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Brad Renfro 911 Call

2/13/2008 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made from Brad Renfro's house on the day he was found dead.
Brad Renfro - 911 call: Click to hear
The coroner ruled Renfro's death was caused by "acute heroin/morphine intoxication."

The 25-year-old former child actor died in his L.A. home on January 15.


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Wow...that is so upsetting!...So much time was wasted!

2412 days ago


Post #4, I totally agree.

"4. poor Brad didn't stand a chance with people reacting so slow"


Rest in peace Brad!

2412 days ago


I don't understand!!!!! Why couldn't she tell whether he was breathing or not? What was wrong with her??? She's a great "girlfriend"...hahahaha. Poor Brad!

As one poster said, please "take the time to take a CPR class."

2412 days ago


I don't know how to react to hearing this. It's really sad--beyond sad! It's very shocking that she didn't try to do more for him! *sigh* think what could of happened if people reacted more quickly...

2412 days ago

the short chick in the back    

Ok first of all, why did TMZ feel the need to post that crazy picture of him in association with this post? Its like they intentionally dug around for bad pictures of him just for the occasion - have some respect man.

Secondly, it was eerie to hear how out of it the girlfriend was. I mean, I understand why it is important to remain calm in an emergency but she just seemed so unphased, I just wanted to yell do something! The operator seemed to take WAY too long bs'ing around before he even got around to the CPR instructions. "Who's the other person in the house?" Why does it even matter or more importantly help?!?

I actually saw Bully right after he died - they were playing it on The Independent Film Channel & I was really impressed & yet saddened. So much potential wasted.. I find the whole thing so tragic.

2412 days ago


So upsetting. I adore Brad Renfro but aside from any of that, I couldn't even listen to the whole recording it was so painful. Ashame his poor family has to hear that. My boyfriend died last summer, not from an over dose but beside the point, I wasn't exactly so calm when I called 911. What the hell? I sincerely hope that an ambulance was already on the way before all of this talking went on, and I really hope his family or people that really loved him never have to hear that. I can't imagine how much that would hurt.

2412 days ago


I think this 911 recording is completely too slow and the girlfriend is the most ditziest person I have ever heard. Does anyone in California know CPR. My heavens. The girl is soo stupid it is not even funny. She doesn't even know how to do CPR, gosh then she can't even do what the operator says half the time with asking him twice what to do. People if you have training in this area do it, call 911, get the training it will save peoples life.

2412 days ago


Was this really his girlfriend? Because from what I have read since his death, this woman was letting Brad stay with her so that he would be in a clean environment. My guess is that she is an ex-druggie and they weren't sleeping in the same room or anything. She does seem a little slow on the uptake, but I'm sure she was sorta in shock and fearing the worst…IMHO, the 911 operator didn't do anything to encourage her to hurry it up either…It did bother me to listen to this call, really bothered me...I will miss Brad. He's always been one of my favorites and was an extremely talented actor and a phenomenal musician. RIP Brad!!!!!

2412 days ago

KRISPY is Right!!    

Hey, TMZ - how come you can get this but you can't get your hands on Owen Wilson's 911 call? Because poor Brad wasn't A or B list anymore? PAID OFF MUCH? You suck!

2412 days ago


i couldnt listen to the whole thing. it just made me mad. i think a chimp would have done a better job. you guys are right. i think he may have survived if reactions were faster. lesson learned. smack heads and first aid dont mix. sad sad sad.

2412 days ago


She wasn't in shock, she was very stupid and high. The dispatcher had to talk that way because she was such an idiot, he had to make sure she was understanding each order. I first learned CPR in gradeschool; it was part of getting a swimming certificate. It should be required for everyone. I recently was licensed as an EMT, and feel so much better for the fact that I can help in these situations. I hope someday when I fall on my head there is someone more competent around than that cretin.

2412 days ago


omg....almost 5 min before she begins mouth to mouth and another 2 before the first chest comp. is done!

This 911 operator should lose his job.

2412 days ago


He was a great actor. Loved Bully. Wow...


2412 days ago


I agree with everyone that's said if you have the time, take a CPR class. It could save someone's life! Rest in peace you talented sexy actor/musician!!!!

2412 days ago


Rest in peace man!

2412 days ago
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