's not like he would have kept photo's of it. Oh yea sorry... Innocent il proven guilty. Many get away that way.

2445 days ago

Dr. Adams    

too ----> jamaal I'll bet your dumb azz didn’t even vote....let me reiterate, I'll bet you cant even vote because of all the effin convictions that you've got...right...."Bro"....LOL

2445 days ago


74. ......again, who cares. But I also smell comeback!!! Have you noticed that through out this BS, she never mentions that she misses her kids, A & B Fed, y'all? Not to the media, paps,etc.? I guess she has said to them, "see you when you're 18".
Posted at 9:53PM on Feb 12th 2008 by SAxlerod

Maybe you've also noticed that she NEVER makes comments about her PERSONAL LIFE.

2445 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

It looks to me that Britney's shirt is at least two sizes too large for her. She is much too skinny. I would rather see a bra across her back even though I don't think people should show off their underwear.
If she has found a non-threatening activity such as teaching children to dance, and I think so long as she is not left alone with them it will be okay, then it will help her recovery. She is getting back to the time she was happy, when she was a dancer and performer. It may even have been suggested by her therapist. If she can get herself back to the person she was before everything went to hell in a hand basket, she will be able to heal herself. She still needs constant supervision but I think her bodyguards are as much to protect the world from her as to protect her from the world.

2445 days ago
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