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Yo, Adrian -- Come Up with New Material!

2/15/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adrian Grenier continues to spout off about whatever pops into his head -- and apparently, it ain't much. Hello, is anybody home?

The "Entourage" star was leaving a birthday party at Katsuya last night and gave us the exact speech he gave our cameraman last week outside of Hyde!

It was boring enough the first time.


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Party 'till you die!    

That's my skull! I'm sooo wasted!

2449 days ago


@ Diana,

Keep telling your self that you are married and that your husband is better looking than Adrian! You wish!! I'm sure you're starting to believe in your delusions, the fake persona, you adopted solely for the internet, as well, poor you. Don't worry your man may come one day if you're not too bugged down with fug and fat, one can only hope. So that you may get a life beyond defaming and spreading rumours on threads of the celeb you have a huge crush on and one who probably rebuffed all your crazy attempts to get noticed at a restaurant, while you were waiting on him. Once again, poor diana and shame on you!!

2449 days ago


is Lara on the "Do Not Fly" list?

2449 days ago


can someone get lara a life and book on spelling. in fact lara needs an education pronto.

2449 days ago


lara you might be the biggest loser on this blog! congrats!

2449 days ago


my guess is Lara is either

1) adrian

2) his mom

3) his most warped fan

4) the next shoe bomber

2449 days ago


@ yekkel, amy winston and elle.

Awwww....Lol... I'm sure all of you are mighty proud of yourselves!! I am truly chastened!! The evil net police and 'rumor starter defamers’ have graduated from just defamers to total cyber bully douches!! Not surprised, pack of hyenas’ flocks together. I'm sure it was the highlight of your lives when you found each other online. Go on haters, go cruise the net for more victims to bully and defame.

@ yekkel, what type of idiotic name /username is yekkel??? And pal, if you are gonna correct superiors' grammar and spelling, make sure you're actually good at it, b'cuz, clearly you are not!! Even with just one sentence that your pea brain came up with, you still managed to butcher the English language

2448 days ago


You guys are so silly. He has a good head on his shoulders even if it is all hairy and scruffy. Thank goodness there are people like him in Hollywood. It's nice to have a breath of fresh air from the dumb bitches that completely lose their minds just because they've become famous. I'm glad he's not that concerned with what people think of him and tries to spread his message. Somebody's got to try.

2445 days ago

Patti J.    

I think it's funny that he beats them at their own game. He engages them, lectures them, and then bores them until THEY want to run from him!

2443 days ago

human after all    

Very interesting. Thanks for that information ...

2432 days ago
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