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Now Everyone Can Take Bindi Home

2/18/2008 6:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bindi Irwin is such a doll -- literally.
Bindi Irwin's doll
The hardest-working 9-year-old in the world unveiled her new toy line at FAO Schwarz in NYC on Monday. Crimping iron sold separately.


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This is a kid, and those who are seeing how shocking they can be are also kids, trying to garner attention. When we show our outrage, we're just feeding the trolls, because that's what they're looking for. I'm sorry she lost her daddy, and I'm sorry about all the daddies that were lost in Iraq. Life isn't fair, but she's a strong little girl.

2408 days ago


Sad, sad, sad. This little girl whose father harassed animals, and now she has to grow up with no father at all. Her whole life is for show.

2408 days ago


To all you humans who feel the need to trash Bindi ... what have YOU done lately to make this world a better place? You, especially MARY, should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

2408 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

Check out Bindi rapping (yes, rapping) on youtube at the link below. Awful crap. Look at her trying to act cool and the way she moves her hands and gestures like a rapper. STUPID! And those dorky dancing men. What the hell is that about?

2408 days ago


This little girl is the next Britney Spears. Shame on her mother for continuing to treat Bindi as a meal ticket. Hope she's saving that money for the rehab she'll need down the line.

2408 days ago


yea the 5 year olds who made that sweater you are wearing are the hardest working kids...

2408 days ago


Fortunately, they made the doll some what OK looking. Had it really looked like Bindi it wouldn't have sold at all.

2408 days ago


She'll be gorgeous when she gets older. Wait and see. A lot of little girls go thru awkard stages like this. But take a good look at her face and done structure. Wait and you'll see.

2408 days ago


HulaDancer, how is Bindi makng the world a better place? .. I mean seriously?? Yeah her Dad did contribute alot with the zoo and many animal rescues. But Bindi is 9yrs old , she hasn't done anything but her show.. which is not very good. And Steve's interactions with wild animals was massively inappropriate .. to see his daughter encouraged into the same BAD interactions is what I find sad and the fact that her show is aimed at kids and giving this misconception that wild animals can be hugged and kissed is just plain dangerous.

2408 days ago


You people are harsh....she hasn't even screwed up yet, and you have her drugged up and dead. One little FYI, her show is for KIDS...little kids, so they can learn to respect's not a show for older kids, teens or guys just watch so you can be mean?

What's wrong with her making money? Most of it goes into the zoo...and will go to her education, her dad went to college...I'm sure she will too. AS will baby Bob...IF they want too. Their decision, not yours.

I think this family rocks and I think people that rip a little kid like Bindi should get a freaking's not all TMZ. Join the real world folks...most kids her age are struggling to do homework and make their freaking beds. Too many distractions.

2408 days ago


I guess somebody's got to pay mama's bills. Just looking at her annoys me.

2408 days ago


i think she is to young right now for all this..has she even really had a chance to grieve her dad's death? what is her mom thinking? dont make this child into your own personsonal cash cow..she should be out there in the wild like her husband and take over his show,pick up where he left off... not a 9 year old..she'll need therapy in a few years...she is not getting the chance to be a child at all. now they are making dolls? oh please....

2408 days ago

passing thru    

What a wonderfully friendly-- and intelligent-- child Bindi is. Good to see a child not forced into that fake sophistication but allowed to develop healthy interests. Tired of seeing little girls wearing lipstick, nylons, and with all the artificial posing.

Steady steady Mum! You got a real charmer here!

2408 days ago


Every las t one of you pathetic creatures that are considered human beings should be ashamed of yourselves. What did this little girl do to deserve such vile hatred from you? Are you so perfect? HELL NO! Karma is a bitch, and boy, you guys pissed her off. You'll get yours one day. I can only hope it attacks your genitals and makes them into a shriveled up unrecognizable mess.

2408 days ago


Bindy is the stupidest name ever, she is so annoying! just be a kid go to school like normal kids

2408 days ago
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