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'Little Guy' in Hiding

2/16/2008 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0215_bonaduce_penthouse2-1After embarrassing photos of Danny's lil' partridge popped up on the net, the redheaded, rehabbed wreck promised he would prove how much of a grower he really is ... in the March issue of Penthouse.

Fortunately, for everyone, he didn't have the balls to do it.


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Area 51    

Watching a dog lick its own vomit would be more tasteful than this atrocity.

2403 days ago

Robert Larsson    

All those years of watching The Partridge Family... and I had no idea Danny was so gay ...

2403 days ago


My ex husband who is now deceased grew up in California, had the uncanny look and demenor as Danny and was often stopped for autographs et...The more I see of Danny the more I am reminded of how the two shared such simular lives (less the money of course!) --it brings back memories of totally silly things my ex used to do which made me laugh, but It also worrys me for Danny as I see him headed down the very same path my ex did which eventually led to his death. That is too much life in the fast lane catches up to you a lot quicker than you imagine it to. Danny (and I hope u do read this or at least hear of it) just what has made you want to get out there n show your junk and well the rest of ya? So you think people gonna be talking about what a big wanger u had, muscles you had et.. at your funeral? NOOOOOO. They will be talking about the hard loss of a father to a child, how they will miss heart to heart talks, the simple things in life--then the world moves on and the only ones left to remember you are the loved ones you left behind and I can tell you from experiance--the hurt never ever goes away. My children relive that almost on a daily basis and it was 1999 when their father died so suddenly. Danny I know you know you had a call from God and you once turned towards him. You need to turn back. You may have thought life would be dull and unappreciated but that is a very common misconception. With your talents God has all kinds of areas for you--oh such short space for a heartfelt letter. Majorist thing PRAY--Pray until you hear God. He will meet you where you are even though you are not at the perfect spot and He will help you along the way--yup be ups n downs too but much better to live for God and know where you are going in the end that to live without God not knowing where u will end up for eternity. Dude I know you feel this cuz I can see it on u. U got that inkling in the back of your mind telling you so. My prayers are with you,,be coool to meet u someday to show the kids just how much u and their daddy were alike:)

2403 days ago


He is so nasty looking. You can tell what the steroids have done to him. He looks so proud of the shrinkage of his penis!

2403 days ago


he was actually told by the radio station that he works for that he could not do a totally nude photo shoot

2403 days ago

Dyna ™    

It looks like a baby bird. That's just nasty.

2403 days ago

Babette F'angelo    

First of all, it's NOT that he didn't 'have the balls' to show his teeny weenie - it's that Penthouse wouldn't LET him. They do, er, have a reputation to keep. Believe me, Danny is perfectly willing to show every disgusting aspect of himself if he can get even a second of media play for it. "Hey, wanna see me be disgusting and vile?? I have a great reality show idea for you!"

and who are you idiots who think he's clean and sober?! He'd snort ground glass if he thought he could cop a high. Is it that you believe his spin that he's 'clean' - that's smart, believe the addict, they're always so truthful. He, and all his hell-bound enablers are just trying to ride the money train until it's unavoidable crash and burn. May God forgive them for what they're doing to his poor kids.

2403 days ago


He has definitely crossed the line this time.

2403 days ago



2403 days ago


Gross! What is that thing in the smaller picture? It looks like a long turd.

2403 days ago


i think im gonna be sick....

2402 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

He's discusting. His wife (X) did the smart thing, although she over did her stay with this guy. I agree w/#137.

2402 days ago


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!!!!! Nasty!!!!!

2402 days ago

dawn d.    

dude, grown up and get a life... we all do not NEED OR WANT to see that!!!!

2402 days ago


god, he is so disgusting. it truly makes my stomach turn. i have never seen such a repulsive man. his personality is sickening and his little weenie makes him even grosser. ugh!

2401 days ago
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