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Britney Resurfaces!

2/15/2008 8:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No, she wasn't out of town. On the eve of the one-year anniversary of her celebrated head-shaving episode, she's back, bitches!

TMZ cameras caught up with the popwreck as she cruised into Betsey Johnson on Melrose Ave., carrying a dress on a white plastic hanger. She and 50 of her best paparazzi pals then made their way to the new Monique Lhuillier store. Is she trying on dresses for the Oscars?!

Oh lord, we hope so.


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OH NO!! I hope she is not planning on getting married . Llulhier is famous for her wedding dresses and did you she how she did a double take of the wedding dress in the window!!

2404 days ago


Harald it's not Mr its MRS SCOUT And while I wouldn't take the time to read the article link you posted, it was very "brainiac" of you to post it LOL

Hey - I've got an idea! Why don't you use your education (humph) to actually solve a real world problem you know, like helping kids or elderly people or trying to help people who are going to bed hungry everynight instead of trying to sell everyone on here of your "smartness".

To the poster who says that he/she is beginning to believe everyone in the world is psycho - work in a physicians office for just one week - your fears will be totally justified. There are big numbers of bi-polar people walking around not taking their meds and "cycling" - ordinary everyday people like your preacher, your banker and lots and lots of school teachers! A lot of people are hooked on Lortab and various prescription drugs too. It's quite an eye-opener to experience.

2404 days ago

April Fouels    


2404 days ago


I'm so glad that she has good bodyguards but OMG, what kind of stress is that for a person just to walk down the street?

2404 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

"Look at me, Look at me--Let's go to where the paps are so I can pretend to be annoyed by them. That way TMZ will give me more coverage and my worshippers will have something to fill their empty meaningless lives with-Wonderful me"
"Yes, Britney"

2404 days ago


Common, so sad and pathetic on behalf of the reporting (yes, TMZ I am talking about your aggressive paps).... so she goes into a store to do business,,, is this real news- no wonder she fells out of "normal" sorts right now- she does normal things like you and I however she gets a major "BIG BROTHER" reaction to everything she does. She is not crazy, it's everyone who thinks she is crazy who is crazy. She deserves some privacy- actually, NEEDS it, it might be a cure to her supposed illeness. BACK OFF THE CHICK>

2404 days ago

Harald Wenk (Dr. rer. Nat.)    

Mrs. Scout of commentary 182.
You may no believe it, but in my eyes Mrs. Britney Spears is a real world person and what happens to her is a real world problem.

2404 days ago


serious??? on tmz....have some class????? look again at what site this is you tard

2402 days ago

E. Martinez    

Man, why does this girl continue to go out when she knows she's going to be swormed by Papparotzo's (sorry for the spelling)?? Look, it would be one thing if she had never called them into her life, then I would put all the blame on them but since she has done so, she needs to take some of that blame. She really needs to keep herself inside until she's better, until she's got her life together!! There's NO WAY in hell I would ever go out like she does KNOWING you're going to be swarmed like that!!! I think this girl just LOVES, CRAVES the spotlight and she'll do whatever and go where ever she can in order to get that attention!! If she would just use her brain, she'd get all the attention her lil heart could desire is she would only get her act together so she can get back to performing!! That's better attention than the attention she's getting right now don't you think? Just a question. Since her boy toy wasn't there in that video clip, does that mean that relationship is done? And if so, is that young body guard going to be "her NEW boy toy"?? Just a thought... Peace

2401 days ago


Its MISS NOT MRS people and stop blaming everyone else. She is her own person and can make her own choices I dont know why people are saying its all Sams fault, SHE has been weird before he came in the picture and why wasnt her family helping her out from her first craziness instead of waiting over a YEAR to help her. She picked a married pap to date NO ONE BLAMES HER FOR THAT EITHER! Bitchney fans are stupid!

2392 days ago


Thanks for the great info...

2390 days ago
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