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Britney Parties with Papa

2/17/2008 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Since being placed under conservatorship, Britney hasn't made many appearances after dark, but she reappeared last night at Citrus at Social in Hollywood -- with her conserv-o-dad and security in tow. Brit Brit without Sam is starting to become a good look!

The paps went crazazy for Brit -- resulting in one getting arrested! The recuperating mother of two looked better than she has lately, even if she is a little glassy-eyed. It even looked like you could run your fingers through her weave!


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This whole thing borders on stupidity on several levels:

1. Dad, a recovering alcoholic, is in a bar.
2. Daughter, a [recovering ?????] drug abuser is in a bar.
3. That a father is going to a club with his grown daughter. [Yuck.]
4. What happens if daughter needs to use the bathroom [where drugs are probably plentiful]?

While I can truly appreciate what the father is having to go through I think that someone better acknowledge the fact that the best place for her is in a long-term drug addiction center and not under the parental supervision. But she's apparently nixed that. So, come March 10th I think it might be best for Dad to go home and just let Spears do what ever it is she's going to do. Que sera, sera. At least the father can say he really tried.

2405 days ago


This place is infested with OSAMA BIN LUFTI ---DOWN UNDER...POSING and stealing Identity's of Other People on the site!!!! Something is VERY VERY GOOD AT----STEALING AND MANIPULATING!!!!ugghhhh gross.!

2405 days ago


Re comment 80. 78. "I WILL SUE YOU DIRTY JEW BASTARDS!!" Posted at 2:04PM on Feb 17th 2008 by Kelli

You are way out of line, Kelli. I take great offense to this.

2405 days ago


Please someone help me!! i can't stop eating my poop

2405 days ago


Good job Papa Spears! For the first time in months Brit is looking more like the pop star she was. At the very least a put together young lady! What is so wrong about having dinner with your father? She has mental issues so some of you think she shouldn't be allowed any fun? WTH! Until you've gone through this with a loved one, you need to watch and learn. Papa Spears is doing it right!

Oh, Osama please stop posting, your not going to sway or fool anyone anymore! You need to keep hiding, I'm sure there are some out there who can't wait to run into you!

2405 days ago


Someone is using our names and trying to post them as us. It's not us.

2405 days ago


TMZ claimed B. looked a little glassy eyed. Maybe she just isn't as comfortable with the pap pests as she was during her manic phase....
And why all the nasty shots at her hair? She shaved it off a year ago, Hair grows about half an inch per month, so her real hair is probably only about six inches by now unless growth was slowed by drugs and/or malnutrition. Under stress, your hair can start falling out also (women are especially susceptible to this). Two months after an illness lasting several weeks that limited my ability to eat or take supplements, I found myself shedding more than the cat and wondering how soon I would have a Kojak hair style. Fortunately, the dead hair was just being pushed out by new ones, so I wasn't nearly bald for long. But hair is non-essential, so Mother Nature sacrifices it for the rest of the body's needs when necessary. So lay off her hair, please...
Had to laugh at the "legal" basis for the petition to move to federal court. Maybe it's the lawyer who should be committed? It's insane to claim that because meds are involved, it's under FDA jurisdiction and therefore a federal case! Every conservatorship in the country would be a federal case if that were true. Even OTC meds (aspirin, anyone?) would do it, according to this odd logic.
Hope they just extend the conservatorship for at least a few months or a year (it would be called "permanent", but that is always subject to regular review and so wouldn't be forever), then B. can have time to recover as much as possible - hopefully back home in Louisiana. A conservatorship is ideal for her right now, since it will protect her assets. I don't think her family could siphon off the money even if they wanted to - the court supervision as well as media attention would make it too difficult. They have to account to the court for every penny and the lawyer co-conservator in particular would be in deep trouble if anything inappropriate happened on his watch. Once she's in better shape, if she wants to spend all her $$$ - the money will still be there to waste.
I do think they need a full audit going back a few years, though, just to make sure the sharp drop in her assets was intentional on her part or if some folks were embezzling. Federline doesn't seem like such a likely candidate for that to me - if he really wanted her money, it would have been easiest to do whatever she wanted to stay married to her. Any child support he gets can't be misused for other purposes, too easy to get caught because the case is so famous. Sam Lutfi, on the other hand, had free, unsupervised access to it all, so he would be a prime suspect.

2405 days ago

happy holiday season    


2405 days ago


Right MIchelle----there is only one "michelle" allowed to post at once, huh???? moron!!!!

2405 days ago


Shut up, anony. If you read the posts, they aren't about anything relevant. Which means they are just using someone elses name to try and make that person look stupid. MORON!! I never said they couldn't. Sheesh. Get off it.

2405 days ago


Give it up Michelle, you are way too defensive!! Maybe try getting a job? oh, lemme are going to copy & paste & tell the world "I didn't post that" waaaahhhhhhh

2405 days ago


94 her lip would be swollen! Stop it Sam, nobody is falling for it! She spoke with the women in the stores, the "lawyer" said she called him herself! Even you, Sam said she called and asked for you to get her a lawyer! So if she was smacked I'm sure you would have heard! She also is in constant contact with medical professionals, they report to the court! Enough said!

2405 days ago


'Bout time one those Paps got arrested!. Jerk off's

2405 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Why is everyone insisting that she must have been punched in the mouth? Looks like it could be cold sores.

2405 days ago

The dopeboyy    

This is good......Brit's Dad is "Superman"! Theres nothing he can't do! He's the man and she should be very proud of her Dad! He's proof that Superman do exist! Britney is looking the way she did when she first started as a singer...this is very beautiful and should be written in our history! Her Dad is Great and he continues to go way beyond the normal when it comes to Brit. We all wish that we had a Dad like that! It's very good for her children by providing concrete safety for his daughter. She's the most beautiful Princess on earth and she seems to be happy once again. Her safety is first and I totally agree with "Superman"! Go Superman....Brit is safe again and out of the hands of those who only want to profit from her. Good job Brit....You're beautiful and I love you very much.....keep up the positive vibes with your Dad......."SUPERMAN"!

2405 days ago
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