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Brit Doesn't Get Visitation

2/19/2008 7:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyers couldn't agree amongst themselves -- so Brit will not get visitation with Sean Preston and Jayden James.

There is no change in the custody order. Also, the Commish made it clear - the issues with the conservatorship being removed to Federal court have no bearing on the custody case.

Also, Trope and Trope is out as Brit's lawyer. Stacy Phillips is now the new lawyer on the case.

It's ironic, we know K-Daddy wants Brit to have visitation and the lawyers came to court today trying to accommodate that, but it didn't happen. Daddy Jamie also has wanted to create some normalcy in Brit's life and wanted visitation restored in a bad way, but it wasn't meant to be.


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Excuse me, how many of you very cyber-verbal people on this blog have been a star since childhood, basically being robbed of your life in your teens, having the press recording your every move , all your mistakes and sins being reported daily? The girl can't even go to a public restroom without being hounded by the press. I think this would drive most of us more than a bit crazy too. Leave her alone to try to get herself together and hopefully heal. Money and fame don't make you whole, ignorant people. It obviously hasn't done so for Brittney (and countless others). Back off! You are like vampires feeding on the misery, mistakes and trouble of others. Got a life?

2435 days ago


I feel for not only the chldren ,But also Brit. Everyone goes through a hard time. But give her a chance to put her life back in order. If she wasn't a celeb than no one would even care. I wish her and her children all the luck in th world. I will also pray for thier family. Everyone else could do the same.

2435 days ago


I agree with you, Stan. She has a mental illness and is why she makles poor choices. I'm sure in her heart she loves those babies and needs to see them to get well. And lets not forget, they need to see their Mama!! I'm all for strict supervised visits but visits non the less.

2435 days ago


I think it's sad. Children need to see and know there mother and father. If the parent wishs not to see them is one thing, but for a parent not to see them when they want to is sad and wrong. Give her the right to see them, even is it is supervised. The children are small now and need to have there mother in there life.

2435 days ago


Oh please, if this waste of space really cared about seeing her children she'd get the help she needs. Bi-polar disorder is a serious thought disorder but it can be managed w/ meds and therapy. Someone who suffers from such a disorder clearly has no business taking care of small children alone. The choice should be simple for this jerk. Get help and you get to see your kids or continue behaving like trash and you get nothing. Her choice is pretty clear, sorry kids.

BTW, Mr. & Mrs. Spears, can you please sew on a per of panties to your daughters ass? you must be so proud. Why hasn't the LAPD arrested this flasher yet?

2435 days ago


Stan-This is Barbara from KCMO. I'm responding to your comment I read in regards to people "Britany bashing". No person could possibly add anything helpful by all this negative garbage. For those of you who have never known a person who is "bi-polar" you really have no business making any kind of comments or judgements at all. But to those of you who care----- I happen to have a bi-polar child. In the beginning stages it was a nightmare! You never know what the person will do at any given time. That's what the medication controls ----- the behavior and mood changes. You can't place blame on someone because they are mentally ill. They deserve to be treated as a human being not some nut case. A person can actually be bi-polar yet never show any symptoms or any kind of sign that they are until something "traumatic" happens in their life. For instance in Britany Spears case when she and Kfed split that was traumatic not to mention overwhelming to her. This could be all it took to put her over the edge. Bi-polar people don't enjoy this illness they didn't choose this illness and they definately don't want to be sick in this way. However medication is a must with bi-polar people. Of course they don''t want to take the medicine because there are many undesirable side effects that occur from the use of most of the common drugs used to treat the disease. Bi-polar disorder needs to be treated by a great psychiatrist who really cares about the patient and not wether or not their a celebrity. The person who is sick can't help the things they do or don't do. And this sickness isn't one that can be treated without medication. The first one or two med choices by the doctor may not work on that particular individual as well. Therefore somethimes others need to be tried on the patient until you find the one that works best for you. Then once the patient is on his or her meds for a certain amount of time the normalcy will come back and in this case Britany will be the mother and the fun spunky person she was before. Everyone pointing their fingers now and saying all these hateful things about her now will most likely also be the ones telling her how much they stood by her while she was ill and knew she would get better. You people know who you are and should be ashamed of yourselves. I wish you well Britany and don't worry your children will be there for you with open arms now and forever.

