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Adnan Still Rocking Britney's World

2/15/2008 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Day of Love just wouldn't be complete if Britney and Adnan didn't have a little romantic rendezvous of their own ... in front of forty of their closest photographer friends.

TMZ cameras caught Addy doing a little last-minute shopping for Brit's gift. What do you get the girl who had everything and lost it? Check out the video. What a gentleman.


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I like him I don't know why I just do ..
I hope hes good for britney but then again could be wrong but i am going to think positive !!

2412 days ago


They need to keep him away from her.......we all know he is going to sell every thing he can once he is done with her....all the dirt all the pics.....its sad....brit needs help and a real friend

2412 days ago

Get Real    

He must not be to bad. He is still in the circle. All the other hangers on have been expelled.

2412 days ago


11. When will Brit DIE? Sick of hearing about her.

Posted at 1:39PM on Feb 15th 2008 by wtf

You must be really proud of yourself for that statement. But why should Britney die because you have no self control. If you are sick of hearing about her, mute your tv when a story comes on or change the channel. If you are tired of reading about her, then simply don't frequent sites like TMZ that you know will have something about her everyday. Take responsibility for your life and stop wishing death on others. You need more help than Britney and I can agree she needs alot at the moment.

2412 days ago


Yes he still in the circle..................who do you think is feeding Lufti all the info about Brit? ie...The NY attorney

2412 days ago


didn't he used to be a photographer himself? seems kinda snubby to his once-was pals

2412 days ago


Worthless trash, the word is a better place with you 6ft under Brittany

2412 days ago


He is so sickening!! Someday the Spears Family will see this Sleeze for what he is, a no good Leech!!! Thinks he is a big celebrity now because he got in to Britney's bed!! He has no class what so ever, his ass needs to take care of his wife and then get deported!! GIGALO ADNAN!!

2412 days ago


Don't any of you realize that he is most likely muslim and they can have more than one wife in their religion? Also, they can have mistresses and their wife(s) can't do anything about it.

2412 days ago

Link Digger    

Yeah and he bought Britney's Valentine's Day gift with HER MONEY, too. Paid rent boy. Despicable person.

2412 days ago


26. Don't any of you realize that he is most likely muslim and they can have more than one wife in their religion? Also, they can have mistresses and their wife(s) can't do anything about it.

Posted at 2:25PM on Feb 15th 2008 by gingerspice

Hes a terrorist! Kill them

2412 days ago

Celestial star    

Geez Some of you are a tad bit racist. I for one think hes cute but they say opposites attract and i was born with red blonde hair, Ok ive supported adnan from the start you know why?Because id like to believe in a happy ending. Id like to think this guys going to help her. Maybe he sent her flowers earlier in the day???If he acts like this now it wont bode well if they get married. A guy changes a bit after marriage. Where are the flowers? Or dog bones for her dogss???I hope we missed something. Adnan treat Brit right. celestial star or ferret mama victoria,BC ps Max from tmz is a hottie, he can pet my ferrets anytime ha ha

2412 days ago


HHHHHHHHHHhmmmmmm, this is getting wierder and wierder. Those supposed court papers yesterday saying Britney isn't allowed to see her friends.....I would say whoever wrote that is an idiot. Adnan got into her house last night, I don't know why though. By the way, his wife filed for divorce from him and now if we could just get him to leave Brit alone.....

2412 days ago

Sams a loser    

I guarantee the only way he gets in now is because he had to sign a confidentiality agreement. Notice how he keeps his mouth shut. Now he can't talk or else she can sue his ass for breach of confidentiality agreement.

2412 days ago


ma & pop keep him around because...a number of possibilities...

1. They think he has their daughter's best interests at heart and they don't care about the fact that he's married, a pap, and has already spoken to the press. They have chosen to ignore the fact that it is alleged that Brit gave Adnan $250 000 to give his wife to keep her quiet, and told her business manager she needed the money for a new mercedes (and coincidentally she leased one at the time).
2. They don't care that he's no good for their daughter, they just wanna be nice to him so he'll be a witness against Sam and help them keep control of their daughter's money etc.
3. They are hoping he will get her pregnant so they can do a mag deal with OK again.

What I'm pretty sure of, is that if they don't have Adnan on the payroll, Adnan is probably the one getting the info to the ny lawyer, as he would definitely want Brit to have control of her own purse strings...I mean really, how is he making a living at the moment, it seems he quit his job. I see a "tell all" book coming from Adnan when she dumps him, and it will have lots of inside stuff on ma & pa.

2412 days ago
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