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Gentlemen Prefer Grays

2/17/2008 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The buxom 86-year-old resurfaced at a religious award show in Beverly Hills this week, looking perky.
Jane Russell
Russell revealed in her autobiography that she had an abortion at 19. She's now strongly anti-choice.

The devout Christian and former Cross Your Heart bra spokesperson has had three husbands, and suffers from macular degeneration and hearing loss.


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In the matter of pro-choice versus anti-choice, none of us have the answers. But it would be wonderful if our society had much stronger support systems for unwanted children. There are so many children out there who were unwanted and are unloved, suffer terrible abuses, and slip through the system; it's just heart-breaking. Sadly, our society seems to be more "anti-choice" than "pro-life."

2438 days ago


She looks great and she's also a big animal rights activist.

2438 days ago


TMZ is pathetic. How about posting some photos of Harvey Levin before he applies his make-up in the morning?

2438 days ago


She looks beautiful!

2438 days ago


I find it interesting when a women takes care of her own "mistake" by having an abortion when she it young. Then, later in life, when it's convenient for them, they become pro-life. I think it's very hypocritical. I, myself, would NEVER have an abortion but who am I to force my own beliefs on others? Once you take away a women's right to have an abortion, you create a health care issue of a completely different kind. I don't believe in abortions as a means of birth control, but a woman should have the right to terminate a pregnancy (early!) if a mistake should be made (rape?).

2438 days ago


Anti-choice IS the correct term for someone who wants to make decisions for other people. If you are pro-life, that's about how you live your own life- once you decide you want to tell OTHERS what to do, you become anti-choice.

2438 days ago

Trina G.    

If she were in favor of abortion, would you call her "Anti-Life"?? No. But, you call a pro-life woman "anti-choice." Stop showing your bigotry by using the terms that each group prefers to be called.

2438 days ago


Choice is personal. I "chose" to not have an abortion when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. What someone else chooses is none of my business. That the radical pro-life nuts try to force their beliefs on strangers is reprehensible. And it's usually men who are the most adament; it's all about control. Guess what? Roe v. Wade is here to stay, get used to it and worry about your own lives.

And Jane looks great.

2438 days ago


...sigh. Here we go again. This is about Jane Russell, let us NOT get into political/religious stuff yet again. Hopeless.

2438 days ago

so sad    

Life begins at conception! I believe there is a God and he is not happy with those that kill innocent babies before they even have a chance to live!

2438 days ago


Anti-choice is the correct term. No one has the right to enforce their religious views on me, or my body. It's very easy to call yourself a christian like Jane, but extremely hard to actually live it. The nice thing about religion is you can do whatever you want and find a way to be forgiven, or be born again and again and again... For all those so called christians out there... how would you like it if muslims took over the country and imposed their views on you? Think about it before you try to impose yourself on someone else.

2438 days ago

Lenn K.    

She looks better than Pam Anderson now, and about 20 years older than Lindsay Lohan.

2438 days ago


39. ANTI-CHOICE? You stinking libs. Because somebody believes that killing a little tiny baby is not only wrong, but a sin and an evil thing to do, you call them ANTI-CHOICE?

Your bias is disgusting.

The choice is never murder. The choice is before sex, that is the choice. What about a little babies choice?

This "choice" thing came out of a screwed up 60's generation.

At death, you'll be accountable.

Posted at 1:27AM on Feb 17th 2008 by Dogman

Dogman, TMZ is just putting things generically; that most people who are anti-abortion are nonpro-choice (not me! Obama 08!). And "your bias is digusting", well, to quote my her, Stephen Colbert: "Reality has a well known liberal bias"! Live with it is all I have to say. if someone who isn't even in high school yet can figure this out, you should too.

2438 days ago


She looks like a Swamp Donkey.

2438 days ago


I've always thought she was one of the more beautiful women in hollywood. You can still see those cheekbones!

The current stars in hollywood don't have a dream of looking this beautiful when they get older.

2438 days ago
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