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Lawyer Claims Britney Held Hostage!

2/17/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThe lawyer who derailed the Britney Spears conservatorship case tells TMZ Britney herself called him and asked him to take the reins. The question: Will a judge be buyin' what he's sellin'?

Attorney John Eardley filed papers in federal court last Thursday, alleging the California courts have railroaded Britney by imposing a conservatorship. Eardley tells us Britney called him, but he would not disclose the circumstances surrounding the alleged call or what she said. We do know that Michael Sands, who used to be the spokesperson for K-daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is now the mouthpiece for Eardley. And Sands also reps Sam Lutfi, who is now restrained from all things Britney.

So, are Lutfi and Sands behind the whole magilla with Eardley? Smells like it.

Eardley tells TMZ Britney didn't sign a retainer agreement because she is being "held hostage" in her own home. Ironically, a half hour before he told us this, we looked out our office windows and saw Britney driving through West Hollywood on a shopping spree.

Just by filing the Federal papers, Eardley has paralyzed the California courts from issuing more orders in the conservatorship case unless and until the Federal judge tells Eardley to take a hike.

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tuna marie    

this whole site is messed up

2339 days ago

tuna marie    

this site is screwed what is going on????

2339 days ago

Team Brit!    

Check out the new Britney Blog in town!

2339 days ago


WWHHEE!!! Now all we need is Gilligan or Scooby-Doo to round out this motley crew!

2339 days ago


next ANNA NICOLE? give this girl a break.or maybe the START of fame shoould come with training lessons.IF i was BRITT i would have VOICES in my head raring to hear THEIR name called everytime the poor GIRL walks outside.BRITT BRITT BRITTANY BRITTANY BRITTANY LOOK THIS WAY BRITTANY U LOOK BEAUTIFUL TODAY BRITTANY CAN I WIPE UR A$$ FOR YOU! c'mon now GIVE HER SOME ROOM! LET HER BREATH FIND a new rant to RAVE over.

2339 days ago


What is Sam Lutfi's history? Usually someone this controlling has a history in previous relationships of similar behavior. I keep waiting for TMZ to come up with the real "dirt" on this guy.

2339 days ago


Sam Lufti Lutfi or whatever name he goes by today, needs to be the one under investigation. He's the one holding Britney hostage. And this Michael Sands who is now associating himself with him, is just as bad as trash.
Please, I hope her family can help her and I hope her Dad railroads all of these parasites.


2339 days ago


If anyone remembers, lawyer Streisand already tried to declare himself Britney's lawyer. In his case, she did actually visit him and ask him to represent her. The judge said NO, that Britney was not legally competent at this time to hire an attorney. Therefore, she is still not legally competent to hire Eardley or anyone else. The court has appointed an attorney for her, a very competent, neutral attorney who will act to protect Britney until she can act to protect herself.

Some of you have misunderstood Britney's outing tonight. From what I can read and see, her father and Britney went out to DINNER at a nice restaurant. It is important that Britney resume a life that would be normal for her but not damaging or harmful. It is also important that, as she improves and regains control over her thoughts and behavior, that she mix with normal people in public, sees them and they see her. It's called socialization. What Lufti had her doing was running a freak show, not socialization.

Father and Britney were both dressed up really nicely, just like other people going out to dinner. They went to a nice restaurant, and I hope they had a nice dinner together. The public needs to see that Britney is making progress and can share public space with her peers without all hell breaking out, a la photographers.

I also think that all these activities that Britney has been participating in, shopping, dancing, teaching dancing, dining, were all set up by her doctors/therapist for her own rehabilitation.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother writing thoughtful posts when others just write the usual hate crap. But I bothered, so there it is.

2339 days ago

Melba Narberth    

The reins. Take the reins. Not the "reigns," you gossipy, bitchy dolts.

2339 days ago


Sam wants to be her conservator. Hopefully she's not still communicating with him, but I doubt it. Sam will embezzle her remaining $40 million and leave her with nothing. I wish Sam would get hit by a bus.

2339 days ago

aussie kylie    

i can't beleive this. how could she hire this guy if he connected to osama bin lutfi? something doe'nt sound right and we are not getting the full story here. I am on team britney, have been since the start, but what the f@@k is happening here?

2339 days ago


While I can't stand Britney, and believe her real problem is narcissim and partying, I do believe that her civil and constitutinal rights have been vilolated, as she has not be declared incompetent. I think the crazy stuff is all an act, and don't by the bi-polar or any of it. She's in love with herself, and that is what makes her a danger to herself.

2339 days ago


DAMN IT! Shes still alive! WTF! This bitch sould have pilled herself to death by now. Come on enough. End it would ya! This is getting old.

2339 days ago


somebody get us off this crazy train!

2339 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

I think I have the answer... it's time for all of the people (lawyers, family, friends, etc.) to climb into the ring and duke it out in one big final over-the-top-rope Royal Rumble elimination match.

Last one standing in the ring gets custody, conservatorship and all other legal claims to Britney's life.

With all respect to Michael Buffer... Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!

2339 days ago
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