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Brit Doesn't Get Visitation

2/19/2008 7:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyers couldn't agree amongst themselves -- so Brit will not get visitation with Sean Preston and Jayden James.

There is no change in the custody order. Also, the Commish made it clear - the issues with the conservatorship being removed to Federal court have no bearing on the custody case.

Also, Trope and Trope is out as Brit's lawyer. Stacy Phillips is now the new lawyer on the case.

It's ironic, we know K-Daddy wants Brit to have visitation and the lawyers came to court today trying to accommodate that, but it didn't happen. Daddy Jamie also has wanted to create some normalcy in Brit's life and wanted visitation restored in a bad way, but it wasn't meant to be.


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This whole thing so sad! The kids are real victims. K-Fed is turning out to be a better father to these kids. Then to Shar Jackson. By the way he has four kids. Talking about pimp daddy. It is fine guy. But he really pimped Britney and turn her out. Wow!

2404 days ago


I'm more concerned about the walfare of her children than her visitation rights. If she would only agree/ and actually follow through with some serious mental medical help --then and only then would I be all for her seeing and visiting with
the children. Until that time I think it's the courts responsibilty to protect those children from someone who DOES have mental issues that she doesnt seem to want to address yet. Those boys are innocent and certainly do not understand issues of mental illness nor should they have to. I hope for the sake of her boys she gets the mental help she needs and commits to whatever it is that she needs to commit to in order to get herself better.

2404 days ago


I think the best thing for Britney right now would be to see her kids. She is obviously distraught over not being able to see them. No one should judge her until you know the hell she has gone through. Be KIND!!!!!

2404 days ago


I can't believe how mean you people are! Britney deserves to see her children, just as she would if she had some other disease. Not seeing her kids is causing more stress. The entire divorce and custody battle is enough stress, let alone the paparazzi and the website comments from nasty people bashing her. And none of us really know what's going on in her life - it's all speculation. I hope she gets to see her kids, gets stable and finds the path to continue her life in a health, loving way. We all stray off the path and it is through the help of other people that we get back on. I wish you peace, love, health and happiness, Britney. I'm praying for you and your family because one good person trying can do a lot more for people in this world than a pack of crows screeching nasty comments.

2404 days ago


In response to the person who made this comment:

361. "Those boys are innocent and certainly do not understand issues of mental illness nor should they have to."

People with mental illnesses are allowed to see their children. They are allowed to walk on the street. Everyone does not have to stay away from them, especially those who love them. The world is not perfect. People are not perfect. People get/have/resolve/struggle with mental illnesses all the time. They are still people. They still have families, They still need each other's love. NO ONE WANTS TO BE MENTALLY ILL. Treating them like a criminal on top of that is despicable. Monitored visitation rights is humane and decent. Her father is trying to help her. God bless them all. Her kids will have to deal with it because she is their mother. Therefore they should have to understand. Geesh, people like you make me mad! You think you are doing the boys a service by keeping them from their mother, but it is not right. They are feeling it, regardless. Monitored visitation rights and help for Britney. Hear! Hear!

2404 days ago

pup pup    

Get a grip, this is what is best for the kids first, not the mom. If she wants her kids back simple, get some help and start acting like a mom. She has all the money She needs and still cant pull it off. Some of you say She is sick and that is why, well then
she doesn't need to be with them. they need to be safe too. She has it all, and two beautiful sons and cant get
her act together and some of you feel sorry for her! I feel sorry for the kids! they are the ones that have lost by Her actions.

2404 days ago


364: If she truely wants to be a part in her children lives than she would seek the help she needs. Instead she has done the complete opposite. Do you think a one year old and a two year old understands why mommy sits around and cry's uncontrollablely for hours or why mommy has us locked up in a bedroom with her and refuses to let anyone in. I'm not saying that I applaud the courts for not allowing her to have visitations --what I am saying is that I do agree with the fact that children NEED stability and right now she's NOT stable. I dont think it's a good idea to have two YOUNG kids involved with any parnet thats NOT stable. I'm sorry....thats just my opinion. I think it's the courts respondsibility to protect those kids. Perhaps it will force her to seek medical attention that she needs. Something has to change in order for her to get better. The children deserve a stable enviroment.

2404 days ago


by the way I totally agree with "pup pup's comment #365"
I'm more concerned about the children than I am about her. They are innocent and she's the one causing
this mess. I hope that she gets the help she needs for their sake. Until then, they dont need to be around this.

2404 days ago

pattie in cali    

hey BRIT, it will work out, keep up the good work, YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS. you need your childern, your childern need you.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY,

2404 days ago


She made her bed & now she has to lie in it. Good for the commish!!! Apparently she still doesn't think she has to do what she is told!!! Until the day she does, I hope she never get s to see the boys!!!

2404 days ago


I hope the conservator ends. Brit isnt crazy its the meds that lufti had her on.

2404 days ago

Anna Nicole people GO AWAY    

I'm glad the cops busted the paps. FINALLY

2404 days ago


Although Brit has emotional trouble, she deserves to see her children and in turn they need to see their momma. I think it would do a world of good for both Brit and her kids to be able to hug eachother and hold eachother so that both sides know they are still loved.

2404 days ago


SPELL CHECK?!?!?! We are talking about the health and welfare of two little boys here. What is wrong with you if all you care about is SPELLING!!?!! God help you and give you a little empathy!

2404 days ago

E. Martinez    

NSB AND STAN, do you guys REALIZE how dangerous she is to her kids?? Yep you're right, she does have a mental illness but if you CHOSE NOT to do anything about it, then how on earth can you get better?? And why should those boys PAY for her being so damn selfish?? Look, they DIDN'T ask to be brought into this world, brought into a situation where their mother IS UNSTABLE, Brit and K-Fed made those choices. I hope she gets better (by the way, you can take me out of your statement regarding.. "we won't be happy until she kills herself" because I don't wish that on ANYONE!!) but it's going to take HER to be honest with herself in order for that to happen. I would much rather see those boys away from her until she is better so that way they won't have to be around all the craziness that's in Brit's life!!! By the way, Brit HAS some ownership in being followed by the Paps because SHE and some in her camp, are the ones who have called them in the past to show up and take pics, etc. When you INVITE people like the Paps into your life, you're ASKING FOR IT!!! Plain and simple!! I'm so tired of hearing people say.. "they need to leave her alone" or constantly blaming them for what's happening. Now she's DATING one of them.. come on, are you going to be surprised when he writes a book after that relationship ends??? This is another reason why Brit is so messed up. It's because of people like yourselfs who play the "blame game" and then EXCLUDE her from having any responsibility in it. This girl is "suppose to be" a grown up but because she's so rich, so famous, she uses that to her advantage. If she doesn't get her way, she kicks you out of her life. Now how on earth are the people around her suppose to help her if she plays games like this?? Thank God those lil boys aren't allowed to see their mom. The only ones I'm worried about are the BOYS because THEY ARE THE ONES THAT MATTER THE MOST!!!! Think about it, if someone in your family was messed up like Brit, would you want their lil ones to have to endure what her boys have? I know I WOULDN'T and I know I'd do WHATEVER I'd have to to make sure they were PROTECTED 100%... Peace

2404 days ago
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