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Bball Star Under Criminal Investigation

2/13/2008 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that NBA All-Star forward Richard Jefferson is under investigation by Minneapolis cops for allegedly choking a clubgoer -- then threatening to kick another guy's ass.
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We've obtained the incident report filed by security at the Graves 601 Hotel. According to one witness, Jefferson got in a "minor verbal disagreement" which escalated to the point where Jefferson was on top of the patron, allegedly choking him.

According to the report, the New Jersey Nets star left the club, and then encountered the witness, who asked Jefferson to remain until the disagreement was sorted out. The witness says Jefferson responded, "Say another word, I will kick your ass."

Minneapolis PD tells us Jefferson is under investigation for "assault with significant bodily harm." No charges have yet been filed.

A rep for the Nets tells TMZ, "We have no comment." For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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Hey Frank

The National Basketball Association has achieved a rapid rise and fall in television ratings since from the 1997-1998 NBA season, when ratings for the NBA Finals achieved a record high, to the 2002-2003 NBA season, when ratings for the same event hit an all-time record low. Blame for this rise and fall has been pinned on the destructive NBA lockout which occurred right after the 1998 season. The lockout wiped out thirty-two games of the 1998-1999 season and caused fan apathy. Other blame has been put on the retirement of Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan and also on backlash against the new "hip-hop" culture of the league.

2391 days ago

just a thought    


2391 days ago


I’ll ask again, does anybody watch the NBA anymore?

2391 days ago



2391 days ago

just a thought    

jizy you have actually commented on something you know...woohoo..love your comments on every other story to..hahaha

2391 days ago



2391 days ago

He's Boring now    

how come very few if any black people are ever in the stands to watch an nba game? do blacks not like it enough to pay to go see other blacks playing it? or have the blacks who do currently play the nba game have actually become modern day step n fetch its for white people to go see perform? somethings way wrong with a sport that is dominated by black players yet few to no blacks go to see them play the sport.

if the answer is because they cant afford to go, well than maybe the white man has made it so they cant on purpose. either way its a colored game now, colored in the sense it is colored and tainted with greed, corruption, violence, cheating refs and thug players. that jewish guy who runs it, Stern should be up on charges, he has run the game into the ground after taking glory for what michael and bird and magic did for the game.

Its over stern and your products are violent men who have shown time and time again they dont honor the game, its fans, nor the public in general. it goes without saying its a black problem that only the blacks themselves can solve, starting at home.

read the book Enough by black author Juan Williams and learn where this all really starts from. Bad Parenting.

thus a basketball player, who might be an OK player and even kind of smart still thinks the way to solve an issue in public is with a choke hold...thats a learned behaviour..at home.


2391 days ago


Mel is going to show in the back of the court house and not even be seen.

2391 days ago


surprise! they are all ganster wanna be's. this is why basketball sucks. look out new orleans with the all star game. oh wait. you already have all this violence in the chocolate city.

2391 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I used to occasionally hang at a pool club where a lot of celebs would hang out and I used to see people talk crap all the time to these people. It happened quite a bit actually. Like when I saw some 5'4" drunk a-hole talk crap to Charles Barkley one night. He had some pointless grudge against him sports wise and you could tell that he just wanted to say that he got in Barkley's face and that Barkley backed down! Luckily, Barkley has a thick skin ( wasn't his 1st time having this sort of thing happening) and the guy was somewhat forcibly removed from the club and nearly arrested. I do not know CB, but I did see him around in Scottsdale quite a few times and my buddy does kind of know him. He's a really cool guy and the few times I interacted with him were very cool, but I am also not the type who will bug someone because they are well known. He is also one of the funniest people you can ever be lucky enough to anywhere near! I will say that if someone was in my face like that one guy was, I would not have been so cool about it. No one has any right to be like that to others! It was bad, really bad! It makes me wonder if this was what happened to Mr. Jefferson.

2391 days ago

He's Boring now    

I avoid poor black people like a plague. FBI stats have proven time and time again, poor black males aged 15-34 are the most dangerous people and group in this country. We dont need to fight terrorists abroad we need to fight them here and protect ourselves and loved ones...that goes for black people too, black on black crime is outrageous.

I wont take public transportation, am legally armed when in large cities, know what the bad areas and streets are, I dont go to free events sponsored by any county/city/state/federal organization where large gatherings of poor blacks may be, I dont go to amusement parks nor clubs of any type that might even remotely attract poor blacks too.

middle class blacks, of course are ok, they want what other succesful people want and are willing to obtain it. poor blacks want only what every generation since the civil rights act was passed wants too---free handouts, free housing and somebody else to do the work, but we'll get high and make more babies and commit crimes.

Its true, you all know it. and basketball has done more to confuse poor black children they will escape it all by going to the nba.

this idiot just proved what awaits them. the thug league from the hood. please dismantle this sport or go to europe and asia for finding its future players, as the poor blacks who have populated it the last 15 years have turned it into something soon corporations, sponsors and white people wont want to invest in. I was so glad to see italy beat the usa team in the olympics. showed you that white people can in fact play just as good as black ones, and not even get paid for it. thanks poor black people for ruining this sport. hip hop, rap, women bashing, your culture should be ashamed of itself for looking the other way while your own rome burned. fiddle on neros.

2391 days ago

He's Boring now    

:Yankees rule? You mean like in Giambi, Clemens, KNoblauch, and Pettitte? Freaking cheaters, losers, liars and those who have corrupted the game. Torre knows more than all of them and thats partly why he ran to LA. The whole thing is dirty and if you ask me, so are you with a response like what you just gave.

Hate is all around you with that kind of talk. Shame on you.

2391 days ago


Simply shocking.

2391 days ago


Alleged ssault is assault.......DUH! Star? Never heard of him..........
Another angry, aggressive BLK man.....with an attitude of entitlement and ego.
These "punk brats" behavior....wow.....they get some new money and turn into fools.
Makes me ashamed to be BLK. Their mama's should slap them good........geez!

2390 days ago


Anyone who actually knows who Richard Jefferson is would find this news surprising. Richard Jefferson is one of the better men in the NBA whose parents were missionaries and raised him very well. He's educated, intelligent, well spoken, kind-hearted and it is not exaggerated when he is called a good guy. Interesting how often the word 'thug' gets thrown around when talking about basketball. I would never apply this adjective to RJ.

2390 days ago
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