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Cops to Booty: S**t, We'll Taze You Again!

2/14/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Booty was so out of control at O.C. Jail, a taser didn't even cramp his style!
Josh Booty
As we first reported, Booty, a FOX sportscaster and brother of USC quarterback John David Booty, was popped for DUI yesterday in the O.C. He was taken to jail, patted down and searched, and then told to pick up his clothes, but Booty wasn't having any of it, telling deputies, "Give me a minute bro ... f**k."

Deputies then forced Booty's hands behind his back and that's when Booty attempted to pull his arms back around and took an aggressive stance -- and the fight was on!

Sources tell us, because of Booty's size, strength and level of intoxication, deputies were unable to control him. They tazed him to no avail -- he wasn't even fazed. So, what to do? Taze him again! That's when Booty fell and cracked his head open. O.C. cops really know how to shake their Booty.

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# 16 is exactly whats wrong with are society today, laws are put in place to punish th quilty and save the innocent, that is for a court of law to decide, not a bunch of crazed people taking the law into their own hands. If that occurs then the people that are responsible for upholding the law are breaking it . It is called assault and is illegal.

2441 days ago


Do I really wonder that no one ever thought about this ? Using electricity against people is scary and tortorous. I find tasering citizens equals torture citizens and subduing them via terror and pain. No matter who or what - torture is illegal - or not ? Does the cause justify the matter ? What is the matter with you people ?! You tolerate this all without questioning this form of force - is anybody able to practice critical thinking ?

I don't care what anybody has done - nothing can justify using electro torture on people ! DUH ??? And don't tell me it is better than using lethal weapons - can't you people think of anything else but brutality to make your point ? There are other countries in the civilized world - if you would look across the borders of the US - that do not use any of such like guns or stun guns and are able to keep law and order in their countries. DUH ??? I am so disgusted by this society here, shame on you all who let out their dumb brutal comments. I hope you one day will be a victim to your own law enforcement torturers !

What a brutal and disgusting system it is that uses a force like a Taser against their people. But since it is OK to torture individuals in this country why not mainstream the practice. Go on America, torture your school children (even kids at age 5 got tasered), your elderly - all of us, subdue whoever no matter the means. How disgusting ! America is Barbarica.

2441 days ago

rupert pupkin    

I say Tase anyone who appears on Fox, Fox News or FX.

2441 days ago


I do enjoy tazing myself though from time to time!!!

2441 days ago


Cops to Booty: S**t, We'll Taze You Again!

I guess I keep hoping the writing will improve here. So far, it has just gotten worse. Not only is the writing itself juvenile, but apparently the writers do anything they can to work in a few off-color words or phrases, which ARE TOTALLY UNNCECESSARY. TMZ, this is just unprofessional. You guys need to wise up.

Sad. Just sad.

2441 days ago


All i can say is it's too bad our names are not unique here, as the idiot who made comment # 21 can use the same name i do. Just goes to show how immature and mentally impaired some people can be to not own up to their own thought process

2441 days ago


Also, I just had my final ECT treatment!!! Yay! dur dur dur

2441 days ago


& I do quite enjoy the taste of my own feces!!!

2441 days ago

Black Teef    

Excellent! Hopefully that shocked the $hit out of that fat a$$hole!

2441 days ago

Tyra Banks    

Would the real Pink please stand up?

2441 days ago

Black Teef    

Hopefully his balls exploded from all the volts!

2441 days ago


Hey Brigid...

move to Canada.


2441 days ago


Lotsa cop thugs over at the OCJ. Nice to see even "stars" get the same treatment -- hahaha!

2441 days ago


These ex-footballers, footballers, ah, anyone big dummy that played football -- they don't get drink like the rest of us. These guys revert to thier High School days when they first had keggers and collectively acted like cavemen. Me big, me on football team, hut hut high five, and "why skinny guy talk to pretty girl?? must pummel skinny guy and get girl" or whatever the hell went through their thick heads. But who do you believe, cops are in the same prehistoric boat.

2441 days ago


What breed of people have their hair line almost reach their eyebrows??

2441 days ago
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