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Adnan Still Rocking Britney's World

2/15/2008 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Day of Love just wouldn't be complete if Britney and Adnan didn't have a little romantic rendezvous of their own ... in front of forty of their closest photographer friends.

TMZ cameras caught Addy doing a little last-minute shopping for Brit's gift. What do you get the girl who had everything and lost it? Check out the video. What a gentleman.


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I'm sorry but this guy is such a loser. He loves the attention... Does he even have to comment...?

2341 days ago


Funny how it's always finalpixx that get shots of him by the gate.......

2341 days ago


funny how it's mostly finalpixx that get shots of him at the gates.........

2341 days ago


'26. Geez Some of you are a tad bit racist. I for one think hes cute but they say opposites attract and i was born with red blonde hair, Ok ive supported adnan from the start you know why?Because id like to believe in a happy ending. Id like to think this guys going to help her. Maybe he sent her flowers earlier in the day???If he acts like this now it wont bode well if they get married. A guy changes a bit after marriage. Where are the flowers? Or dog bones for her dogss???I hope we missed something. Adnan treat Brit right. celestial star or ferret mama victoria,BC ps Max from tmz is a hottie, he can pet my ferrets anytime ha ha

Posted at 2:33PM on Feb 15th 2008 by Celestial star


Are you completely effing stupid or what? 'Adnan treat Brit right.'? He's a fricking Muslim and they don't have any use for westerners, and they even hate themselves (shia vx sunni)

As for 'racist' - perhaps you wouldn't mind explaining how being anti-Muslim is 'racist'. Since when is religion a race?

You must have OD's on stupid pills today. Go play in the traffic or run away with that camel jockey No-nads.

2341 days ago

Elaine 27    

This is another larry Birkhead. The guy is even wearing dark glasses as if he is a celebrity. Just like Larry Birkhead, this camel is looking fame off a drugged up mentally ill woman, and he is a married man. Boy a man heart is desperately wicked, we do not know the depth of it. The guy is selling stories about Britney and sleeping with her at the same time. This is not love but evil and greed in personification. Britney really needa some very good psychological help, because I do not know why she loves to sleep with men who are attatched and do not have a pot to piss in. For crying out loud, the man is married and it is one of the worst thing to enter into a relationship with a person who is having maritial problems. Boy sometimes when a person does not have some kind of formal education and can think critically, it can be a faith worst than death. Britney get your act together and leave this muslim married man alone who is using you and selling you to the tabloid right under your nose. Britney must be the most simple minded woman around. I am sick of her choices in men. She would not have been in this crisis situation if she had taken care in choosing her bed fellows. If she continues to have this creepy con artist Adnan around we will see another stinking child custdy drama like this ongoing one with K-Fed. Like Larry Birkdhead, Adnan wants to be a celebrity but at the sxpense of a stupid and gullible and vulnerable and psycho Britney, who he is using for his selfish gain and she has such low self esteem that she cannot see the scam. Britney must be a sex pervert and love the rough sex from these guys. I cannot understand why she choose thse creeps in her life. It just bleows my mind. I cannot fathom it. This guy is so ugly and not to mention the other half Sam. Just looking at them gives me the creep. This girl need some sense of decency and moral conpass in her life. Enough is enough now. It is getting very stale.

2340 days ago


that thing on his chin is called a landing strip....haha....he has britney brained washed because hes the only one around to date..he is jusy waiting for the big pay off...

2340 days ago

it takes a molester    

Right now Brit can't find a descent guy who would want to be around her and her situation. J.T., Jason, and Kev all know what Brit is about. These guys all now belong to the "FREE OF BRIT CLUB". They're either not living or married to her anymore.

2340 days ago


Oh yeah! That's what I would want around my daughter! NOT! He's still MARRIED and Brit's still crazy! What's this about trying to make babies because he would be lying if he didn't want to get his greedy hooks into a money machine. What better way to do that then create spawn with her no matter what. What a catch! OMG! He is SO ugly, just looking at him makes me want to barf. Dude! Please shave that pubic hair off your face! It's not cool. UGH! Ok! I can almost see K-
Fed working the fashion mags once in a awhile. But adnan?????????BUWHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! Now that's funny!

2339 days ago
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