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Gentlemen Prefer Grays

2/17/2008 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The buxom 86-year-old resurfaced at a religious award show in Beverly Hills this week, looking perky.
Jane Russell
Russell revealed in her autobiography that she had an abortion at 19. She's now strongly anti-choice.

The devout Christian and former Cross Your Heart bra spokesperson has had three husbands, and suffers from macular degeneration and hearing loss.


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Hey! Thats my great aunt! HI AUNT JAAANE.

2441 days ago


Something to ponder about choice....
what about the 15 year old girl whose redneck uncle Billy Bob has been molesting and abusing her and now she pregnant with his kid? Did she have a choice? And for a moment, stop to consider the quality of life most likely available to the baby. Will it have a choice?
What about the baby born to the addicted mother who did crack or drank excessively every day of her pregnancy. Her baby will most likely be born with severe health issues, most likely to be supported and paid for with government money, i.e. tax dollars) The baby may be born with such debilitating issues it is given up for adoption, never placed, to spend its whole life institutionalized and a ward of the state. Will that child have a choice?
Consider the good religious woman who lives in a war torn country. The battle is over religious differences. A woman is raped and impregnated by the soldiers of the "opposing" side. ( This is a common military tactic as it is understood how damaging this is to the infrastructure of families. No One ever completely recovers from being raped and forced to give birth, right? Would you? How about your mom sister or daughter?) She will be an outcast in her own society, and obviously unwelcome in the society of her attackers. She has no choice in the matter and neither does her unborn child.
When every "pro lifer" actively works to see that all born children are loved, respected and cared for equally, then I will believe they are truly supporting life, pro- life meaning good quality of life. When I see every poor baby of color adopted and well cared for, when I see every homeless child with a safe, comfortable home, when I see pedophiles and chld molesters really being puished for their crimes against women and children, then I will believe these people are just, with Integrity in their minds and hearts with actual active responsibility to these children.
I do not see that at all. I see hungry children and judgemental racism and classism every day. There are choices that need to be made. I am American. How can I be anything but Pro-Choice. It is the very definition of being American to be able to choose what to do with my life. It isn't a privilege to control my body. It is my right.
Parenting is by far the most challenging job I have ever done. I am healthy, happily married, we own a home and we are to lucky to have good friends and family. And still parenting is the hardest thing I have ever done. The worries are endless and the labor is never ending. The rewards are huge as I get paid in hugs and smiles, but there are days when I feel ill equipped, and I have it pretty easy in reality. I just believe becoming a parent should be a well considered choice, and every child should be a wanted child.

2440 days ago

Tough times don't last, tough people do!!    

Thank you # 223!!

2440 days ago


I'd hit that!

2440 days ago


Ms Russell you are still that gorgeous star. and I am sure that the decision that you had to make years ago still is painful today. You do have your reason for making a stand and do not let anyone make you feel that you don't I admire that you shared this personal decision with the public and sorry that everyone who is Pro Choice is trying to belittle your belief. Sad to say that we Americans get confuse with rights. We have the arrogance to think that because we live in this country that stands for freedom , we have freedom to say who can live and who shall die. Women say this is my body and I can do with it what I want, that is true when your body is not supporting another life. Your body is sharing another life so now it involves someone else but you can separate yourself with the life that you share , like pulling out a tooth, Yes the perfect world would be that each child is planned and wanted,but we do not live in that perfect world. How many children that were borned in povery or may have a disability has grown up to be wonderul, sucessful, adults who gave to our society . Why do we feel that we have the right to play God? These are innocent lives that has done no wrong to anyone but was conceived under what we feel is not the perfect situation. We feel we ;have that right to be judge,jury and executioner, And those who say that we are trying to legislate religious belief because the Christians communtiy has stand against abortion just shows how our society has desensetise itself about the killing of the unborn. So very sad to make this into a religious debate and not for what it really is "Freedom to Live",

2440 days ago



2436 days ago


Pro-life means you chose to keep your baby. "anti-choice" what a crock.

2429 days ago
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