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FOX Sportscaster to Cops: Don't Tase Me, Bro!!

2/14/2008 11:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

FOX Sportscaster Josh Booty - brother of USC quarterback John David Booty - was arrested early this morning for DUI -- and was so uncooperative he had to be tased!

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Booty was taken to the Orange County Jail, where he was booked -- and that's when he went ballistic.

O.C. Sheriff's spokesperson Jim Amormino tell TMZ, "Booty was belligerent and uncooperative." Amormino says his deputies used a taser -- "less than lethal force" -- to contain him.

After being tased, Josh fell to the ground, hitting his head on the floor and cracking it open. He was taken to a hospital where he was stitched up.

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is this groundhog day?

2445 days ago


I would love to take a dump in Heidi mouth (so I can never hear her speak or sing, and Spencers because of his ugly Hansel face and corn nibblet teeth y'all!

2445 days ago

your endless stupidity    

God this is so boring. Where the hell is Britney?

2445 days ago

The Icon    

I was thinking the same thing. I thought that I had read this... yesterday!

Oh God! I'm repeating the same day over again! Oh wait, I did meet this hot Asian waitress yesterday. Maybe that will happen again too!

2445 days ago

your endless stupidity    

C'mon TMZ, do your job! Break into her house, sit in trees, whatever it takes. Make her stop being so boring!

2445 days ago


I hope they fire that fat SOB. Everyone who is dumb enough to drive drunk and put others at risk ought to get their balls chopped off.

2445 days ago


Im done with this whole hollywood DUI thing
Throw them all in jail!!!!!! bunch of low-lifes

and the rest of the world wonders why there children drink then drive........well lets just sit and think about this one for a min......

2445 days ago


unless it's someone related to or famous you don't hear about this it happens everyday, imo if it wasn't for the badge that they wear they would be locked up to . There is something sick and demented about people who get off torturing people at all ,let alone when they know they can't even defend themselves. It's a pity because the sick officers make it bad for the ones who actually show up to work and want to do there job. These type of officers tend to believe they are above the law. I hope this guy can show them they are not. More then likely what happen was they felt like torturing someone and it was this guys unlucky day.

2445 days ago

Dawn Day    

Uh huh, were there video cameras around?

After seeing how the deputies in Tampa handled their uncooperative
quadraplegic for NOT STANDING UP, no telling what the real story is

We very well could have a case of trigger happy law enforcement
officers...shocking, I know.

2445 days ago


Do I really wonder that no one ever thought about this ? Using electricity against people is scary and tortorous. I find tasering citizens equals torture citizens and subduing them via terror and pain. No matter who or what - torture is illegal - or not ? Does the cause justify the matter ? What is the matter with you people ?! You tolerate this all without questioning this form of force - is anybody able to practice critical thinking ?

I don't care what anybody has done - nothing can justify using electro torture on people ! DUH ??? And don't tell me it is better than using lethal weapons - can't you people think of anything else but brutality to make your point ? There are other countries in the civilized world - if you would look across the borders of the US - that do not use any of such like guns or stun guns and are able to keep law and order in their countries. DUH ??? I am so disgusted by this society here, shame on you all who let out their dumb brutal comments. I hope you one day will be a victim to your own law enforcement torturers !

What a brutal and disgusting system it is that uses a force like a Taser against their people. But since it is OK to torture individuals in this country why not mainstream the practice. Go on America, torture your school children (even kids at age 5 got tasered), your elderly - all of us, subdue whoever no matter the means. How disgusting ! America is Barbaria.

Posted at 2:56AM on Feb 14th 2008 by Brigid

2445 days ago


Isn't he the brother of USC QB John David Booty.

2445 days ago


It doesn't matter what the real story is here, the police put out the story he was uncooperative , To make it seem they were justified in the level of force they used. But as i have seen enough police officers lie to get whatever it is they wish to gain. I know they have no eageness to tell the truth, Unless i was there actually witnessing this altercation. I find it difficult to believe that a man in a jail surrounded by officers is going to try and go up against them knowing he will be seriously injured. You might reason, well hes was arrested for DUI so he was not thinking clearly, I am fairly certain he had time enough to sober up before this altercation. I also by no means condone driving drunk. I however do believe that these animals need to be treated as you or i would if we tried to assault people in the manner in which these guys do, and any of the law abiding officers out there if they wish to be honest know this as a fact. I agree no one deserves to be tasered. Stop the insanity !

2445 days ago

player hater; game hater    

Boy #10 it's folks like you that cause one like me to be thankful for anonymity. People like you (lotta females who hide behind macho vigilantes for their own protection no doubt- or if they're disgustingly wealthy, hide behind a security team and live in gated communties) sure are exhaserbating when it comes to the basics of law enforcement. Would you rather the cops bust this chump's skull open with a billy club as has been done historically? SOOOOOOOO many in Hollyweird need the taser ......daily. To conclude seriously, though, if you ever do find yourself faced with a goon coming at ya and a cop happens to intervene with a taser shot to your attacker, you'll secretely say "whew". I've seen the hugest of monsters say to a cop, ok, I'll cooperate now; and without one bruise on their 'useless to society in any way' hides. Good day.

2445 days ago


I hope the he gets the OC law enforcement in every way he can. JB- go get them! If any of you knew any of the BOOTY's you would know how false this story is. STOP buying into the BS. If you know this sweet mans character you will know that there is now way he would have fought back , acted in the manner they said and deserved a taser! GIVE ME A BREAK. And "Belligerent"......PLEASE , find out the facts before reporting such a story. I am not commending him for driving , but the way in which this was handled is ridiculous. He will have more character testimonials on his behalf than anyone... DONT LET THE OC so called Police Officers get away with this . .. WE ALL STAND BEHIND YOU JOSH!!!

2444 days ago

cheese ball    

He works for FOX Sports??? where?

2444 days ago
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