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Brad Renfro 911 Call

2/13/2008 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made from Brad Renfro's house on the day he was found dead.
Brad Renfro - 911 call: Click to hear
The coroner ruled Renfro's death was caused by "acute heroin/morphine intoxication."

The 25-year-old former child actor died in his L.A. home on January 15.


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Wow, what a stupid girl! I can't believe her reaction time!...Time is so valuable. Those minutes that she wasted, could of meant a life saved! What the hell was wrong with her???!!!!

Rest in peace Brad! We miss you so much!!! Love ya!!!!

2451 days ago


What a great girlfriend...yeah right! She's a complete moron!!!! What was wrong with her????

Love you Brad! Miss you!

2451 days ago


Rest in peace Brad!

2451 days ago


I hope my life never depends on the reaction of this woman.....

2451 days ago


I am in utter disbelief at this tape. How old was this woman? She sounds like she's 90 and has smoked non-filter cigs all her life.

She sounded totally high or something. Why didn't she just tell him immediately that he was non responsive and get going on the CPR. Why did she summon workers to the apartment before calling 911?

CPR can save lives. He might have been able to be saved had she acted rationally. What a complete idiot.

2451 days ago


oh my god! everyboy should be aware that these people are out there. if he needed CPR urgentlt, the poor guy would have died w/ this dispather and his idiot girlfriend. can't he stress urgency!

2451 days ago


What the hell???!!!!! That woman is so stupid. I'm in disbelief as well...can't believe it.

RIP Brad!

2451 days ago


oh my GAWD! is she on heroin? she's a freaking moron! "is the heart on the left or right"????

2451 days ago


I miss Brad! :(

2451 days ago


This is unbelievable!!!! She wasted so much time and didn't even seem to care!

I'm looking forward to The Informers! Miss ya! RIP Brad!

2451 days ago


That chick was HIGH! "I think he took some pills..." yah think? Probably shot him up herself, god what a waste.

2451 days ago


...jeez, what do you people want from the girl? she's probably in shock. it's pretty easy to say how you'd do things from this side of the fence, but walk in on a dead body, your dead boyfriend no less, and then see how "lucid" you are...i agree with the poster who suggests everyone take a life-saving course (in canada, it's st. john's ambulance), they take so little time, and obviously she was struggling with the basics. that said, in the end, renfro is the only one to blame, and he's obviously paid the highest price for his stupidity...

2451 days ago


I miss Brad! Rest in peace!

2451 days ago

I miss you baby    

Yeah, the girl was obviously on something, but that doesn't mean Brad would be alive if it weren't for her negligence. Brad chose his own lifestyle. Unfortunately, you tend to hang around those kind of people when you're on drugs. If he could have only saw himself through my eyes--and realized how precious he was. Had some self worth--had less 'yes' people in his life. Things would have been different. This is the fate he chose. Sadly, the stupid woman on the phone was one of the people he chose to befriend, but this isn't her fault, by any means.

2451 days ago


So sad!

RIP man!

2451 days ago
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