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Lawyer Claims Britney Held Hostage!

2/17/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThe lawyer who derailed the Britney Spears conservatorship case tells TMZ Britney herself called him and asked him to take the reins. The question: Will a judge be buyin' what he's sellin'?

Attorney John Eardley filed papers in federal court last Thursday, alleging the California courts have railroaded Britney by imposing a conservatorship. Eardley tells us Britney called him, but he would not disclose the circumstances surrounding the alleged call or what she said. We do know that Michael Sands, who used to be the spokesperson for K-daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is now the mouthpiece for Eardley. And Sands also reps Sam Lutfi, who is now restrained from all things Britney.

So, are Lutfi and Sands behind the whole magilla with Eardley? Smells like it.

Eardley tells TMZ Britney didn't sign a retainer agreement because she is being "held hostage" in her own home. Ironically, a half hour before he told us this, we looked out our office windows and saw Britney driving through West Hollywood on a shopping spree.

Just by filing the Federal papers, Eardley has paralyzed the California courts from issuing more orders in the conservatorship case unless and until the Federal judge tells Eardley to take a hike.

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x17 is reporting Britney and Papa Spears are at a club! She actually looks "normal" so much for being a hostige!! hahaha check out the cell phone CLEARLY in her hand...dumb asses saying she has no connection to the outside world ugh.

2351 days ago


TMZ Censors, you suck!!!!

2351 days ago


I have no idea how any of this works, but I wouldn't trust anybody who's spokesperson is the same one used by the guy known to have drugged her.
I think her folks are going about all this the right way though. She may be under strict control, but until she's stabilized on proper treatments for her condition, that is exactly what she needs! She's been doing awesome since Daddy Spears took over.

2351 days ago


For a "Prisoner" she seams to be doing quite well. Didn't we just have pictures of her taking a drag in a nasty blue t-shirt and ripped fishnets at the dance studio? Between teaching the kids to gyrate and her practice session? How about her zipping around town in her benz? I don't know for sure, but It seams to me with all the camera's pointing at her she should be able to communicate her need to escape to the paparrazzi pretty clearly if she was being held hostage?
This whole thing has Sam's dirty stench and stink written all over it.
Dirty Creeppy leechy Lutfi.

2351 days ago


That little weasel, Lufti, is just mad because he didn't have enough time to bilk BS of all her loot. So now he's just trying to cause trouble. Does he really think he's going to get away with it now that he has been exposed?

2351 days ago


I would believe the family is the best thing for Brit if they where not making money off her. THEIR GETTING PAID FOR THEIR SO CALLED HELP!!

2351 days ago


Oh Boy, she's being held hostages with no phones but apparently has telepathic powers to communciate to this Eardly atty who just happens to know Sam the Sham and Sands.

2351 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Ha! Your Kung Fu was Stronger on this post!

Your wings were not fragile like a butterfly's!

Brit's Kung Fu is Weak!

2351 days ago

Jusst saying    

I hope someone in authority seriously encourages setting up a trust for her kids....soon! By the time she pays of all her mounting legal fees she's going to be broke.

2351 days ago


Let the ambulance chasing commence.

2351 days ago


#22. Mary...STOP BEING SUCH A MORON...They are protecting her without raping her bank account as EVERY OTHER LAWYER IS TRYING...SO SHUT YOUR MORONIC TRAP UP!

2351 days ago

Ay Papi!    

Hey I guess Osamah Bin Druggin' Britney is at it again! Give it up Osama all this drama! Why don't you leave California and never come back! Go back to Iran! Cos Kesh!

2351 days ago


If stupid was a crime, Britney would be looking at a death sentence.

2351 days ago


Harvey, you're a lawyer, why didn't you explain Rule 11 of the Federal Rules Of Procedure?
When a lawyer files a case in federal court, he certifies that the case has merit or he can be held in contempt & sanctioned in some way.
Clearly, this shyster is in violation of Rule 11.

2351 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I concede defeat at either the hands of the TMZ censors, or a faulty computer!

But did anyone doubt this Brit fact?

And Ni Hao Ma to Master Caine!

2351 days ago
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