2435 days ago


That's a bunch of crap...why in the world would a bunch of worthless, lieing, thieveing lawyers have anything to say at all when the mother and father both agree that these kids should see their Mother. Kfed...get off your ass and take those kids over to see their Mom...

2435 days ago

brit's buddy    

I noticed it's been very quiet on the Spears front lately. I've been patiently waiting for this chance to speak. I'm sure it was a court order that FINALLY accomplished what the rest of us take for granted - privacy.
That young woman has been harrassed, abused, vilified, demonized, etc - you fill in the blank.
Why has she been so omni-present in the media? What was her crime? She's HUMAN.
She took her entire family out of a trailer park, and built a dynasty, And the press hated her because? Because she was successful.
She is a survivor, and she will be back. Think about that before you write any more...copy.
Peace, out.

2435 days ago


I have mental illness, I am also a mother of 3 kids, a wife and work full time and go to school. I was reading what "Stan" left @ 3:21pm on the 19th and "Stan" I have to tell you yes it is difficult to deal with mental illness. Especially when you are dealing with a few different ones at the same time. BUT your children should be the one thing to make you WORK HARDER at getting better! IT doesn't happen overnight. If you want to get better from a mental illness then you have to work for it. If she wants to see her kids then she needs to work for it. I agree that seeing her babies would probably help her, but she needs to learn to love herself. Until she can do that she will not be able to care for anyone else.

2435 days ago


Does anyone realize that we're on the outside looking in. From what we see, it's wow, take the kids and then if the judge gave her visitation, then we'd be saying what kind of judge gives custody to someone that's doing what she does. Everyone just needs to realize that all in all, she is a human being with regular human being issues and the general public needs to mind their business and stay out of hers. What does the public gain from saying she should have her children or not. It doesn't affect us one way or the other, it's called just being nosey and all in someone else's business. If the judge isn't giving her visitation then there must be something being presented in court that is causing this judge to say absolutely not. The system usually works in favor of the mother, they like to see kids with their mother. Children are turned over to drug addict mothers all the time, so obviously there's more evidence than the public knows and if anything we should look at her as a human being and not some pop star with money and pray for this girl. It's obvious she has major problems and needs major help. Forget the whole fact that she's Britney Spears. Stop judging her and leave her alone, get out of her business and pray that she gets some help.

2435 days ago


Sad she really looks like she is doing well, k fed wants her to see her kids its sad there is so much red tape to go through first. for everyone who has a negetive thing to say "don't spit in the wind" could be your daughter!

2435 days ago

In Britney's Corner    

First off.......I would like to say that its a dam shame that all of you are feeding off of this unfortunate situation. There are a few things that should be taken into consideration in all situations like this both for famous people and unfamous people.

!. Has this person demostrated a desire to see the children

2. Has this person made the necessary changes to warrant a change in the current order.

3. Will having contact with this person harm he children.

4. Will having contact with the children help this person.

5..Will there be someone to oversee the visits.

I am a firm believer that children should have contact with both parents, Britney should be allowed visits as long as she demostrates a desire to get better and be a good mother.

2435 days ago


britney need to hire an attorney like perry mason if she had a n attorney like perry mason mr mason would ask k-fed questions like where were you on the night of july 10th of last year oe 4yrs ago those babies need their mother more

2435 days ago


I really hope Britney gets better and is able to see her kids. And for everyone who thinks she shouldnt get her kids back, I hope when you get kids you get them taken away from you.

2435 days ago


I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for her. She is a Mother and your first concern is for your children, NO matter what.
She may have medical issues, and I understand she has problems, BUT ..... when does the welfare of her children come first? She needs help and has the money to get that help!! So, she should do what's right and get help and needs to prove she is a fit parent. She proved she doesn't put her childrens safety first, when she doesn't buckle them up in the car, while she is driving!! Get help, Brit, for your sake and more important for you children!!

2435 days ago
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