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Lawyer Claims Britney Held Hostage!

2/17/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThe lawyer who derailed the Britney Spears conservatorship case tells TMZ Britney herself called him and asked him to take the reins. The question: Will a judge be buyin' what he's sellin'?

Attorney John Eardley filed papers in federal court last Thursday, alleging the California courts have railroaded Britney by imposing a conservatorship. Eardley tells us Britney called him, but he would not disclose the circumstances surrounding the alleged call or what she said. We do know that Michael Sands, who used to be the spokesperson for K-daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is now the mouthpiece for Eardley. And Sands also reps Sam Lutfi, who is now restrained from all things Britney.

So, are Lutfi and Sands behind the whole magilla with Eardley? Smells like it.

Eardley tells TMZ Britney didn't sign a retainer agreement because she is being "held hostage" in her own home. Ironically, a half hour before he told us this, we looked out our office windows and saw Britney driving through West Hollywood on a shopping spree.

Just by filing the Federal papers, Eardley has paralyzed the California courts from issuing more orders in the conservatorship case unless and until the Federal judge tells Eardley to take a hike.

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#38. OSAMA You DUMB DUMB DUMB BUTT-HOLE...You're in alot of trouble keep it up...funny how you think we can't tell it's you posting and trying to damage Britney's recovery!

YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL SOON!!! Yeah ok, it's a conspiracy to go shopping on Melrose, to Go eat at Fine Restaurants with Osama you are very very SICK and TWISTED say hello to prison...

2407 days ago

what a bitch.    

PRIMERO !!! not UNO. therefore I am first, i.e. primero !!!

2407 days ago


Osama is up to his tricks again! It looks like Brit is doing way better without that loser in her life

2407 days ago


Fins to the left...Fins to the right..The sharks are begnning to circle..

2407 days ago

what a bitch.    

primero. I am first not you Uno. Uno mean one not first. PRIMERO !!!

2407 days ago


2407 days ago


im so sick of hearing this loons name

2407 days ago

Lynne's Army    

What is Osama "Sam" Lufti thinking? Does he even think about how all of this will turn out? He just looks worse and worse in the celebrity press every day. Obviously the country is totally against him even though we don't have the full story of what has really gone on with Britney. But does he think that he's going to get to be a conservator at some point? Or that Britney will regain sanity and the court will all of a sudden grant him all sorts of rights and he can become Brit's manager again? Highly unlikely. His best bet would probably be to pack up his bags and move out of town and just disappear for a few months. Does he think that he's really helping Britney at all? What does he really care? It seems to everyone that he only wants money out of this. Didn't he sell his voicemails from Britney to TMZ for $2 million. I can't wait for those to come out.

2407 days ago


2. "...take the REIGNS?" Uh, welcome to English 101.
Posted at 12:16AM on Feb 17th 2008 by usual

What's really funny about this is that TMZ is always picking on Britney, calling her illiterate and all. As TMZ would say, "Hello kettle, meet pot." :-)

2407 days ago

french official    


2407 days ago


Britney has been acting more normal since her family took over the reings than she has been acting in the past year, These a$$holes, Micheal Sands and Sam Lutfi, want to derail that? Sam, you helped ruin Britney's life. Micheal, you're just some paid whore who will say anything for a buck. Hopefully, with out a signed contract and retainer from Britney, the federal court will dismiss the case. Britney, stay away from Sam. He did nothing but make you look like an idiot and apparently controlled you. Stick with your program and get help so you can see your boys.

2407 days ago

Oh YES!!!    

LOL!!! These guys need a LIFE!!!! I wonder how Sam is paying them? Maybe he is promising future money from Britney. This is got to be making them desperate!! They are just flapping in the wind. . . Wait, maybe Sam has some money from the 60 million he (embezzled) helped Britney lose last year. . . Time will tell

2407 days ago


Euthanize her, it is the only humane thing to do.....

2407 days ago


Here ya go. OK mag printed this the other day. Sounds like the bottom line.

Despite rumors that Britney Spears' custody and conservatorship hearings may have already been moved to the jurisdiction of a federal court, a spokesperson for the office of public information for the L.A. Superior Court tells OK! that this is not true.

"The state and federal issues would have to be litigated among all interested parties involved in Ms. Spears' conservatorship," explains the spokesperson. "And at this time there is no change to any of her hearing dates on the calendar in state court. It is our view that all current matters remain in full force and effect."

At yesterday's hearing on the state of Britney's conservatorship, a lawyer named John Eardley attempted to file a motion requesting that all of the singer's current legal matters be moved to a federal court. As of yesterday evening, the Commissioner Reva Goetz had neither read nor ruled on the motion.

OK! wants to clarify that today's developments are based purely on a mass email sent to all media outlets by Sam Lutfi's PR flack Michael Sands, who is falsely stating that John Eardley is Britney's attorney. Any changes in Britney's representation must be approved by the court in both her custody and conservatorship cases.

2407 days ago


This is just getting ridiculous. Creepy Lutfi and his "spokesman"(just WHY does Sam Lutfi even HAVE a spokesman anyway?)are causing trouble yet Lutfi can't get served with a restraining order? Britney is hardly being held prisoner and I doubt she called anybody. If that's the case, maybe they should take her damn phone away.I feel so bad for the Spears family right now. They are undergoing an awful nightmare right now. My own daughter was once involved with a controlling creep and it really was a war who would end up "in control". There were threats, harassments etc...endless trips to court. It was emotional HELL. In the end, I won thankfully, because the weasel had threated my life and his own lawyer told him to back off or he's have him thrown in jail. Thankfully, it ended ok, my daughter and I are closer than before, but for awhile, I thought I'd loose her to the creep. Controllers are vile, insecure people who prey on the vulnerable. The guy also gave ground up drugs to my daughter, much as Lutfi has done to Britney.Hang in there Jamie Spears, I'm behind you all the way.! You are doing all of the right things. In time, Britney will thank you.I promise.

2407 days ago
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