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Jane Fonda

I Wasn't Into Cu*t!

2/14/2008 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jane Fonda said "c**t" on the "Today" show. Need we say more?


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Ted you know who, darling    

First, and why not, who knows more about being a c@nt than Jane?

2445 days ago


Poor Jane Fonda: she is a crude, tired lefty who should stay at home. What genius at NBC thought it would be a good idea to have her on the program? Fire him/her.

2445 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

werbaz neutron, it's hard to do a good job of raising a child if you're never around. Henry Fonda was a lousy father.

2445 days ago


Hanoi Jane, This is what I’ve heard. She went to visit the Hanoi Hilton a known and brutal POW camp. The prisoners managed to slip her a list of their social security numbers. Jane then turned the numbers over to the Vietcong. Also she was allowed to be photographed on top of an enemy AA gun. McCain was in the camp at the time, and was offered a release because his dad was a big shot in the navy. McCain refused, to stay with his buddies in POW. Because of Jane I’m sure torture and beatings/death occurred as a result. AM I WRONG?

2445 days ago


I love Jane, I especially love the way she still pisses off old white men. She actually did what Jesus told us to do..She "loved our enemy" and the old Christian right tried to put voodoo spells on her. Too funny!

2445 days ago


Baseball Junkie,

The fact that she denounced the fact that they were being tortured makes her a total witch. The fact that she was friendly with the enemy makes her an idiot and she never should have been allowed back in this country. She is a worthless human being who should never be allowed in the public eye again.

2445 days ago


Is this the same Jane Fonda that tried to visit John McCain, while he was tortured in Hanoi?

Ah, Hollywood. Real people.

2445 days ago


In spite of having just about everything; talent, fame, money, etc. This woman has shown herself to be hopeless boor, haunted by her gross stupidity. I'd hate to go through life with as much garbage in my brain as Jane Fonda has. She is to be pitied.

2445 days ago


Um, this is so ridiculous. The Vagina Monologues is also ridiculous and, in my opinion, makes women look very foolish for focusing on their vaginas and claiming to love them. I have one, it is part of what makes me a women, but I'm not in love with it and have NO desire to sit through a play that is about it. This is an embarrassment to women and makes me cringe when I hear about it and see Jane Fonda promoting this sort of thing. She is washed up and is just using her vagina to make money in a different way.

2445 days ago


Takes one to know one.

2445 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

J.J., yes, you're wrong. Like I said, check out There is no way this story could be true given the dates and even the NAM-POW society says it's a lie. She was an idiot and gave political support to the Viet Cong by going over there and posing but everyone of the POWs she is accused of betraying say it's a lie. In fact, she carried letters from some of the POWs home to their families.

2445 days ago


what a surprise coming from the mouth of a classless wench. i would expect nothing less from a traitor.

2445 days ago


That's such a "femenist" things to say... And she's still a sad waste of Henry's sperm, too.

2445 days ago


Somebody said to verify Snopes. I have found that Snopes does not always give the whole story - especially if it makes the left look bad. As per Jane Fonda, for a socialist who supposedly thinks that everyone is supposed to have the same stuff, she sure loves to hang onto hers. As to her remark, geez, come on, give her a break. Look at what all she has done to help kill unwanted babies!

2445 days ago


We only know who Jane Fonda is because she had a talented father. Both she and her idiot brother rode on their father's coat tails into fame -- it darned well wasn't because either of them had an ounce of talent. Jane Fonda should have been tried for treason for the actions she took against this country and democracy during the Vietnam Conflict. If that had happened, we wouldn't still be forced by the Commie-loving media to put up with her nutcase insanity. If NBC has to pay fines, good! They asked for it by constantly allowing kooks like her on their shows.

2445 days ago
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