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Lawyer Claims Britney Held Hostage!

2/17/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThe lawyer who derailed the Britney Spears conservatorship case tells TMZ Britney herself called him and asked him to take the reins. The question: Will a judge be buyin' what he's sellin'?

Attorney John Eardley filed papers in federal court last Thursday, alleging the California courts have railroaded Britney by imposing a conservatorship. Eardley tells us Britney called him, but he would not disclose the circumstances surrounding the alleged call or what she said. We do know that Michael Sands, who used to be the spokesperson for K-daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is now the mouthpiece for Eardley. And Sands also reps Sam Lutfi, who is now restrained from all things Britney.

So, are Lutfi and Sands behind the whole magilla with Eardley? Smells like it.

Eardley tells TMZ Britney didn't sign a retainer agreement because she is being "held hostage" in her own home. Ironically, a half hour before he told us this, we looked out our office windows and saw Britney driving through West Hollywood on a shopping spree.

Just by filing the Federal papers, Eardley has paralyzed the California courts from issuing more orders in the conservatorship case unless and until the Federal judge tells Eardley to take a hike.

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has anyone else noticed how much more SANE her life is since her parents took over & got rid of sam?????? they're on the right track & should be LEFT ALONE. i wish they'd take the britwreak out of california - back home where she can heal in private.

2437 days ago


I smell SAM the SHAM on this one!!!!!!! Hey Sammy...the well is dry for you now ok? So be a good boy and buy a ticket to Iraq.........

2437 days ago


everyone wants a piece of her destruction............................................her family wants her survival. My trust is in her family.
Sam Lufti should be investigated and charged with attempted murder. He took steps in essence to kill her a way it would look like she had done it.....come on multiple sleeping pills in her food and tequila. If she is being held then good for them od bless her family and I will pray for Brittany

2437 days ago


Technically, even if Britney did call him, she's under a conservatorship and does not have the right to retain a lawyer without her father's permission; so he technically cannot work for her. Now if Sam Lufti is found to be behind it, he should be held in contempt of the court ordered no contact because that should hold true if he tried to get through to her using an intermediary.

If Britney's mom held the conservatorship I'd be suspect - she's a crappy parent and an attention/money whore. Britney's father walked away from the finances of Britney a number of years ago and actually works a full time job. I can't help but feel, he's trying to save his daughter.

2437 days ago


someone really needs to make an effort to stop Sam, he is really toxic to Britney. If he goes away Britney will have some chance of getting better.

2437 days ago


Earth to Kwai!

2437 days ago


This has that worm Sam Lufti written all over it. He won't succeed, so I just don't think any of this matters.

2437 days ago


She blew half her fortune in 1 yr! She cannot take care of herself, if she is being held hostage GOOD. Some people needs iv medication and restraints until their brain starts to work again.

2437 days ago


If she's being held "hostage", how did she call and hire this guy?

2437 days ago

She Never Learns    

The world watches as these slezeballs do everything possible to steal Brits money.

I hope the federal judge that gets this case dismisses it and hold these strangers in contempt.

2437 days ago



2437 days ago

Brit Luva    


2437 days ago


i feel as though there is something in my head.....................just give sam all the money and he will go away

2437 days ago

Brit Luva    


2437 days ago


Unbelievable. I hope the Courts kick this Eardley guy to the curb. And someone needs to kick Luft's rear end as well. he is pure evil. Britney apparently doesn't have a logical thought left in her brain if she is still in contact with Lufti.

2437 days ago
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