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Brad Garrett Is Pro-Education, Anti-Photog

2/18/2008 4:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett should check his own bio before he rips into a TMZ photog.

The "giant" star was out on Rodeo Drive this weekend, when he asked our guy, "Did your parents pay for college?" -- some sort of dig at the intelligence of photographers, we're guessing. According to both Wikipedia and IMDB, Garrett dropped out of UCLA after less than two months -- to pursue stand-up comedy.

If it worked for Brad, why can't it work for TMZ too?


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because you people are all vultures and not doing anything constructive whatsoever with your lives. Your parents must be so proud.

2417 days ago


He kept his cool. I bet he can't just blend in anywhere.

2417 days ago


He is so last year.. B O R R I N G !!!

2417 days ago


I'll take "Because Brad Garrett Is Actually Funny And You're Not!" for a hundred, Alex......

2417 days ago


Posted at 4:36PM on Feb 18th 2008 by bustrorl

If he is so boring, then why do you post on his articles? Funny how that works huh?

2417 days ago

She looks great    

He's a misogynist. Saw him in an interview and he was a moron.

2417 days ago


Seems to me that TMZ has a tendency to bring out the worst in celebrities. I am sure Brad's a pretty nice guy when he's away from the cameras, etc. Somehow being stalked and annoyed by a boorish photographer who asks stupid pointless questions doesnt exactly promote mutual respect. If I were him and some photographer were following me around and asking annoying questions, I'd probably be a bit rude to them too. Who can blame the guy? You're just gonna use the footage to ridicule him and make him look bad anyway, and he knows that. Why should he bother talking to you guys anyway? You use his own words and actions against him. I dont blame him for being insulting. Its not easy to keep your mouth shut when you've got an annoying person like that tagging along.

2417 days ago


Personally I think Garrett is a major a**hole. You wanted fame......well you got it jerkoff! DEAL WITH IT! I used to really like is role in Raymond but will not watch anything that has him in it now. It will be a pleasure to watch him fade into oblivion.

2417 days ago


C'mon Brad. You have some fans out here, remember? Would it have killed you to say hi, maybe smile and wave a little to the camera for us? Or are we interfering with your day while you go about spending all the huge amounts of money us fans help to put in your pocket? Stop being a jerk, Brad.

2417 days ago


Uh.......the difference is that Brad has a career based on his talent. Paps have a career based on leeching off celebrities, requiring no talent, class or upbringing.

2417 days ago


Not that I am defending the paps in any way, but the only thing Garrett has to worry about is the day when nobody wants to take his picture or ask for his autograph. He's probably get a lot more respect out of the paps if he didn't ask like such an a**hole.

2417 days ago


Brad Garrett should wake up every day and make a phone call to Ray Romano & Phil Roesenthal to thank them for his career.

2417 days ago


I think it was maybe not the fact that you went to college, but the fact that "daddy" paid for it and now you're a silly money jumping around taking pictures... I'm just sayin.

2417 days ago


Quit taking his picture and he will just fade away. No more riding Raymond's coat tails. He just seems like a big pompus windbag. His problem is he thinks he is what made the show. Just not the way it was. Evidence? his career since Raymond. Too bad he is getting risiduals.

2417 days ago


Big guy with a big ego. If he is so above the common uneducated, then why portray an ass on T.V? He could have just waved, and kep't on going.

2417 days ago
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