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Jane Fonda

I Wasn't Into Cu*t!

2/14/2008 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jane Fonda said "c**t" on the "Today" show. Need we say more?


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You'd think our pink shell-like ears had never heard the offending word . . .

Were it not for the fact that if we had never heard it, how could it offend?

2438 days ago


Did the "C" Word, ryhme with "Hurt", or "Runt" If its that little ole thang i am thinking about, heck its got a thousand names...

2438 days ago

Sir Big Spur Gamecock    

Barbarilla should know what she is and should get a new wig!

2438 days ago


# 366...a "maturing lady with class" does not use that word on T.V....for any reason.

2438 days ago

by another traitor hater    

Jane Fonda said the "C" word as a publicity stunt nothing more. After all, she has worked the media for years. She just wants some attention as she is addicted to it. As for comments about people getting over Hanoi Jane that is the same thing as telling the Jews to get over Hitler. Some wounds will never die.

2438 days ago


Jane Fonda should be shot by a firing squad for treason. She is the most dispicable person on earth.

2437 days ago


I don't care what anyone says, always loved her, always will, at least she is real, can't say that about many people, a Katherine Hepburn kind of real, you got my vote Jane!

2437 days ago


Oh PUH-lesse people!...I mean C'mmon!...You stupid tabloid people...with all the other crap that us TEENS are exposed to adults with your nasty shows with sex, and drugs and oher crap...IT GETS OL..and you nummy-heads mean to tell me your gonna get on Jane Fonda about a tiny little cuss word?....GIVE A ME A DANG BREAK!..Well hell! ...When ya reach that age in your life, you should be able to say what ever the heck ya want!... I hate to sound like my Grandma but what the hell is wrong with the world today?..leave her the hell alone she's a good person...old people can say what the hell they wanna when they wanna dang it..they've been here longer. Jesus people...your full of it..

2437 days ago


Look she is human...people are way over reacting and I am going to argue that point on

2437 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I've defended Jane Fonda in the past because she was accused of things she didn't do but the things that she admits to doing during the Vietnam War count as high treason and I apologize to the people I disagreed with and may have insulted. Even when you take into account the bad influence of her first husband, she went to Hanoi and allowed herself to be used as a photo op by our enemies. That is treason and if we deported Tokyo Rose and executed the Rosenbergs, we should at least have denied her re-entry into the country.

2437 days ago


Jane is beautiful and passionate and humorous etc. Find something real to hate if you must. You don't even know this lady other than the b flicks she has made. Move on with your life or get one!!!

2436 days ago


315 rob
now that was funny
and i found myself have wishfull thinking
what bothers me is the fact she knows there are only 5 words that cannot be used on tv,it was not a slip of the tongue like diane keaton,it was a deliberate sentence to get attention fo v was a cheap thing to do as she goes on the show to let people know about v day and they let her do this,then she turns around and embarras them for the sake of even more publicity,the vagina monalogues stand on their own with jane fonda taking it upon herself to cause crap.which is exactly her same thought process when she went to vietnam,in severity of what she did with vietnam and the c word there is no comparison but the process of jane thinking she is the only one that can get the message out is the same.cant stand the eco maniac of a person.she hurt the whole country and they still hurt today,well some still do.

2436 days ago


I saw the whole thing. She was talking about the way women suffer violence at the hands of men. She's doing something about that by promoting awareness through the play "The Vagina Monologues". I suppose some of you sophomores will think that's funny, but wait until your sister or friend is mugged and raped because some jerk thinks she doesn't really mean no when she says it. Fonda did us all a service by bringing up the topic and the cheesy way the media has portrayed it does a disservice to all of us who have had to watch our loved ones suffer from physical and sexual violence.

2434 days ago

Anna Nicole people GO AWAY    

idiot jane

2432 days ago


Thanks for the great info...

2426 days ago
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